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UFOlogyPRSS continues…

wheelswithinGreetings UFOlogists,

We’ve had an exciting month and a half now, continuing to grow in viewership around the world. Thanks to all the folks who’ve placed our Member or Supporter Badge on their website. We appreciate the acknowledgement and reciprocation.

In this New Time we are faced with paradigm shifts right, left and even center. In the UFOlogy field, the notion of Disclosure still reverberates in the minds and hearts of the public. Several stalwart individuals have stepped up over the years, risking rejection and ridicule in the process. We encourage you to keep abreast of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure happening April 29 to May 3, 2013.

One is left to wonder, though, if the majority of the public who are interested in ufology topics already believe and/or know that we are being visited, can we really expect governments to admit they have been hiding information? Isn’t that their job? Whether we understand the nature and substance of the information kept from us may not be relevant. If it is, then there seems to be a discrepancy between our understanding of electing and trusting leaders. If we’ve lost trust in our leadership, then maybe it is time to address how that can change.

UFOlogyPRSS is a collector of information from all over the world. Sharing UFO blogs, UFO sightings, UFO-related podcasts as well as featuring various radio networks helps to keep you informed. We invite you to investigate the many resources and let us know what you think.

The UFOlogy Team