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World UFO Day – July 2

alienanimation19Ufology is far advanced from its early beginnings back in the 1940s, known by a variety of names and promoted with mixed intention and understanding moving forward. UFOlogyPRSS has helped to promote events around the world since our debut at the International UFO Congress in February of this year.

We’re certain we don’t have all of them represented, but we intend to help promote as many as we know of now. If you know of an event that would attract folks from your region, let us know about it and we’ll help promote it. We want to encourage the collaboration of individuals, groups and organizations in the field of ufology.


Over the last few decades there have been many causes that have developed a ‘day’ to celebrate them around the globe. We aren’t really sure just when the concept for a World UFO Day was presented, but there is a group of folks who’ve taken it on as their mission to engage and inform the public about UFOs through this annual celebration on July 2nd. According to their website, “Our main vision is to take a worldwide celebrated holiday and make people aware of the UFO phenomenon during this day. We see a future in which UFOs aren’t speculations anymore, but part of daily life.”

Whether you are an avid investigator, researcher or zeitgeist for UFOs it only makes sense that a common celebration would make your hard work and sacrifice a bit more enjoyable and rewarding. We all know that this field has been misunderstood and often discredited by our mainstream media and political leadership. Maybe it’s time we all just learned how to have fun with it and lighten up a bit. It doesn’t change the importance of sharing information, but it does make it a bit more exciting and fulfilling to be able to enjoy the camaraderie of your cohorts, friends and peers.

Join in the Celebration! Visit for more ideas and information about how you can participate.

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Global UFO Secrecy or Ignorance


Richard is an eloquent writer and speaker. He brings up some very important concerns about the impact of Disclosure. It appears to not only be a paradox, but a conundrum and even enigma in the discovery of the truth of who the ‘visitors’ are, their agenda(s) and the impact of their engagement with the human race. It still seems that the view of the entire scenario is limited by the perception and understanding in the ears, eyes and minds of the observers and/or participants.

We’re on the precipice of advancing consciousness in other fields that impact our views of reality and the potential of other worlds. In the last decade we’ve had cult-like attractions to movies like ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ and ‘The Secret’ to name just two. The science of mind and thought seems to echo what longstanding esoteric groups have held as core beliefs and relative truth. Whether we like it or not, worlds are colliding and maybe its time we took a different view.

The global veil of UFO secrecy has long been pierced by individuals and groups that have reported on the subject since shortly after the Roswell incident. As mentioned in a previous article, the notion that these visitors and/or residents are affecting consciousness through their interactions is more impactful than the promotion of phenomena and sightings. Again, our experience is limited by our ability to perceive and understand.

What would we do if the veils of secrecy were lifted and truth known? It would seem that if there was some kind of malevolent factor involved, humanity is certainly no match for the technology displayed to date. Yet, here we are still not able to get along with one another and even those within the field of ufology cannot all agree on simple baseline facts and interpretation of information.

In reality, there is an area of exploration that still remains relatively untouched – direct contact. First of all, what does that mean? Well, let’s look at the accepted scale or types of ‘contact’ experiences:

  • Type 1 – a sighting of one or more UFOs.
  • Type 2 – observation of effects – crop circles, ground disturbance, interference with devices, animal or human responses.
  • Type 3 – appearance or observation of ‘beings associated with a UFO.
  • Type 4 – abduction without permission, markings on skin, missing time, etc.
  • Type 5 – intentional interaction (telepathic, physical) on an ongoing basis with beneficial results.
  • Type 6 – physical interaction that produces a hybrid (human/ET)

So by all appearances, the Citizen Hearing events only addressed maybe up to Type 4. If indeed these visitors and/or residents have been on and around Earth for some time, why aren’t the more intelligent concerns addressing the interactions and potential of socialization?

Is it possible that the socialization is already occurring? What might we detect or observe as evidence? Would we be prone to believe in some conspiracy because of the control of money and power in the world? Or, is it possible that man’s inhumanity is still a very deep-seated behavior in the human population and we are just adolescents in our own evolutionary process?

Is it also possible that our governments have only a cursory understanding of the agenda/purpose of extraterrestrial involvement because of their limited view? It certainly would not look good if we eventually found out the governments knew less than their citizens. What do you think?

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