Alien Agendas and Anal Probes

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Of course the title brings up some pretty raw images. Stories about alien abductions and their experiments on humans are ubiquitous in the field of Ufology. With what we know about ‘their’ ability to manipulate reality and our own military’s ability to implant memories, are the stories really true? Perhaps they do have a basis in truth from a subjective experience, yet people tend to panic and feel threatened by anything unknown. Do we ask our own probing questions?

Experiencers have a variety of stories and the articulation or understanding of them varies depending on many factors that affect the perception of their encounter. Instead of the fear-based ‘bad’ alien scenario, could we look at it from a different point of view. What if things weren’t as they seemed, in our fear, and that there is an agenda beyond our imagination in play that can lead us toward sustainability on Earth?

This book explores the notion of alien agendas from a different point of view. UFO abductees and contactees will find this book refreshingly insightful and objective. Curious sorts will find the material intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking.

The author takes a refreshing look at the UFO phenomena, possible alien agendas and the science behind the anal probes we’ve heard about for decades amongst the Ufology community. Poking fun at the probing with the title might not have the desired affect, yet it identifies the basis of most fears in encounters within the public eye.

From a reader/writer… Your books are the best Experiencer accounts I’ve ever seen and they’re written to teach. I’ve a little more than book experience that makes me say that as well. Other writer/experiencers are either too ‘far out’ or, they’re writing (like me) to help them figure this out for themselves. Your approach cuts right to the down to Earth realities of Contact, without losing the thread. ‘Becoming more than we can dream’ is a good analogy, because I look at my life of Contact as my Cosmic heritage. And I too feel strongly it’s an obligation to share that with others.


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Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD

Host, New Thinking Allowed YouTube channel