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Citizen Hearings

alienanimation19Hello again fellow Ufologists,

First of all, hats off to Steve Bassett for the diligent effort in organizing the Citizen Hearings event. There was quite a bit ‘revealed’ during the proceedings. What do you think will happen? Does the fact that this was a ‘mock’ congressional hearing mean anything?

Here’s a few things that were released during the proceedings…

From Richard Dolan:

Retired Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer:

Some additional testimony:

So, what are your thoughts about the reality this presents? It seems to many that communication and contact has been happening for some time. What do you think it all means? Do we need to be afraid of being taken over or is our attention needing to be on something more appropriate and opportunistic? Does that latter include growing to know a bigger universe and our place in it?

How might we best proceed?

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UFOlogyPRSS continues…

wheelswithinGreetings UFOlogists,

We’ve had an exciting month and a half now, continuing to grow in viewership around the world. Thanks to all the folks who’ve placed our Member or Supporter Badge on their website. We appreciate the acknowledgement and reciprocation.

In this New Time we are faced with paradigm shifts right, left and even center. In the UFOlogy field, the notion of Disclosure still reverberates in the minds and hearts of the public. Several stalwart individuals have stepped up over the years, risking rejection and ridicule in the process. We encourage you to keep abreast of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure happening April 29 to May 3, 2013.

One is left to wonder, though, if the majority of the public who are interested in ufology topics already believe and/or know that we are being visited, can we really expect governments to admit they have been hiding information? Isn’t that their job? Whether we understand the nature and substance of the information kept from us may not be relevant. If it is, then there seems to be a discrepancy between our understanding of electing and trusting leaders. If we’ve lost trust in our leadership, then maybe it is time to address how that can change.

UFOlogyPRSS is a collector of information from all over the world. Sharing UFO blogs, UFO sightings, UFO-related podcasts as well as featuring various radio networks helps to keep you informed. We invite you to investigate the many resources and let us know what you think.

The UFOlogy Team

A 30-Day Review

LargeIconTransparentGreetings Ufologists…

We are continuing to grow, with over 3,000 visits in our first month on the Web. Our team is very pleased and it is all because of YOU, our visitors. Our site stats remain high, with first-time viewers spending over 5 minutes on average. The growing numbers and our ability to bring many resources into one location is a trend, not only in digital publishing, but in the development of community.

One of our featured leaderboard ads is about the Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure. It is an event held April 29th to May 3, 2013 in Washington, DC. An associate I’ve know for many years, Stephen Bassett, and others have worked diligently to bring this issue to the eyes and ears of the public and our country’s leadership. What do you think needs to be done, appropriately, and how might it be accomplished? Or, is it really necessary at all? Give us your thoughts, please.

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For many years the web has been less than interactive. Now, with the ability to comment and converse on the various Bloggers websites, a community is emerging. It is that community that will help to change the world for the better. In all your communications, we encourage compassion and consideration, even when you feel a need to be a little confrontational. Remember that we are all in this together. We live on one planet, but can we become one people?

btw… we also picked up support from Ben Hansen, New Jersey UFO Conference, Search for Real UFOs, Lights in the Texas Sky, and The Debris Field.

We Hit Our 1,000th Visit!

Today, at approximately 3:56 Arizona Time, we hit our 1,000th visit! Hooray!!! AND, we have just barely begun to show up in the search engines.

We sent out over 100 requests to all our included bloggers, asking them to post our Member Badge on their websites.

So far we’ve had response from:


We’ve also got support from:


Thank YOU!

Thanks to our initial supporters

We’d like to give you an update on our progress through the first month of our launch. Our numbers are good just from our outreach before inclusion in the search engines, which takes some time. We’ve had nearly 500 visits with a 52% return rate and nearly 6 minutes average view time. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well, with steady growth in ‘likes’ and followers.

Dr. Lynne Kitei invited us to share UFOlogyPRSS at her recent annual showing of The Phoenix Lights Documentary at the Harkins 14 Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona with nearly 300 in attendance. Nearly everyone picked up a flyer, so we anticipate further growth. Launching what many call the new wave of publishing, using a curated aggregation, puts the user in the cat bird’s seat for accessing up-to-the-minute information on ufology topics from around the world.

We hope that you reach out to our contributors and thank them for their work. If it weren’t for the folks who risk sharing their contact accounts, inquiries, photos, videos, etc. we would not be able to provide you with the quality and quantity of information. We’re in the process of reaching out to our contributors, asking them to place our Member of UFOlogyPRSS badge on their websites.

Keep checking back often as we are constantly adding new resources as we encounter them – recommendations from you, our visitors, and from the resources we continue to find in our quest for more information. We will be mentioning various contributors from time to time, acknowledging their work and helping them to grow their viewership.

Make sure you check out our advertisers as well. The traffic we help develop for them supports the entire process and the income to continue this work full-time. We’ll be purchasing advertising on Google as well, acknowledging the support of those advertisers and driving more traffic to them as well, creating a win/win for all.

Lastly, we appreciate the work of the diligent team at MINE and the phenomenal resource they have developed for sharing this information. We are honored to have their support and technology at work for you.

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