The Beginning

LargeIconUfologyPRSS was the serendipitous meeting of the minds of Zen Benefiel and Neal Anders, founder of MINE. Neal had developed the wire frame for a new level of digital publishing, an aggregation of topic-specific RSS feeds. The initial introduction to the format was at a business mixer in Gilbert, Arizona. Sam Williams, the UK representative, and Zen struck up a conversation about the possibilities of this kind of format and became fast friends.

Both Neal and Zen were avid Ufologists in their own rights and it only seemed natural for their combined interests to to unite in such a profitable way for Ufology in general, providing a resource of income and information. The mission for MINE is to provide a framework or template for topic-specific information from around the web using RSS feeds. The wire frame is advertising rich, which takes digital publishing to a new level on the web with geo-specific ad placement.

A few days later Zen and Adam Abraham met with Jasmine Bentley and Neal at their office and began discussing the possibilities, but hadn’t considered Ufology as a theme. During their discussion the topic of the International UFO Congress and Zen’s participation came up,  immediately piquing Neal’s interest. He had been a long-time ufologist and thought the idea was solid. The work began.

Over the next three weeks Zen scoured the Web for RSS feeds on Ufology-related topics. Once found and recorded, the team at MINE plugged them into their wire frame, create a logo and launched the website in time to beta test it before debuting at the 2013 International UFO Congress. The intention was to demonstrate the collaboration capacity, bringing multiple resources together in one location with advertising support to complete the business model.

It was a huge hit at the IUFOC with all the vendors receiving 30 days of free advertising.

A little more back story

Zen’s interest wasn’t just curiosity, nor had he been abducted by aliens. In fact, he had been engaged by various entities across dimensions and planes of consciousness since a young boy. Those experiences started with an inner voice just after he was informed of his adoption (just after his 4th birthday) and have carried through to today. His experiences include multiple races and both on and off-planet adventures in the physical and metaphysical worlds.

Adam had heard about Zen from Cynthia Crawford, a sculptor and ET experiencer that he interviewed. Zen was running a UFO discussion group at a firehouse in downtown Mesa, Arizona at the time. Cynthia, Dr. Ruth Hover, Jim Dilettoso, Claude Swanson and Travis Walton were among of his guest speakers. Adam interviewed Zen in January of 2013 and is below.

Since that time, Zen has published a number of other books, including a recent compilation of posts from UfologyPress. Below you’ll find a smattering…