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Beyond Being Human Holiday Season Event

Beyond Christmas  –  Cosmic  Consciousness 2021

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Perhaps the first of its kind, this virtual event is hosted by Beyond Being Human and a host of support personnel. The environment will surely be unique and perhaps unprecedented in the Ufology space. The Making Contact Campus features a variety of virtual environments for experiencers to explore and get to know one another, attend presentations and participate in question and answer sessions with presenters.

Produced by Michael Ney and crew of cohorts that include James Carman, Mark Sims, Captain Ron and Alan Steinfeld, this 8-hour event will be co-hosted by Sinéad Whelehan and Rev. Michael Carter.

Special Guests Include:

* Whitley Strieber featuring his books – “Jesus – A New Vision” and “The Afterlife Revolution” & “A New World”
* Celestine Star –
* Adam Apollo –
* Mary Rodwell – Author of “The New Human” –
* Lyn Buchanan – in conversation with James Carman
* Kimberly Meredith – Author, Medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, and Psychic Surgeon
* Debra Guisti & Scott Catamas – Global Peace Tribe and their weekly Saturday Night Alive shows
* Donna D’Ingillo – Institute of Christ Consciousness
* Jerry Anderson – Mystic Monastery
* Karen Swain – channels spiritual knowledge from her guides Blissful Beings
* Charol Messenger – award winning author of many books – channeling Ascended Masters
* Marianna Leah – Sacred Feminine Channel, Intuitive Healer & host on Esoteric Guides NYC
* Joseph Jacques – Co-founder of Harmonic Humanity will be available to talk personally with attendees too.

Along with the Zoom experience comes the virtual world and avatars within the Making Contact Campus and the various places like the Observation Deck, Paul T. Hellyer Auditorium, Experiencer Room and more, though let’s not forget a beach party, too, with DJs and dance tunes.

The virtual experience on The Observation Deck will include:

* viewing the 4 hour zoom event in a theatre with a virtual audience that you can interact with
* additional presentations 2 hours before and another 2 hours after the 4 hour main event.
* personal interaction, and information, with representatives of homeless organizations
* mingling in shared spaces – live conversations
* discussion groups after the main show with special guests
* video viewings in various rooms – good Christmas watching for the whole family

Your curator is also speaking later in the event, on the topic of ‘The Life of an Experiencer’ with a Q&A session afterward for your burning questions. Event costs range from $5 to $10 US, though the payment page is set up in AUD, since the event was created in Australia.

You can register here.

Look forward to seeing some of you there and wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!

The Proverbial Question: Why Are Advanced Races Visiting Earth?

Acknowledging a Continually Evolving Reality

In order to answer the proverbial question, we need some groundwork. Our present view from limited sight can only reveal so much. We have to be smarter in our universe view beyond the world view we have held that usually serves to distance, and not just socially. The world view is rather dim, facing a number of challenges for survival. We became aware we aren’t the only ones here decades ago. Of that, there is no doubt and recent video releases serve to confirm the reality.

In spite of early adopters and messages shared via numerous channels, including television, there has been little open attention on their content. Messages were clear even then: we need to clean up our act. We ask why they are here, but do we have the capacity to understand the full answer and the manner of their activity? The general consensus among experiences indicate they are here to help us. Why?

At this time humanity has reached a breaking point whether we admit it or not. Many are questioning the very nature of how these conditions could happen. A world pandemic is the feature story. There is a inner call for help in some that compels attention and the response invokes breakthroughs and experiences that cover the gamut of the contact modalities. Why?

Einstein is quoted with, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So how do we change our thinking or, more importantly, open ourselves to greater possibilities? Individually, the ‘why me’ or ‘why not me’ is a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Unfortunately, the recanting of stories doesn’t solve the riddle, let alone offer a proposition that covers all the bases necessary for life on Earth to continue in good health.

Many believe the answer is in our consciousness and that ultimately, self-awareness leads to self-actualization and self-realization. Ancient texts at their core seem to at least answer the riddle. Who are we and why are we here? We ask and pray for answers and can’t perceive that intelligent beings thousands, perhaps millions of years advanced might be an answer to the call and have answers. Is there any evidence of it?

Points to Ponder within the Proverbial Question

In looking at the over-arching complexities of the phenomena, both the material and psychological aspects, we tend to view things from thinking that does not allow a top-down perspective. There is no fault, just a lack of education. If we were to start with the concept of One Mind, a source of all experience and information individuated into personal relationships, we can begin to fathom the range of complexity from a simpler perspective. If One Mind is the the ultimate experience, how is it managed throughout the realms of consciousness and into the world of form?

In recent experiencer reports from around the world, there is apparently a push to share the idea of a planetary society working as One. It seems star visitors are going to great lengths to share information to educate us. Perceiving a hive mind mentality as a vehicle for losing self, which is a prevalent belief, is a misunderstanding. There is unity of purpose, not subservience. We’re so scarred of each other, let alone the unknown. We limit our capacity for understanding each other’s ability to fit, and have support, into a larger picture effectively.

We’ve heard stories about the multiple planes of consciousness, but we really don’t understand their operation because of our lack of experience with them. We look to mathematical models and forget there is a complementary experience that must accompany them for truth to emerge. Those experiences are largely subjective to date, with cursory approaches to drilling down into the subject material further. Can we observe and evaluate in order to elevate?

As the One Mind filters down through the layers of bandwidth, the vibratory realms that define the process of condensing into form, there is a certain structure that becomes apparent. The management of universe affairs has its inherent hierarchy, with levels of consciousness we are incapable of understanding yet. We still use the term ‘God’ to identify everything beyond our feeble human comprehension. William Swygard’s work (Multi-Plane Awareness) demonstrated that these realms are available through disciplined effort to reach them.

Think of it as the ‘God Corp’ with a CEO (represented by the Trinity) and a similar corporate structure of VPs responsible for major aspects of the progression of evolution at a universal level; eternity unfolding into matter. Then you’ve got the Directors who handle the galactic affairs of time and space. Descending down the ranks, the Division Managers work with groups of solar systems. Department Heads deal with individual solar systems and planetary worlds. Local Managers work with individual worlds and Supervisors make sure the memos are delivered to individual recipients.

Conscious incarnates, awakened humans, engage the flow of energy from the Top Down, acquiescing to the nature of their design over time. In a very simple explanation, the ‘destiny’ of the individual that is embedded in their consciousness emerges as necessary questions are asked; the ‘who am I and what am I here to do?’ routine. We can listen, read or view historical accounts of a general direction, yet each individual is different. Similar roles may exist across the planet, taking into consideration the nature of logistical support networks.

What does that really mean?

Back to the references of interstellar journeys in order to witness other worlds and how they function as One. Specific skill sets are engaged through the design of the systems; aligned with what one might call the ‘perfected form, fit and function’ of individuals who engage specific aspects of the planetary administration and divisions of labor. There is no respecter of persons, just service to the One. The service might be a trash collector or a brain surgeon or a liaison with other worlds. Aptitude, aspiration and attitude become attention, intention and action.

The bandwidth across the electromagnetic spectrum, what we use loosely to call ‘creation’ by some scientific term to satisfy our aversion to deities, is already divided into layers and called ‘rays’ or ‘waves’ at present. That is science fact. As the One Mind diversifies through myriad forms, the natural harmony congruent with resonant frequencies emerges over time. We, as humans, think that free will means we can do anything we want, and so we do, regardless of its health for each other or our planet.

Planetary civilizations and star travelers from them have already gone through this unification process long ago. They understand the depths and divisions within the substrates of ‘consciousness’ to the point of being able to seemingly bend or manipulate space and/or time, at least in our minds. They’ve been attempting to get humans to understand the greater implications of learning how to work together, but so far we are still a disconnected society and world. Recent events only show to prove the point, though we have the opportunity of becoming closer as a planetary population even with the social distancing. We still tend to judge each other actions, though.

I heard a great analogy recently about judgment, regarding the view we have and our ability to perceive. It had to do with a futbol player and a television viewer of the game. The player made a pass that the viewer thought was in error. The player could only see things from a field level and the view of the more appropriate pass was not visible. Whereas to the viewer, who had a vantage point from above the field, could see a better opportunity and thought the player should have been able to see it. The same applies from being able to see things from a different vantage point mentioned earlier, from the One Mind. We can see much clearer and with no emotional attachment to outcome.

The emotional attachment we have toward a specific outcome, usually from a selfish or self-centered vantage point, limits our ability to respond in ways that promote collaboration or cooperation. We tend to fight what we don’t understand or have no experience of in our daily living. We live really sheltered lives until we have to consider the mind-bending events of contact in its myriad forms. Our first order of thinking is usually a defensive posture and immediately results in a bi-polar experience instead of embracing the unknown with fearlessness or an attempt to simply understand.

The latter is where perfect love resides, however naive that may sound. We always have the choice of where our awareness goes, the focus of our thinking. The One Mind operating with the human BEing lets us observer multiple opportunities and make better choices. That doesn’t mean we’ll always to the exact thing necessary, though it will be more uplifting and have a noticeable shift in the overall attitude of the experiencer toward a greater experience of harmony in their life. Have you ever noticed how life-long experiencers tend to have a more balanced approach to life, play and work?

Perturbations or Pragmatism

It’s easy to get lost in the high-mindedness of engaging greater dimensions of consciousness. It makes for great conversational and experiential exploration, though it often fails to connect the concepts with application in the world, in our daily living and an evolving future. Exploration is necessary and prudent for the advancement of our planetary civilization. We can use the example of the Kardashev scale, advancing toward a Type I civilization that is able to manage and use the natural energy of the planet effectively, which would no doubt me cleaner air, soil and water as a result. The general awareness and consciousness of the civilization would evolve as well. How is to be determined, still.

ZERO to ONE – Making Our Way Toward a Conscious Civilization explores the various internal psycho-spiritual systems within the body as well as the ‘contact modalities’ across the spectrum of experiencers involved in advancing consciousness. There still has to be a practical and pragmatic. practical: relating to what is real rather than to what is possible or imagined / likely to succeed and reasonable to do or use / appropriate or suited for actual use. pragmatic: dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories. 

Our understanding of systems thinking has advanced our way of life and standard of living substantially, though few have applied the understanding toward holistic systems thinking. Holistic systems thinking considers the multitude of factors; people, places and things that coalesce into elegant delivery systems, online or on ground. The only way for those systems to progress is through a confrontation of conscience, an event that calls everyone to order through the necessity of survival, regardless of the selfish or selfless nature of the individual.

What the ETs, NHI et al are attempting to share with us is this top down view from planetary administration; the unity of conscience of a world focused on its real potential as interdependent planetary citizens. No one is left out. Everyone gets what they need. That, effectively, is the nature of a Type I civilization. It is neither utopian nor dystopian as some may argue. We simply learn how to work together collaboratively and share in accountability and responsibility of deliverables.

Changing behaviors, even subtly, has profound affects on our awareness over time. It’s like seeing the world with new eyes and suddenly realizing just how guided our lives have been. Great leaders and organizers already know this to be the case and their memoirs offer evidence of a host of paranormal experiences. Still, these folks are able to design and grow industries and organizations that have immense reach and ability to deliver goods and services.

Looking Presently Into the Future

The immeasurable talks and tasks to accomplish the goals and objectives of any endeavor are lead by knowing the connection to an infinite intelligence and new thinking emerges as a result. So, Einstein’s admonition of trying to solve problems with the same thinking that created them is now mitigated. Acts of conscience replace acts of capitalism over time.

In order for acts of conscience to be hastened, some kind of event has to occur. Humans don’t seem to be willing to do it voluntarily. This event allows us to examine and respond in much better fashion, although the process can be devastating to some; embracing a sad truth. Perhaps from the One Mind perspective, misunderstanding the interconnectedness of all things and the blatant disregard for life created a global event to bring us back on track. Chaos always resolves back to order, naturally.

We’re at least one step closer to a Type I civilization through the coming solutions and open compassion shown by leaders and world servers. Of course there will be those who remain fearful. This, too, shall pass as the wave of acts of conscience passes through the hearts of humanity and into the existing systems, cleaning them up and re-purposing where needed. Then we might be worthy of open interaction with advanced races and apply our learning selflessly toward transforming our world view to a more universal view.

In the coming days, weeks, months and probably for another decade we will be improving the networks and systems that allow us to engage each other openly, without fear and for the benefit of mankind. Governments, especially the U.S. are known for the outdated technology and slow response time. Private industry is just the opposite. This event is bringing nations, as well as private industry together for the good of all.

It is imperative that judgment be suspended, belief systems as well, as we move toward a more coherent world where private industry and governments learn to work together better. Simultaneously we can anticipate an uptake in refocused conversations throughout Ufology; away from the paranormal passions and desire for stage time to a renewed interest in exploring the contact modalities and a movement toward a needed (r)evolution of awareness. How we offer attention, apply our intention and take action congruent with sound practices will determine the time frame it takes.

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Engagement on the Ground – Real Lives Matter

What’s Happening on the Ground?

Amidst the efforts to find favor in the hearts and minds of fellow Ufologists, I’d pretty much given up on finding a compatible partner for the remainder of my life. I remained hopeful, yet a little over a year ago I made the conscious choice to be okay being alone. I was enjoying my single life, free of relationships or even wanting one at the time.

I was busy co-producing a small business radio show, called 2 Small Biz Guys, and working on projects on and off the web that made my life functional and gave me the ability to play golf more than just a few times a month. Two things have been steady, somewhat, for the duration of my adult life – playing drums and golf. Both I’m pleased to say I still enjoy and do well at still.

You know how when you finally let go of your desire for something, I mean really let go, it shows up. In this case there was a circuitous path that led to HER. An invitation to an outdoor music festival where I met a five-year old that talked to me like he knew me forever, then his father who told me about this Kundalini Yoga teacher training he was taking and a text a week later inviting me to his graduation. I agreed, even though it was a good distance away.

On the day as I was driving a thought crossed my mind that, of anyplace to meet someone of similar mind/body/spirit harmony this would be a great place. As chance would have it, as soon as I got out of my SUV I heard a familiar woman’s voice yell out, “Zen!” It was a patron of a contactee discussion group I had facilitated. We hugged and chatted for a bit as she was just leaving, but not before telling me she felt there was someone I was supposed to meet and wished me well.

Entering the Twilight Zone

Brent and his son, Ky, showed up just as folks were being invited inside to begin the graduation ceremony. I went in with them and sat in the very back of the room. As I sat down on the floor a young woman walked in front of me, no eye contact but my heart fluttered as she passed. That’s never happened so I knew something was up. I tried to observe her closer without appearing obvious. At first glance, she looked like my daughter’s age, in her late 30s. I felt a little embarrassed; not my style. I had no idea who she was.

As the graduation proceeded, people were called up to the front of the room, given a certificate and a small plaque and then spoke a series of ‘I Am’ statements to the group. ‘Luba Brodsky’ was announced and this woman stood up and walked toward the front. ‘Huh, Russian?’ I thought. She accepted her certificate and plaque and read her statements from a notebook, quite the list they were, and with a noticeable Russian accent. I was more than intrigued and wondered how the heck I could start a conversation.

Several others remained and then the group gathered in the front of the room before the closing of the ceremony. Next thing I knew the back of the room had cleared out and we were standing looking at each other. I introduced myself, told her Brent had invited me and that I found her very interesting and would like to get to know her more if she was open to it. “Are you reading me?” was her response. I don’t blink and have a tendency to peer into people without intending to ‘read’ them.

I apologized, noting my awareness of my gaze and she said she was fine with it. I felt a heart flutter again and she spoke up about sensing hers feeling warm for some reason. I had to ask her astrological sign, hoping she’d offer her birth date. A Pisces, born in 1968… whew! I asked her out for lunch later that week, suggesting I make it and serve her at my home on Thursday. She accepted and said she had just moved from Scottsdale a week earlier and was just a five minute drive away.

Amazed that she accepted the offer, I felt this overwhelming sense of not wanting to let her out of my sight. We hugged briefly and off she went. I wanted to follow her, but thought better about it. A few minutes later she found me again outside and gave me an invitation to an event where she was accompanying a mezzo-soprano as pianist. I later found out she was schooled as a concert pianist in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she had been raised.

Following in the Flow

A phone call that evening and the following evening lasted a couple of hours and by Tuesday she wanted to move the date up to Wednesday. I prepared a sesame ginger salmon with brussel sprouts, mushrooms and onions sautéed in butter and garlic. We began to explore this thing we both felt was much more than either of us imagined. She sent me a link about ‘twin flames’ that had a litany of characteristics and, we had them all and then some.

Now I like to remain a practical mystic if at all possible, but the overwhelming evidence of our ‘reunion’ was to the point of being ‘spooky cool’ as we continued to cross-reference and view our connection more critically. The harder we looked, though, the more we found congruent and we hadn’t even begun to talk about the extraterrestrial factor in my life, which was often what created a separation from others, especially when an event would present an obvious validation. So I wanted to approach it slowly at first.

Over the next few days we spent a lot of time together talking about all kinds of esoteric interests. As we broached the subject of ETs and multidimensional possibilities, she mentioned that she’d felt this presence around her for most of her life. She wasn’t sure exactly who it was but sensed it was a male figure of another race, not from Earth. She shared a few experiences where this one, appearing like a tall Zeta (grey), showed himself briefly but did not directly interact with her.

A Cosmic Surprise Party

I’m able to help folks co-mingle worlds within. I’ve done it for years. I asked her if she’d like to get to know him personally. She was visibly excited for the opportunity. I had her recline, close her eyes and go through some centering activities. Then I asked her to just reach out to ‘them’ and instantly she saw what she described as a group of cherub-looking beings dancing around in delight. I asked her to request their ‘leader’ to step forward and introduce himself. Immediately one stepped forward and announced himself as ‘Nick.’

Without hesitation I asked her to ask him to show her his true form. She chuckled and replied that he was a tall Grey and she knew he’d been with her for most of her life. When I asked, they all transformed into Greys, with Nick still in front. She sat up with a look of disbelief, stating she wasn’t sure she could trust her ‘imagination’ like that. I understood her hesitation, yet it happened. A couple of days later she told me that, while meditating, Nick came to her and told her she could trust me with her life.

By the first week of December I moved Luba, her 83-yr old mother and 12-yr old son in with me. We shared the house with another young woman and her two children for a few months. Of course the practical matters of cohabitation and coalescing our lives took precedence for a few months, with intermittent conversations about the nature of reality and what we’d both learned and perceived about the potentials of consciousness. Tom Campbell’s work had been particularly interesting to her, which brought even more similar perspectives into the discussion regarding consciousness and quantum physics.

Entering the Rabbit Hole

Neither one of us are scientists in particular, but we do have an avid interest in how consciousness, our thoughts, feelings and the relationship with reality evolves and grows with the understanding of our perfected form, fit and function within it. No matter the equations, it comes down to the practical application of this new living awareness on a daily basis. The interaction with other intelligences, in myriad forms and not, have guided us to each other.

Just a few weeks after meeting, I proposed and she accepted. We both felt it to be a sacred act and sought an appropriate place for the ceremony, deciding the the fall equinox would be the perfect timing since we got our license on the spring equinox. We chose Bell Rock, just outside Sedona, for our ceremony. The synchronistic referral of a dear friend led us to a journey of ascending to the top, first. Our ceremony was held at the bottom, making it easier to dress for the occasion.

The weather was perfect, although a little breezy, and we both sensed a union beyond our physical bodies. Peter’s ceremony included the recognition of myriad worlds of wonder and the sacredness of our union as a witness to the spiritual path that brought us together across time and space once again. Words seem so insignificant in the expression of our feelings and the knowledge that the ‘universe’ has conspired on our behalf.

That evening we had a great meal together at Cucina Rustica in the Village of Oak Creek. The atmosphere was quite elegant and the food was fantastic. Later, after returning to our honeymoon suite at The Ridge, we were sitting on the balcony enjoying the starscape when Luba felt something wanting her attention. She was a bit startled and kinda freaked out. I assured her everything was fine and to just let go.

The Cosmic Surprise of a Lifetime

I could see her relax as she took a breath and appeared to just be listening. After a moment I got curious and asked what was going on. She said Nick had been talking to her and she wasn’t sure whether to believe what she was hearing or not. It seemed just too unbelievable at the time. I was really curious after that, knowing how far out things get with those kinds of conversations. I encouraged her not to think too much and just tell me what he’d said.

I’m sure there was more, as she responded that it felt like she was being pulled out of her body somehow. She did say that ‘they’ were pleased with her union with the son of Ashtar. Yes, she knew of my considerable experiences and apparent relation to Ashtar and Athena, representatives of the Galactic Federation and commanders-in-chief of the Ashtar Command. I confessed that I had not expected that kind of communication.


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