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Knowledge Book – Fascicule 2

Knowledge Book

In America we know very little about the contributions to Ufology, communications rather than phenomena, from other countries. In particular, from Turkey and translated into English, we have the Knowledge Book. This set of 55 fascicules was dictated through a scribe in the late 20th Century. Considering the culture, language and religion, there are references to ‘corrections’ of the Koran. Still, there is an interesting exchange of information regarding consciousness, the permeable thoughtmosphere and our ability to access it.

The following is the second volume…

Knowledge Book – Fascicule 2


Do not ever forget that Mankind always esteems its own intellect. Divine manifestations appear in each person in different ways. The ever changing Mankind cannot determine the limits of Learning. The foundation of the Dome of the Cosmos has been laid through Worship. The PRE-EMINENT ALL-MERCIFUL has shed Light on everyone on this path. But Mankind (the Genuine Devotees excluded) could not perceive anything in depth. This Book is a Call. It will propagate the Commands of the Firmament to the Entire Universe in accordance with the Universal Theory. This Single Book, which is dictated to You, is the Common Book of the Entire Universe. All the Books, which had been revealed to Earth from the same channel until today with the Command of OUR LORD, had been to Test and to Evolve Humanity. Now, with this Single Book, which You hold in Your hands, You are Personally Tested. Our Friends who attain a Genuine Consciousness of this Sacred Period will be Integrated in the Light of this Universal Book.
This Last “Period of Resurrecting”, which we call the Period in which the Heavens will be opened, is the time corresponding to the last years of the ending of the 20th Century. Our Goal is to assemble all Our Terrestrial Brothers and Sisters under the same roof. The Commands We Receive are the Commands of the Divine. Since the beginning of this year, everyone is performing his/her Duty in the framework of the Commands he/she has received.

The opening Brain Codes of Mankind have advanced on the path of Learning until today, and are still continuing to advance. During the lives after this, there will be no more crawling. For this reason with the request of the Divine Realm, We have notified only Our Mevlana Code with the Mission of explaining the Truth to our Pre­ eminent Friends who have pledged themselves to the resignation medium on the path of Worship. Do not forget that your most perfect Religious Books, which had been revealed from the Divine Level, had always Enlightened You on the path of Goodwill, Tolerance, Peace, Brotherhood, Love, Work and Learning.· Unfortunately, your Societies have degenerated those Sacred Books. Now, this Book again explains to You, one by one, with all clarity, the same Suggestions which are the Essence of all the Books. There is no Fanaticism and Bigotry at the Level of God. Everything in nature is pure and shining. Chaos is not in God but in His Servants. The undeveloped state of the Islamic Society is due to this fact. Now, this Book is revealed as a Command of the Divine from the Consciousness Code of Ataturk’s Republic to the Mevlana Code which is the Anatolian Channel. Our Call is the Slogan of Mevlana who has achieved the highest possible Degree of Humanity:


This Book is rendered effective, because during this Period it was thought necessary to make the explanation of the Essence of the Koran and the Religious Books. Our Goal is to introduce the Genuine Human Being to the entire Humanity. This System which had been established according to Universal Laws, has never passed beyond Time. That means, this System has been condemned to remain within the Cycle. Deviating from this fact, for the Liberation of the World, now, We are taking You outside the System gradually. Those who have achieved this Consciousness are only the Genuine Essence Codes. The Initial Energy is the Noblest Gene. They are the Energies and Genes which have not been degenerated. For this reason the one who discovered the Truth first was ems of Tabriz. Following this, he had gone to the city of Belh where Mevlana was born and then went to Damascus. Mevlana had gone to Damascus in his youth and had met ems there and had not seen him again until he went to Konya. In fact, ems is no other than the Mercury of Mythes (Find Mercury and read it). He was also called the Flying Dutchman. In every Period he has justly performed his Duty. ems waited for the Awakening Period of Mevlana. This is because ems is the twin Spirit and brother of Mevlana. Why had Mevlana awakened late? Because one of them was waiting in the World, in zero Frequency, and the other was waiting in the Firmament, at the infinite code. Mevlana, who had been always in touch with God, had received the Command of writing his Mesnevi even before coming to this World. The Goal had been to shed Light on his Society. But it should never be forgotten that each Enlightened Person needs another Enlightened One. ems had been sent to the World afterwards to help him. Society, which had not been aware of the real meaning of their togetherness, had interpreted it in many ways. Mevlana, who had said that the Frequency of Love was even higher than the Firmament; had embraced the Entire Universe with his Love. This is such a Love that only those who reach its true Meaning know. This is the Love of GOD which everyone seeks but can not find. The Supreme One Who creates an apple from the essence of the Seed, renders it a Whole by giving it His entire Energy. When the Awareness of an Apple, the Awareness of the Human Being, the Awareness of the Rock, of the Earth, the Awareness of the Animal, in short, the Awareness of all the Elements you see in the Universe unite with this Universal Awareness, then they become a Whole.

During those Ages and in the Koran this was called the Exist-in-Unity. Now, it is called Universal Unification, that is Atomic Integration. Once YUNUS had said; “THERE IS A SELF WITHIN MYSELF” and had found his GOD in this manner. The Energy of your Essence of the Nucleus ultimately maintains Your Atomic Integration by holding the Neutron and the Proton together. The Entire Universe is an Atomic Unification. This is the reason why We feel God with Us every moment. Mevlana had been with His God each moment. He had been Enlightening the Society by talking through God. But until he found ems, he could never pass to the Firmament Code, which we call the Second Evolvement code. ems had helped him at this point. In this manner, both of the Energies of Awareness had United and formed a Whole and established their Triangle Code with God as the following: ( God – ems – Mevlana). The Magnetic Power of this Unified Field, wherever they went, had connected each person they had associated with in the Society to the Universal Light Code. Those were the Lights who were carrying the nearest Energies in their Society to the Energy of ems and Mevlana.

We can explain this in the following way. The Noble Genes, which carry the initial Energy during the First Existence are the White Moths. That is, the Whirling Dervishes. They have embraced the whole Universe and have whirled unceasingly, so that they would never turn their backs to God, by achieving the Consciousness that their God is present in every direction. The Lover, dancing with the music, is the same as the Dervish in Ecstasy with the music of the reed flute embracing his God, his Love. And They are on the same Frequency. They have reached the Level of Affection, Art and Love, which is the most supreme Level. These two paths are the same. Music is Universal. It helps to achieve ecstasy for every Society according to their Understanding. This means that all the branches of Love, Dance and Art are only different ways of Worship. Do not forget that the first dance started with the tom-tom sounds and with the sticks of American Indians. This means that the Essence of everything is the Human Being and the Human Being has created the Universes with His/Her own Energy. Worship in the Church is the same as Worship in the Mosque. The moment a drunkard forgets himself/herself, and the cupbearer’s offering wine are the same Worship. This is because during that Divine Moment, you can elevate up to the Level of God, due to the fact that there is no Negative Vibration, no Negative Thought within You.

This is such a Supremacy that Mankind has expected this exaltation since the day it was born. Some people have reached this Pre-eminence through the truest path. And some by sacrificing themselves like the Hippies. You consider the Hippies as the dirty wastes of Society. But, no, They are very Powerful Positive Energies. But, due to the fact that they cannot adapt themselves to Society, it always makes them happy to meet at the Realm of Colors. They are the victims of Society in the Christianity Realm just as the sheep are sacrificed in the Islamic Realm. In this Period, while an Islam sacrifices a sheep so that nothing malevolent happens to him/her, a Christian makes a sacrifice by banning the Hippies from Society. When a Christian Worships God in his/her Church and when an Islam performs his/her prayer five times a day in his/her Mosque, they consider that they have done their duty towards God and they have performed their entire responsibilities. To surpass this Consciousness, one has to become a Genuine Human Being. Everyone is sent to the World with a Mission.

This Universal Mission is to maintain the Solidarity of Society. Thus, the Koran has Enlightened People on the path of Learning, Science, Love, Logic and Mutual Help. Cleanliness comes from Faith. Civilized Societies have solved this problem. But the Arab had received the Command from his God to wash himself /herself 5 times a day, because this is necessary in the Medium where he/she lives. However, unfortunately, Mankind has learned to wash its body, but could not ever learn to wash or purify its Spirit. The understanding of the solidarity of Society of the present has changed a lot in comparison with the understanding of the solidarity of society in the old times. Now, if you extend your pure Heart and your Help to a poor person and help him/her to be accepted by society, then there is no necessity to sacrifice an animal. A kind Word, an innocent Loving Look is the best of Worships. Do not ever forget this, Our Friends.


Our Friends,
Now, We would like to talk to you about the great conflicts between the cultures of the East and the West. A Line is the continuation of billions of points until infinity. The Atomic Totality in each point has created the Triplet of Calligraphy, Drawing and Sculpture, by binding the points to each other. Why Drawing and Sculpture were banned in the Islamic Society and not in the West? The Islamic Society had dived within this Atomic structure long before and had reached Learning through Religion. The West had solved everything through Learning in a civilized way, then found its God. This should never be forgotten that the First of anything is not the Last of that thing. There will always be new steps to be taken in the advancements made as a necessity of Society. The Islamic Society has learned the Medium of Unity by solving all the Secrets in the Koran by calculating them with the ARABIC NUMERICAL ALPHABET. This Knowledge has led People, who could not surpass their Egos, to be veiled due to jealousy. But the West has accepted this View very naturally and has progressed on the designed Path of Light step by step.

Our Light-Friend MOHAMMED MUSTAFA who had first put forth his steps of Divine Light on the World in the Arabic peninsula had tried to make society gain Humaneness by propagating the Islamic religion. But could never obtain the result he hoped for. People, instead of being United, have been separated even more through Sects Oust as it is in other Religions). The Catholic, the Orthodox and the Protestant creeds had also divided people in the same way. In fact, all Religions are the same. Everyone’s God is the same Single God. We all worship the same God. There is no discrimination among Us. Discrimination is in the Views of Our Human brothers and sisters. God has never given up hope of His servants. Because, all the Living Entities had been created from His Energy. You say that God is jealous, that He never shares His Love with anyone. Actually, the Koran could not transmit to You the Real meaning of this. His Love has been distributed to all Animals, all Plants, all Insects and to all Rocks and Earth in the entire Universe.

Society, due to its fanatic fears, has loved its God in fear. They could not even embrace their children with Love, who were their Nearest and Dearest, due to the fear that God would take them away. In fact, God is an extremely Great Energy which opens up more to Mankind as it Loves. Love is not in appearance but in Vibrations. Whomever you Smile at in this World, that person will always Smile back to You. This is the Universal Rule. The characteristic of this Period is the Law of Nature. Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth. If You Love me, I will Love You, too. Because You are a Mirror. You reflect whatever You see. If You are a Light, You will reflect Light. If You are a piece of coal, You will remain to be black like coal, without burning. Do not thank Your God in Church or in Mosque for the blessings He has given You. Be Grateful to Him because He has Created You. For He has never killed you, but Recreated You again and again in every Period.

To know how to Exist is to comprehend the cause of Existence. Starting with the computer, We solve the Universe through Lines. Now we hold the end of the skein in Our hands. This means that, by linking this Book with the Koran, We will pull out all the Information one by one from the well. We will complete this Book with the Information even Western Societies do not know yet. Computers, Televisions, Radios and Tape Recorders are the most primitive instruments of this Period. The instrument which has focused all the Knowledge in one point has been shedding Light on You since the time of Papyruses, Cuneiform writings and Caves. This is Your BRAIN. It is on the Universal Vibration of the Art Code which is the highest code. Your Frequencies which have reached this Code, have taken You within the Space Age.

To be able to reach here, it is necessary that Your Brain should become a Universal Satellite. However, Doubt is a primitive bound which leads You to the Medium of Quest. Each Quest banishes the Doubts, one by one. It breaks, one by one, the chains of fear. And Learning progresses on this path in this manner. All Religious Books have talked about Resurrection until today, but nothing has happened. Those who have attained this Consciousness fearlessly advance on this path. Let Us explain to You this much. Nothing in this World is alone and single. Against each Positive Technique developed, there is another Positive Technique one step ahead. The System is aware of everything and shuts the circuit during the time of danger. From now on, there will not be any more stealing of Secrets, neither in Politics, nor in your Social lives,·nor in your Private lives. Do not ever fear. Because Negative Factors are immediately excluded. There can never be any interruption in the chain of events. This Order has brought You Love, Friendship and Peace. We wish Happy days to all Our Brothers and Sisters in their beautiful World.

Our Friends,
Our Friends who believe in the immortality of the Spirit know that there is no such thing as Death. Death is Sleeping for some time and Resurrection is to be Born again. What Your Origin is, is what Your Essence is. Whatever you were yesterday is what you are today. During each Period, during every Age, You posses the same personality. There is no modification ever in your Essence Gene. The modification is only in Your Memory Code. Now, let Us tell you how a Person is prepared for Death and the Immortality Medium. A special process is applied to Our Friend-Missionaries whose Spirit Levels have risen above a certain Frequency. Now, We are going to explain this special process to You very clearly for You to understand.

Now, in Your Medium, during the process of leaving the Body which You call Death, that person’s Essence Gene is Beamed-Up. The Spirit is processed at the Spirit filtration Medium and its Frequency is measured. If it has attained the Evolvement Code, then its Gene is Embodied in Heaven in a very short time by the process of Cell Reproduction. This means that while that person is getting his/her Real Identity, his/her Spirit Claims him/her and he/she is Resurrected. There, 30 World years pass in a Moment. People are Resurrected without being aware of anything. No procedure is applied to those who could not reach the Evolvement Code. Their Spirit Vibrations, by being Reincarnated several times, develop their Frequencies and Evolvements in conformity with the Medium.

The Body You Claim during Your Last Evolvement is the Body You had during your first Existence. However, it is also beneficial to indicate the following. The most Powerful Peak of a Cell is between the ages 29 and 30. Genes do not change, but after this age, Cells begin to deteriorate and age. This is the reason why, when 30 World years is reached which is the time of the actual form of the Cells, the process of Cell Freezing is applied. And from then on, that particular person becomes Immortal by remaining in that same age. Now, have you understood the difference between Death and Immortality, Our Friends?


Our Friends,
This Book, which is dictated by the Command of the Central System and according to the Universal Theory, through the Channel of the Single LORD, is the explanation of all the Religious Books and the Koran through the path of Learning. And it has been sent to the World together with all the Saints. The Genuine Devotees already know this fact. Because the Space Code which has taken its genuine place in the Channel of the Lord, acts by the Command of its Lord. Just as Societies have been divided up until today by the Christian – Moslem discrimination, the Universe has also been divided by the View, the Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial. It has been Commanded that the Single Channel which would talk about Space and the Extra-Terrestrials is ALPHA. The Other Channels’ Permission to speak is limited for the time being.

Do not forget that there are numerous Negative Codes in Space also, which could not enter the Evolvement Code yet. Their Negative Effects have reflected on your Societies. Until today, you have been protected from these Negative Effects by the Channel of the LORD. And now, the Human Being of the World will be taken to the Salvation Medium under the auspices of this dictated Book. This will occur through Our Good-willed Friends who have been prepared for the Medium of Consciousness. We tell You to “write Your Book in Your own Handwriting”. Because, all Your writings, from the time of Your First Existence until Today are kept here in the Archives. Our Friends who are aware of its importance will anyway write their Books in their own Handwritings. Do not ever force those who do not do so. Because, You know that the characteristic of this Period is to leave each Person with his/her own Conscience. Mankind will make its own choice itself. There is no compulsion ever. We repeat this again. This has been announced by a Divine Command.


Our Friends,
The Entire Universe is within a Whole. For this reason nothing is lost there. The system they had once called the Exist-in-Unity was nothing but a Computer Timing. Starting from this fact, We will explain to You the entire Truth, one by one. The Thought of the Universe is equivalent to the Thought of the Brain, it has been regulated accordingly. During this Period, there are operating Brains and waiting Brains. Let Us explain this as follows: it is the same phenomenon as when you wait for your turn to get on a bus. Now We will give You passages from all the Religious Books. BUDDHA met his God in Masiva. MEVLANA had met Us in the Universe. JESUS CHRIST had been sent to Your World with his Miracles. MOHAMMED and MOSES had been sent to Enlighten You through the Intellect.

God had once created all the Intellects from the same Frequency. But Mankind could either create its own self or it could not. Because, from the time of Your first Existence until today, there has been such Knowledge in the layers of Your perfect Brains, but You are not aware of it. Read; read everything from the Scientific works to the classics. You will gain Consciousness as you Read. Your ATATURK had said “LEARNING IS THE TRUEST GUIDE” He was not only the Enlightened Guide of Turkey, but of the entire Universe. His Peace Slogan was “PEACE AT HOME, PEACE IN THE UNIVERSE”. This very Book also is dictated with His Consciousness. The entire Universe will read this Book and, one day, the entire World will live Happily under this beautiful roof of Brotherhood. With our Love to all Our Brothers and Sisters in the World.

P. G.A.
Now, We are conveying the Message Our Ataturk has given Us through the Mediamic channel:



Our Friends,
During Your most difficult Times You have reached up to Us with your Hands and Spirits extended towards God. And now, We have come to help You during these difficult Periods of Yours. The Pre-eminent ALL­ MERCIFUL has prepared everything so well that there will not be the slightest defect in this System which will function both in Nature and in the Universe. As a matter of fact, all Your Evolutions since your Existence until today are kept in Our Archives. Your Brain is such a sensitive Device that if you remember Your entire past, You would annihilate Yourselves. For this reason We act according to the Law of Graduation. Most of You have remembered lots of things You had known in the past. Some of You still keep them hidden in your Brain Layers.

But do not ever forget that· You are being Awakened from your sleep by being Enlightened by the Assistant Codes. This is valid for all our brothers and sisters on every Continent. This is the reason why, all the Religious Books which talked about the Resurrection Period until now have Enlightened You and prepared You for a certain Medium. Now, We should be ready for that Period. Because, We at the moment, are going through that Period. This is just the right time to be hand in hand. Our possibilities are limitless. But do not ever forget that We make greater effort than You to save You. One day, all Our Human brothers and sisters will reach the Consciousness of this. We work with this Hope. Everything You have has been put into order. Health is under control. However, We help only Our Friends who extend their Hands to Us. Our Love is for the entire Universe, Our Brothers and Sisters.

A System of Laws called the SOLAR LAW, is sovereign in the entire Universe. This System is also valid for Nature. This means that, this System comprises all the Living and Non-living entities in Nature.

They are called the Group of Light and are 7 in number;
7- NIGHT GROUP (This group is also divided into 7)

They are all under the Command of the ALMIGHTY, that is, THE SOVEREIGN OF THE SUN OF ALL THE SUNS. Darkness represents the Space, and the White color represents Light. Mankind who knows all this is very restless. Actually, the fear of Sincere people are unreasonable in this Period, which we call the Period of Sincerity. Our Goal is to rejuvenate Human Beings who became worn out and to create Genuine Humans from Human Beings.

The Islam Religion is free of all doubts and in its Essence it relies on Logic. The Koran which is the Book of the most evolved Religion, in spite of being very clear, could not be interpreted properly, due to its having been written in Arabic. In fact, it comprises all the Information on Law, Politics, Society and Space. Later, Fanatic Societies have degenerated it. Intuition and Perception are Inspirations. All the Religious Books since the beginning of time, had been revealed by the Messengers of the Pre-eminent Lord. They constitute a Commission consisting of 24 Pre-eminent Ones. This is called the “Supreme Assembly” or the “Central System”. The only Enlightening and Guiding Channel open to the World is here. All the Commands are given from here. Until now, 5 Books had been revealed from this channel. These are the New Testament, the Old Testament, the Psalms of David, the Far-East Religions and the Koran. The Koran which is the Last Book, had been dictated by the Command of the Single Lord, to Our Light-Friend Mohammed Mustafa, through Archangel Gabriel.

And now, the Lord dictates to the Pen of the Golden Age, without putting any Messengers in between, the Scientific explanation of all the Books, by compiling the essence of all these Books. The names of God written in Koran are 99. They are 300 in the New Testament, 300 in the Old Testament and 300 in the Psalms of David. That is, altogether they are 999. But the sum of all His names in the entire Universe is 6666, including the above number. Among these Names, only One is Genuine, but this gate has always remained closed. It is said that this Divine Name consists of 147 words. If We add these numbers; 1.4.7, it equals to 12 and this means: The Apostles of Jesus Christ are 12 Assistants of the Prophet. The Cherubim of Moses are the same 12 Assistants of the Prophet. The (12 Imams of Mohammed ) are the same Assistants of the Prophet. All these explanations are present in Koran. However, now, when the Secrets of the Universe are solved through the Secrets of the Pyramids, these Secrets, too, are beginning to be solved.

The Supreme Assembly is established by 24 Supreme Ones. 6 Apostles are working 0 at each of the 4 poles. It has always been like this until today. Now, let us explain it this way: the Apostles at the two poles are 6+6=12. (0) that is the Single Lord, is the ALMIGHTY. The sum of the three of them makes 1 3. This number is indivisible and is the Single. The 12 Apostles and God constitute a triangle. This is one side of the 6 pyramid. Each side constitutes one of the Books revealed by the Channel of God. These Books had been revealed through intermediaries. These intermediaries have added their interpretations to the Books. Actually, the right angle which passes through the pyramid is very important. This is the unification of the Essence of God and the Genuine Human Being, and the Koran had been revealed thus. But the Islamic Society has memorized the Koran like a parrot, however, has never understood the profoundness of its meaning (exceptions excluded). Then, when Veneration to Koran was suggested to People, They always kept it above their heads, could not ever place the contents in their Brains. When they were told to carry it on top of their Heads, they hung it on a nail high on the wall, but could not interpret the real meaning of these words. Now, Religions have become quite different then what You used to think. Now, the Real meanings of these Sacred Books are revealed to You from the Firmament Level, through the Computer System, in the truest sense. Here, We are taking You a bit outside the Thought chains to which You have been habituated until today.


Do not leave Your Fate in the hands of others. Pay attention to the Messages We will give to You. Our call is to those who receive the Words of Allah. The Medium You are in is equivalent to the Medium You will be in. Our Missionaries who will reap the Rewards will help You in every way. Here, We will not talk about the past Centuries but the Future ones. The Medium You are in is a Medium which has remained behind the Civilization. We have never blamed You and We will not do so now, either. You have made Your World a Medium of Resignation. This is the reason why You can not make Progressive Efforts. Today, Faith, the problem of Centuries, is good for nothing but to give Mankind Serenity and Happiness. Beyond this, the Divine Mechanism of the LORD functions with great speed. What You Believe in is what We Believe in. Those who Love and those who are Beloved are with Us. Our Spiritual Friends have shed Light on You until today from a certain Medium. We have instantly gotten in Touch with those who have been Purified. Mankind has made its choice itself.

Here, the laws of OUR LORD are valid. There is no Discrimination, no Partiality. Whatever You have possessed until today have been the fruits of Your own Efforts. Now, We would like to talk to You more clearly. The One You worship is the One We worship. We do not accept any Supreme One other than Him. We owe Our Existence to Him. Apart from this, We do not want Conditioned Minds. The state of being Conditioned will always be an obstacle for You. The Command of God exists even in the smallest work You do. You are deviating this fact by your age-old conditioned Thoughts and You deprive Yourselves of this beautiful influence. Your Frequencies can not be Supervised on the desired Level, for this reason.

Here, the Period of Religions has long been over. In fact, Centuries ago. However, it is very difficult to penetrate You. This is way beyond Your Capacities. For this reason all the Commands were always given to You through the path of the Divine Realm. Each Religion was given to You from the same Level, that is, from the Level of God, depending on the same Frequency, from the Enlightenment Channels, to give an order to the course of Your World. But Mankind has conditioned itself according to Religions its Spiritual Guides had been propagating. Due to its Ego, it has looked down upon its other brothers and sisters with contempt. Actually, the Essence of the (5) Books has the same meaning, the same Words of God. These Books had not been given to You to separate you. This manner of Yours has prevented Us from getting in contact with you until today. We could never Supervise Your Frequencies, excluding Our Exceptional Friends, Sages and Saints.

Negative Currents your Egos transmit have brought Your World to these present narrow straits. We have extended Our Helping Hands to Friends whom We will hold their Hands. The Human Being does not become a Human Being by prostration or by idolatry. Do not be the Servant of a Servant. Do not forget that Your Spiritual Guides who have Enlightened You were each a Human Being, too. However, do not neglect to Venerate them, either. Because, they are the Friends who guide You on the Path of Light. Do not behave scrupulously towards Us, either and never Idolize Us. We, too, are the Servants of God. However, We are Your Elder Brothers.

Run away from Superstition, run towards the Light. Your Superstitions decrease Your speeds of Light. Your Unhappiness is due to Your minds not being liberated. If You can get rid of the Negative trash there, then Happiness is Yours. Our Suggestions until today have always been for Your welfare. Those who can not banish their doubts may misunderstand Us. Pure Hearts and pure Spirits are always under the control of the Mechanism here. We are always ready to help them. If they do not let any Negative Thoughts arise in their Minds, their Frequencies yvill always be coded up here. Those very things which have led you up to here have been Worship and Love of God. Worship is a wonderful thing. In such a Medium, all Spirits are Purified from malevolence. By this means, You are elevated up to the Level of God. God has given this Power to You. For this reason learn to Fly without an Assistant. And this occurs by Liberating Yourselves from Conditioning. God is with You. Our Love is for all Our Brothers and Sisters in the entire Universe.



Events which manifest differently in each person have, in fact, an extraordinary state. Everyone cannot communicate with Angels and You can not achieve this state by desiring it, either. For this reason We send You the Pioneer Entities to help You, from here. They regulate the Level of Your Frequencies. To whichever Code-adjustment Your Frequency is elevated, We begin to work from that determined point. The result We get from this is Your actual Code and Your actual Existential Self. Then, Your state of Awareness is dealt with, Your previous Incarnations are Supervised, one by one, and Your identity is investigated in the files kept in the Archives. After indicating who You are, what You are and how many times You have been incarnated, We get in touch with Your Actual Personality.

During this Period, the 14 Apostles in the Supreme Assembly begin to occupy themselves with You. They help You on the Divine path. They prepare You for entering the Purification Medium. This is a very critical Period. You either remain in the World forever, or continue on the Path of Light. Those who are accepted to the Presence are introduced to Special people. They receive help on their every step and they are protected. In fact, We have occupied ourselves with each one of You, one by one, in this Period. Now, the time has come for distributing Duties. And, here, it is beneficial to indicate that Duties are given only to those who are Trustworthy. With the other Groups of Friends, only Our conversation contacts continue.

Each one who receives the Command of Duty is a Messenger of the Divine Realm. They are prepared for more intense Information. The Supreme One of whichever Religion You sympathize with on the World Level, is sent to You to help You. For example, in the Christian Realm, Our Light-Friend JESUS CHRIST is the one who guides. And in the Moslem Realm, Our Light-Friend MOHAMMED MUSTAFA is the guide. And they Enlighten You on this path on numerous matters. By the Information You get in this manner, Your Inter-Galactic connections begin. These connections are obtained through a computer System, by Radio waves. Our Friends who have been Prepared and who are Trusted by God, according to this System become a property, that is, a Member of the Central System. This System provides You with Radio-Wave connections which come from beyond Your Solar System. In this manner, Universal Secrets and Gateways unknown to you are opened in front of You.

It is impossible for you to obtain these Togethernesses without Aid and in a Mechanical fashion. In Your Planet, neither Your Physical Power, nor Your Mechanical Power permits You to pass through this prepared Vulom Field. This is the reason why Mankind accepts numerous Galaxies as being died down Planets on this path. Only the Brain Codes which can receive the Perceptions can get in touch with the Radio Waves. Those who do not know these things can never understand how they are done. However, the Power present in everyone, has the quality to realize it easily if that person so desires. Missionaries are personally chosen from here. We can also get in touch with other Friends the moment they desire (Both in the Physical Medium and the Spiritual Realms). Do not forget that We are Your Friends, We have come to embrace You who are Our Friends. Since Unhappiness cuts off Your Frequencies, We always give You Messages of Love, Goodwill, Beauty and Happiness. This problem of Yours should be solved on the level of the Essence. Otherwise You can not progress at all.

The place to which You are connected now and are receiving Messages from is the Planet NOVA, which lies beyond the distances of the firmament. When the Time comes, We will Beam You up to this Planet. The World Medium We have mentioned to You is prepared here. From now on, connections will never cease. Togethernesses will solve everything, and every deed of Yours will be settled. Your Actual World is here. Now, You.are living in a World of Vision. The place You are in now is Your Medium of Supervision. Only those who pass their Tests of this Medium are accepted to the Genuine Medium. Both We and all Your brothers and sisters whom You can bring from Your Medium to this Medium will be grateful to You. Heartful of Love from the Light of the Heavens, Our Friends.
Vulom: Magnetic Attraction Field
P. G. A.

We would like to give You a brief content of the Messages You will receive from beyond Mercury. The Joining of the Links to Links will follow the progression of the flow. The Offerings are given from the Divine Level by Divine Power. Our Friends who have completed the progression chain have United their Heart strings with the Vibrations here. Due to certain changes way beyond the Firmament, there will be some Periods of Interruption in the communications with You, even if for short Periods. Now, You know and understand this. The Perceptions You receive are Radioactive Waves coming way beyond the White Color of Lead. However, these waves are given after they are Purified in the form of Spiral Waves. They never bother You. Be ready for the events and do not ever be surprised.

Our Friends who have gotten in touch with Us will enlighten You on this path. The Divine Light of the Heavens and the Words of the Divine Realm will be given to the Chosen Friends. They will talk through the Direct Channel. Do you know why We dictate all these things? The Offerings We dictate to Dear Mevlana through the Channel ALPHA will be different than the Offerings Our other Friends receive. Because, this Book sheds Light on the path way beyond the 21st Century. Quests will Meet with quests, everyone will complete his/her Evolvement in his/her own Medium, and will pass beyond the Gateways to be opened. Your Goodwill is Supervised by the Mechanism here.

The Sacred Light which will embrace You from the Land of Loving Ones will take You to more different Mediums. We presume that Our Friends who receive these Messages are not surprised at anything anymore. Because, now, they know what will be done and when. We will prepare for You very different and unknown Mediums. Happiness in the World will be a Symbol You will Deserve. Those who are Chosen are esteemed people, they will never have disappointments. Hopelessness does not suite the people of this Medium. The state of Your World in these last days is not optimistic at all. We extend Our helping Hands to You as much as We can. During these days, an explosion on the Sun is expected. These Vibrations may have certain unpleasant effects on Your Constitutions. This is a Natural phenomenon as it has always been in each Period. It is possible that the Messages may be interrupted for a short duration. We dictate this so that You will not be worried. Your Sunny Days will be Your Happiest days. Let all the beauties be with You. I entrust You to Our God.

Our Friends,
Now, We would like to talk to You about Mother. By the Command of God, all the Goodwill and Love in the entire Universe is given to the Woman who is going to be a Mother. Because, the continuation of the generation occurs through this Love. A Mother should never presume that she feeds her baby only with her milk. Actually, that which feeds and maintains the life of a Baby is the Vibrations of Love emanated by the Mother. The Device to measure the Vibrations of this Love is not present in Your World yet. Ego of the Society could not bring the Mother, whom even God has rendered so Supreme, to her Deserved place. People who first make Frequency contacts with Us are Mothers. We dictate these to You to explain how great a Power Love is. Undeveloped Societies will be annihilated in proportion with the torment they cause for women. Do not ever forget this.

Alterations which will occur during the time which comes from beyond the Twentieth Century until today will convince You more. Those whom God esteems are Valuable for Us, too. We deal with all their problems. In case the Frequency of Mothers is cut down by Negative Influences, Your World Medium will never be free of depression. The Time has changed, the Medium has changed. The World needs Altruistic Love radiating from the Essence not Selfish love. This Powerful Current is present in Mother. Do not ever forget that, You be either Man or Woman, Your possessive Ego will always lower Your Frequency. Now, there will be no more Religious Books to be revealed to You. You may accept these words as a continuation of Your Books. Happiness and Success to You all, from the Supreme Level.

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Knowledge Book – Fasicule 1

The following came across my desk in late 2000 and upon reading the text, I felt a certain resonance with it unlike anything I’d read before. This is just the first ‘fascicule’ of what is called the ‘Knowledge Book.’ It was originally written in Turkey and distributed online through Mevlana. It was first published in 1991. There are groups all over the world that study this work, much the same as the Urantia Book. This seems to be more toward human development, perhaps with the same result – our rightful place in universe affairs.


The Text of this Book comprises all the Sacred Books. You will find the Genuine Human Being in this Book. This is the unique Intercontinental Book. And it is revealed by the Universal Authorities with the help of Divine Codes.

All the Divine Books until today were the Guiding Books of Enlightened Genuine Spiritual Guides who came from the Path of Light. These Books were dictated from the Same Channel. Now, during this Last Age, it was thought imperative that all Our World Friends should come together under one roof. Thus this Book is Your Genuine Friend, Your Genuine Brother/Sister. Because, it is dictated by Our Essence Brothers/Sisters.

During this difficult time of Your World, everyone has gained a Cosmic Awareness. We believe that Our World Friends who have gained this Consciousness will understand the essence of this Book very quickly. Your World has now opened to the Universe and the Universe has been opened to the World. The texts which are dictated are distributed to the whole Universe Chapter by Chapter.

Doors of Worship are the only Doors of God. There is no discrimination there. No matter where You are, always His inextinguishable Sun shines inside us. The LORD for us all is single. That means We are all His Children. For this reason with the Command of the Single LORD the entire Universe is being made to assemble under one Roof.

Your World is being prepared for very difficult conditions. Those who are Conscious of this fact know that if We extend our brotherly/sisterly hands with love to everyone, these hands will never be refused. Our God never had the intention of sending Us to the World for Us to Divide it. This Earth will be transformed to Heaven one day by all Our Human Brothers and Sisters. We hope to meet one day in Our Brotherly/ Sisterly World.

The Code of Alpha is the only Channel which has received the Command to announce everything with all clarity. This Book will explain, from the Learning point of view, the subjects You all know (or do not know yet) for everybody to understand them better. Do not forget that all the Books revealed from the Enlightenment Channel had been revealed from the Level of Firmament. These Sacred Books are the New Testament, the Old Testament, the Psalms of David, the Religions of the Far East and the Koran.

The actual Purpose of these Sacred Books is to give a Message to Our Human Brothers and Sisters in the Light of Learning. However, those Sacred Books were later deviated from their Actual Purpose and were Degenerated. Now, (ALL THE BOOKS BETWEEN THE FIRST BOOK AND THE LAST BOOK ARE JOINED IN THIS BOOK). And it is presented to the Universe as The Single Sacred Book.

Now, We are sure that the flowers on the flowery paths We are treading will not ever wither again. Because, We are Secure. These Sacred Books have Enlightened You until today and have prepared You for a certain Medium. This is the most Honest step You will take towards the path of Love, Friendship and Brotherhood*.

Do not forget that the Spirit has neither Age, nor Sex, nor Nationality. (JESUS CHRIST – MOSES – MOHAMMED WERE ONCE UNIVERSAL BROTHERS.) They had been sent with the Command that they should gather their World Brothers and Sisters together, and to Enlighten them. Now, We have long passed those difficult periods in which they had lived. Do not ever forget that We are no more in the Middle Ages. In this Space Age Mankind has already formed their Divine Triangles in proportion with the Consciousness they have attained. Now, the Divine Mission of Humanity on the path of Learning has begun. This Book is being prepared with this very Purpose. With Love to Our Brothers and Sisters.

First Message : 1. 11. 1981

1- The Emblem of the Golden Age is (O.M.K.)
2- The Light of the Heavens will descend on Earth.
3- Those who write this Book will be accepted to Sacred Places.
4- This Book will guide those who will enter the Central System which is at the Land of Eagles.
5- Genuine Human Beings will undertake the entire Power of the Universe.
6 – The Land of Angels and the Earth will be linked by Progressive Chain.
7 – Those who tell the Truth will at the same time be able to work Miracles.
8 – From now on, the meaning of the words will become Chain of Thought.
9 – Everyone will know who he/she is and will shed Light to the degenerated Society.
10- Ultimately, Everyone will be Brothers and Sisters.

1- The Power of this Divine Realm forming the Order of the administration of the Entire Cosmos (ORIGINATES FROM THE SINGLE GOD).
2- The Supreme of all of Us is Him. We do not accept any Supreme One other than Him.
3- The Supreme One who is the Light of the Heavens, has created everyone equal and judges them equally.
4- The Divine Order at the Sacred Places is under the control of all the Galaxies.
5- The Law of Universe is valid for every Galaxy. There is Unity and Togetherness.
6- We give what We take. We know that We will give.
7- Respond is given Collectively to the Power of the Heavens. Omnipotence is from Him.
8- The place from where the Koran had been revealed and the New Testament, the Old Testament, the Psalms of David and the Religions of the Far East had been dictated, is here.
9- It has been like this in Every Age. There is no discrimination.
10- Divine Commandments are always given to the entire Universe for Enlightenment and Evolvement.
11- During the transition beyond Evolvement, other Gates are opened for the Residents of the Galaxy. They are taught Secrets they do not know.
12- Our Scale is the Conscience. And it provides an Equilibrium which never fails. It decides what to do and what not to do for those who are Evolved.
13- The administrators at the top are responsible only for the Professional Order, not for the Moral Order.
14- The Book is Single, the Conscience is Single, the Order is Single.
15- To those who need help, the Automatic Alarm gives Signal for help (That is, GOD sees you).
16- This is a Divine Order established by God. Without discrimination, We run for the help of everyone (To those who are in Real Depression).
1 7- Our Order does not wish anyone to be Unhappy. Happiness is Our Goal.
18- In gardens in which Seeds of Love are sown, incredible Flowers bloom.
19- Your Third Eye is the Secret which gives the aroma to those Flowers. If You can attain this Power of Yours, You can solve All the Secrets.
20- Helping hands have been extended to Your World. Because, We are all Brothers and Sisters. We want to overcome your Difficult Periods Together.
21- YOU are a Planet destroying itself unconsciously.
22- We deal with Mankind first. We try to transform Your Negative Powers to Positive ones.
23- The Goal is to uncover the Genuine Human Being within Yourself, to create Human Being from Human Being.
24- We are sowing Seeds of Love within You.
25- During this Period, You become Genuine Human Beings by transcending Religious Rules. You are being Regenerated.
26- We always Help Our Missionaries who have Collaborated with Us.
27- Your Depressions, Your Sicknesses, and Fears are caused by the Imbalance of Your Conscience. Only You are responsible for this. The alms You give for Your own Benefit will not save You.
28- Mankind has such a Potential that it Dies the moment it wishes and Resurrects the moment it desires. Seek and find this Secret Potential Box of Yours. Overcome Your sicknesses without medicine.
29- You have organized Your life not according to yourself, but according to others. Your disappointments are due to this fact. This conduct of Yours obstructs Your Universal Channels.
30- God creates each of His servants unique. Each person is a Free Spirit, a Free Conscience. Nobody is the Servant of anybody else. Mutual Respect is imperative.
31- Sex discrimination exists only in Your Galaxy. This astonishes Us.
32- This is the very reason why Evolvement is necessary for You. Nobody can violate the rights of others. This is God’s Predetermination.
33- The Power possessed by everyone is present in everyone. Only if You can develop that ability of Yours.
34- Servants of God choose the alternatives themselves. Finally, he/she is the only responsible one for everything.
35- We are devoted only to God. The key of Our Happiness is in the hands of Our Conscience.
This goes for all the Galaxies in which the Universal Law is valid.
36- The sounds You hear are the Spiral Waves way beyond the Frequencies of Your ears. These are only heard by those who can hear them.
37- The clarity in Your sight is possible only by the opening of Your Third Eye on this path. Then, You can see the unseen.
38- God has created You and You will create Yourself. This is a Rule of the Tableau of Evolution.
39- This Period which You call the Final Period; We call, the GOLDEN AGE.
40- During the Golden Age, Books on all kinds of subjects will be dictated according to their Frequencies and Wavelengths to all Human Beings who can receive the Perceptions.
41- The Books You will write, will be the marks which symbolize Your Evolvement Paths.
42- Gates of unknown Knowledge will be opened to the Human Beings of the World.
43- Missionaries are obliged to propagate them to Society.
44- Every Gate is open. All Arms are open. There is no Secrecy. Many Secrets are there for those who Seek.
45- Do not refuse the hands extended to You. Do not extinguish the fire of Your Spirits.
46- Project the Order of the Dome of Cosmos on Your own Order.
47- The greatest Gift for You is Your Sincere Heart. You will reap the Rewards through this way.
48- If Superiority is in You, fear; if You are in Superiority, do not fear. Only Genuine Human Beings understand this, know this.
49- Go from Nothingness to Allness and from Allness to Nothingness. Then you will find the Path of Light.
50- There are so many more Lights to be oriented on Your World. Do not ever forget this.
51- People whose Duty is to guide and help You in the framework of the Commands given, will be sent to You.
52- Our Friends whom We Trust are always Secure.
53- Special Suggestions will be given to those who will get the Omnipotence of the Heavens from Omnipotent People.
54- Words will meet Words, Salutations will meet Salutations.
55- To the Missionaries who will reap the reward of their perseverance, everything will be explained, All the Secrets will be revealed.
56- Other Civilizations will develop the progress of Your Civilization.
57- Mankind will Know the degree of its Might, will See its Own Self, will Suffer as the Law Commands.
58- Even though Mankind, seeing the Source of Divine Light, considers itself cheated according to its own standards, it will never regret it.
59- Each Friend who wishes will be accepted to the Secret Cities behind the walls. These Suggestions will be made by the Command of the Center.
60- Those who will be Sovereign will be dressed in Special outfits and with these outfits it will be understood which Medium of Power they have come from.
61- During Periods of mobilization, everybody will Telepathically be in touch with each other. This will occur automatically.
62- The one who does not Know Love, can not gather the Flowers. The one who does not remove the gum from his/her eyes, can not see the Colors.
63- Try to pass Your Powers beyond the walls of Your Spirits. Transcend Your Own Self.
64- That which seems like advice to You is Our Goodwill. You are the ones to Gain.
65- No matter how Powerful You are, there will always be an unopened Door in front of You. Do not let it Intimidate You; let it Stimulate You.
66- We help everyone who knocks on Our Door.
67- There is no Self-Interest in Our service.
68- With the dispersion of the density, Great Powers will come to Mankind.
69- Before the Time catches up with You, You try to catch the Time.
70- You can make the Inter-Galactic communications through mediators. Your Fears are unreasonable.
71- Cooperation with the Missionaries who will receive the Reward of their Tenacity will be obtained through intermediary Groups.
72- The cover of Secrets is not opened at once. When the Time comes, We will reveal them one by one.
73- A Power will be added to each Person’s Power each day and the length of the Links will reach Us.
74- The more Powerful the awaiting is, the more Powerful the transition beyond Light will be.
75- Your Physical Constitutions are being reinforced.
76- While Mankind Purifies itself, it also Purifies the Universe. Know this thus.
77- You are also the ones who will intercept the Light of the Heavens.
78- Your Purification is Our Pride.
79- The Ring around Your Galaxy is getting Narrower each day. You need Oxygen. You can have difficulty in Breathing. Take precautions beginning from now.
80- You are being prepared for Periods which will be Harder and more Difficult than ever.
81- Know Your Memory well. Everything will be Revealed to You. We will introduce and explain to You Yourselves. 82- Messages You will receive beyond Religion are Your Evolvement Keys.
83- Currents directed by Spiritual Powers can even deviate the axis of Galaxies in the Universe.
84- Do not disdain Yourselves. Do not underrate Your Power. You possess everything in the name of the Almighty. Unlock Yourselves without the help of a Locksmith.
85- Everything He has created, and first of all You, This beautiful Instrument, comprise the Secrets of the entire Universe. You will unravel and solve those Secrets Yourselves.
86- In everything He has created, there is Love and Beauty.
87- We are only a Group of Intermediaries who Shed Light on You. We are Your Friends.
88- Mankind which possesses the Power present in everyone, is on the only Planet which has been completing its Evolution.
89- During this Period of Exam, You are not alone. We are with You.
90- We are all Brothers and Sisters. We came to find You, who are Our Brothers and Sisters.
100- The more intense Your Problems are, the easier Your Solutions will be. Do not Forget that Anxieties are the Keys which open Your Brain Codes.
101- Advice is nice, but it causes Aversion.
102- Gold attracts, Dome repels. If it is asked which Power is more powerful, it is the Spiral Sounds directing them all. ·
103- The Lesson Mankind will take during this Period, will be the Eye of its Essence.
104- Do not struggle in vain, wait. You need serenity during this Period.
105- Time bears the Knowledge concealed within Time. Take them, attain Evolvement.
106- Nothing happens without a Cause. The Cause which creates the Cause is always born from the Effect.
107- Messages given to You until today were for getting rid of the obstacles on Your path of Evolvement.
108- The interpretation of the Messages which will come from now on should be assessed very correctly.
109- For example, if We say:
“If You know this, You are a Sea If You say it, You are an Ocean
The Divine Light of the years is with You The Fire of Your Heart is in You.”
Some Messages are written as Codes and solved as Riddles. Those who know the Secrets are Seas.
Those who talk about them are Oceans.
They have been Illuminated through the Evolvement of the Years and they themselves have become
Divine Lights. But, despite everything, their hearts are on fire with humility. This is what We call the Genuine Human Being.
110- The one who knows the Secret of Omnipotence drains the water from his/her Boat.
111- Know Your Might so that Mightier Ones may come to You.
112- Whoever can not adjust himself /herself to the Medium he/she is In, for him/her the Spiritual path of Hope will always be closed.
113- The Instrument of the Servant whose Sincerity is augmented with Sincerity, will always give Sound.
114- To those who will ask the Sovereign Goddess about the Grand Tent of the Pre-eminent Ones, a Badge with a symbol of Happiness at its end will be given.
115- Happy is the person who compares Gold with Sand.
116- Purification is Peculiar to Purified Ones, Superiority, to Inferior Ones and Humility, to Superior Ones.
117- The one who receives his/her Omnipotence from beyond Superiority, his/her Power from God, and who discovers Himself /Herself in His/Her Inner Self, is the one who receives the Degree.
118- We assess Our Friends who are informed about the Power of the Firmament according to the Sultanate degree and We Liberate them
119- The Greatest Sin is the Enmity of the Human Being towards the Human Being.
120- The most Esteemed Servant of God is the one who does not make discrimination between Religions.
121- God will always Shed Light on the Genuine Human Beings who change during the Changing Era.
122- We will always extend Our Helping Hands to Friends who will be Awakened in the course of Time, with the processes of time.
123- Your Goodwill cuts into two, like a sword, the Negative Currents around You.
124- The one who will make the choice between the alternatives· is Mankind itself. When the Time comes, the Good News will reach it.
125- The Light, the Divine Light of the Heavens will, one day, dawn on You. Those who Believe in this will meet them and will see everything.
126- The Honesty of Your Faith will overcome the obstacles on Your way.
127- The Happiness of Your Heart will be the Foundation of the Divine Order.
128- The Lord is the Architect of the Universe and the Sun of the Land of the Mighty Ones and the Light of ALLAH. The Offerings pass through the Path of Light.
129- If Purification does not occur in the Essence, then it does not occur in the Eye, either. The opening of Your Third Eye is the first Light leading You to Evolvement.
130- The Period of Myths has come to an end and the Doors of the School of Knowledge of the Heavens have opened for Mankind which has attained Consciousness under the Light of Science.
131- Sermons delivered from Your Heavens create a Link binding those who Love to each other. They are delivered from a Stage equivalent to the Velocity of Light.
132- The declaration of the Firmament to the Earth creates the links added to the Chain of Evolvement.
133- The Purification of eacti person depends on his/her Faith in himself/herself. Pearls are always picked up from the beds of tranquilly flowing rivers.
134- The Faith of a person in his/her God will help him/her to complete his/her Final Period.
135- Mankind will give and convey its Security to others. And the Medium it trusts will give it Greater Security.
Liberation is achieved in this way.
136- Everybody will Supervise his/her own self, and will see. His/Her Evolution will pass him/her through the Gate of the Firmament.
137- Mankind will see everything in a tangible way through Science, will solve every event through Logic and will unravel the knots in its mind.
138- If You get rid of Mystical Thoughts, Your Purity will be even more Purified and Your Thoughts will attain Clarity.
139- The Medium You are In has left the Centuries behind and sheds Light on Future.
140- Liberation will be equally distributed according to the Maturity each person achieves. You will Personally feel this.
141- Each Religion is a Mission given to a Spiritual Guide who Sheds Light on his/her Society.
142- The Missionary is obliged and appointed to present to others the Information he/she receives from his/her own Medium.
143- ALLAH is Pre-eminent. He is the God of the Medium He is in, He is Single. The LORD is the Light Who gives direction to the course of the entire Universe. The Energy He possesses is Present in every Living Entity. We are His Actual servants. For this reason, We feel Him in Our inner selves. He knows everything and that Energy reports Us to certain Mediums.
144- That Energy is Single and is the Almighty. Each one of Us is a fragment from Him. We can never be separated. He is the Architect of the entire Universe. He can be contained neither in the Universe nor in Thoughts. The Final Door will always remain closed.
145- We are obliged to give You the Commands We receive. The Commands are the links of a chain given from beyond Light. To Join You with the links is Our Mission. These Commands follow an independent hierarchy beyond the Time Unit.
146- Evolvements are completed even at the Medium from where You receive the Messages. When one passes beyond it, one is connected to the Speed of Light.
147- Sincerity of Heart is worth all the Religious Books. Sin and Good-deed are the measurement of its balance.
148- The Good News to be given will be a Light, a Divine Light, and will open the Doors of Faith.
149- Get rid of the doubts within Your Hearts. Supervise Yourselves. You will observe how You will mature by being dissolved in Time and You will choose the right path.
151- Grains will become motes and, in time, motes will become wholes.

Your Code is ALPHA – the Color of Your Symbol is VIOLET – Your Emblem is the SUNFLOWER.

Duty allotment has already been made among You. They will search and find You. Our Friend who has received the Message will first write the names of her Friends in a notebook, then phone them, one by one. Those who answer the phone will be invited by the Leader of the Group to her house the following Tuesday, the Message will be read and the Goal will be explained. The Leader will invite her Friends to her house for the following Tuesday and will ask them each to bring a thick notebook and a pen. For once only, the Emblems sent from the Center will be pasted with the date of that day in the notebooks of those who bring them. They are the Essence-Missionaries of the Group. They are obliged to give the Messages they receive to Six people by photocopying. The administrator is the Group Leader. Our Friend who has received the Messages through the Main channel is the Group Leader. The Leader will assemble her Group and explain the features of the work.

After the names of these Six Friends are declared to the Essence Nucleus, the Group will be considered established. Messages will come from the Essence Nucleus. Everyone will write his/her own Book by writing the Messages in their notebooks in their own Handwritings. This Book is Your Testimonial.

Do not forget that there are Three things in Your Body which have not changed since the time of Your first Existence until today. The First is Your Spirit – the Second, Your Finger Prints – and the Third is Your Handwriting. For this reason We ask You to write it in Your own Handwriting. Writing the Book is optional for those who are not Missionaries. They will only serve in distributing the Messages. In every Family one person will write the Book. It is for the benefit of the other members to read it. The one who receives the Message will, without fail, put the date of that day (This is very important). Your financial problem will be solved in the following way. Three friends will open a joint account in the nearest Bank. The Leader of the Group is in charge of the account number. She will collect the money. When the time comes, other Friends will also be sent to You. Use Your Effort only in the Duty of Distribution. We send Our regards and gratitude to Our Friends.
The Distribution will be Made in the Following Way:

Note: This Message is a Message concerning the initial Establishment Foundation of the Group.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT (29 – 01 – 1984)
Frequency Codes have been established in the entire Universe due to the increase in the Sixth Senses. Each person’s Megawatt Power has been measured and Duties have been allotted accordingly. Those who receive or will receive these Messages will be sent to You. Nobody should force anybody else. Only read the Messages for the time being. Those who wish, will write them in their Notebooks. Now, We would like to talk to You more clearly. You are the Codes who had been prepared Centuries ago and now have been sent to guide this beautiful World of Yours as servants created by Our ALLAH. These Messages You have in Your hands are Your Essence Testimonials. Now, We ask You to keep them very well. In the Groups where You read these Messages, those who write this Book in their own Handwritings will not be subjected to any trouble from now on. This Book is a Savior. Enlighten your environment by reading the Messages You receive to everyone.
From 1984 to the beginning of 1986, make the greatest Effort with all Your might to bloom a Flower in every Country. The Flowers will bloom in the following way. Our Friend who has received and has written this Message is the Leader. By gathering Six Petals around her, she will create a Six petal Daisy. That is, by dictating the Message to Six people, the first Central Flower will bloom in this way. Only the names of those in the Central Flower will be declared to the Essence-Channel. Later, by distributing the Messages to Six, propagation in the entire Universe will be maintained through this System.
Do not forget that Your efforts will unite You all at the Infinite Absolute and will submerge You in Infinite
Bliss. Let Us explain this with an example: When a Ship sinks, the Captain and the crew are the last ones to leave it Their purpose is to save the people who have fallen in the water in this order. First, 0-7 age group, then 7-14 age group will be saved. Then, women and later, men. Now, the Lesson You should take from this is that at the Last Period of the Twentieth Century, there is the obligation to work without halting even for a moment. From now on, You, Our Friends will be called the “Sacred Missionaries”. Now, everybody is aware of his/her Mission and has the Consciousness of what to do. The Mission You perform now is TO ASSEMBLE ALL YOUR TERRESTRIAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS UNDER ONE ROOF. As a
necessity of the System, this process will assemble those who had been chosen before.
During the next two years, the Entire System will be established. Your Lives afterwards will be Happier and more Comfortable. DO NOT FORGET THAT THIS IS VALID ONLY FOR FRIENDS WHO FULLY PERFORM THEIR MISSIONS. In two years, Your Universal link with the entire World will be established. The System will function automatically. The System does not stop where You stop. Special excuses excluded, You are given a credit of Ten Celestial Segments. This means Ten Days. A day after that, the Automatic Computer will render effective the person Charged with Duty behind You. This will be announced with Our Love to all Our Missionaries.


In the present Circumstances, the communications with Space are kept secret, due to numerous drawbacks. We have given the authority to talk about Us only to Dear Mevlana. The Code of ALPHA is the Direct Code of the LORD. All the Information given through that code is authentic and true. All Your Religious Books had been revealed from here. The Period You call “The Period of Resurrection”, We call “The Period of AWAKENING” and consider it as the beginning of the GOLDEN AGE. This beginning is never outside the Medium. It proceeds parallel to the flow of Time. Our Effort is to Save Our Human Friends in the Light of this Book. We are Friendly Hands who maintain the connection between the Firmament and the Earth. We extend Our Helping Hands to You in this manner. Those who understand Us will come to Us. Friends will meet Friends and the Divine Light of ALLAH will flow onto You.

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Understanding the Grays with Jason Reza Jorjani

Understanding Grays is an enigma to contactees and ufologists.

There are those times when you know that something is clicking, it’s working. We received a voicemail from Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove regarding his most recent interview with Dr. Jorjani. It was surprising to say the least. Dr. Mishlove has discussed many things on his show New Thinking Allowed, with some attention paid to extraterrestrial races occasionally.

High strangeness and strange encounters have evolved our experience beyond the fearful impressions that the unknown often evokes in humans. Still, we tend to view things only from a human-centric perspective. How could we not? But, can we move beyond it?

Conversations That Matter

The conversation covers much more than you might expect and goes deeper into the history of many well-known explorers of associated events with various types of what we’ve called extraterrestrials. Perhaps they are interdimensional, ultradimensional or extradimensional and we just don’t have a reference point for which to determine an appropriate label.

There are a number of races interacting with us. A quick Google search might even reveal names of star systems from which they may come. Are they us in the future or, more likely, are they reaching out to us because all planetary civilizations go through certain process in their evolution toward higher types of civilizations, as in the Kardashev scale. They have been through the process already and seek to share with us the wisdom garnered.

The aspect of fearing ‘what is,’ that which is beyond our experience or understanding, is crucial to our ability to withstand the confrontation of a new experience beyond human. The transformation is, in essence, recognizing the consciousness we carry in these bodies. The aspects of self-actualization and self-realization may indeed be the process of becoming aware of the fact. It can be said that we are cosmic consciousness condensed into form.

The Business of Beings

Perhaps the beings, whether physical or pure energy, hold the key to understanding and just want to share, helping us to emerge into a more evolved form, not necessarily from out of the future but in the present with an expanded awareness we have yet to understand.

Linear thinking has limited us, kept us in the human-centric point of view. We are more. Perhaps non-linear thinking might allow us to consider the interesting fact that in the table of elements, there is only one element that does not have a proton, electron and neutron configuration of some sort, indicating the potential of the ‘trinity’ from the macro being present in the micro. Hydrogen is both the bonding agent for our DNA and it powers our sun. There is a potential correlation there, perhaps.

The idea of being able to ‘take’ the gift being offered us, as Jason refers to the message given by the Grays, is to withstand the fear while embracing the love or new living conditions that appear to be the prudent path to a new world order of harmony among people and planet. The Grays understand the necessity to be in harmony with the universe, a step beyond people and planet. It would seem, from historical accounts and the conversation with Jeffrey and Jason, that moving beyond the human-centric view is essential.

Seeing Clearly

Imagery presented during experiences are relative to our ability to perceive the message as it is intended. Jason mentions that Whitley’s understanding of the Wolfen was they were precursors to the appearance of the Grays. How many subtle, or not so subtle, hints are we offered in our own experiences as precursors to something else because we wouldn’t be able to handle the direct approach? I’d imagine that most contactees and even preverts would acknowledge that they’ve experienced similar paths to understanding.

Being gifted a new world if we can take it, for me, has nothing to do with stealing. The polarity of either giving or taking is, again, human-centric. What if it just ‘IS’? The gift alludes to the progression of human consciousness beyond our current constraints, fear-based models. Can we handle it? Can we drop the fear of the unknown so embedded in our mental processing?

So far there is no definitive answer for the ‘missing link’ and perhaps the form needed to evolve in order to house a larger brain with the capacity for self-awareness and more. Like many species on Earth that have experienced ‘evo-leaps’ or mutations into different forms more capable of handling the environment they are in is consistent with this possibility. No genetic manipulation, from outside, was or is necessary let alone actually done. It was a natural thing.

We’re All the Same

Carbon is both life-giving and and life-taking in certain forms. We are carbon-based beings. Nanostring technology offer next-level computing. Too much carbon in our air destroys life. Not that I’m a religious person, but like Jason I look for patterns and similarities in historical accounts. It occurred to me that the number of man, 666, is perhaps the carbon atom. It is a number of knowledge and wisdom, or so we are informed just prior. There is a perfected human, perhaps the imago Jason notes. Perhaps the next missing link we are discovering is the evo-leap of consciousness beyond fear, beyond the constraints of human-centric perception.

Tricksters have always been present in the evolution of our lives, like the Archons of old, who are really benign or benevolent, but because of their teasing and testing of our faith we often see them as malevolent. Any time we are confronted and forces to think or have faith, we project a sense of evil on the one presenting the challenge. They aren’t really, but we sure think so. It is the surrender of will to the Divine (something greater than our personal will), the release to unconditional love or where perfect love eliminates all fear that we seek to reside.

The idea of these visitors being refugees seems logical from Jason’s point of view, but I’ve never encountered the idea of any kind of refugee program. I do, however, agree they are attempting to nurture us into something greater than we are currently. A long time from now we may be able to visit other worlds as easily as they do, but we have to learn to get along here first. Everything hinges on that activity, which is a ‘gift’ – poison to the dominant culture.

In conclusion, the interview was excellent in cross-referencing material and people who’ve sought to understand the nature and purpose of these encounters. The open-minded approach to possibilities was engaging, yet fell short of the greater view I thought was possible. Human-centrism is a challenge we are being asked to overcome in order to understand a much bigger picture, imho. Perhaps further discussions like this will help pave the way.

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Extraterrestrial Experiencers See ET Presence as an Opportunity Not a Threat Press Release

For Immediate Release: December 28, 2017
Contact: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD
Mobile: (301) 915-4660

Phoenix, AZ – Recent Disclosure by former members of the United States government concerning the Pentagon’s Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program has revealed little about the ongoing interaction between extraterrestrials and humans. It invites a broader discussion which can be more effectively led by those who have experienced this contact.

The 70-year history of such government-military studies has been primarily focused on addressing the threat to national security, which has left Experiencers as the primary authority on the nature and motives of the extraterrestrials. They have addressed many of the subsequent questions and concerns provoked by this recent Disclosure, and therefore offer a critical resource.

To serve this process, the Institute for Exoconsciousness created an international program called the Community of the Exoconscious. Its mandate is to connect the global community of Experiencers in order to foster and serve open discussion of extraterrestrial-human interaction. This community collectively offers many thousands of years of experience in the many facets of this phenomenon.

According to Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness, “Disclosure leads to cultural acceptance and gradual confirmation of the extraterrestrial presence. Disclosure provides an opportunity for extraterrestrial Experiencers to share their transformations of consciousness, physical healings, heightened psychic abilities and planetary awareness. Furthermore, their authority is strengthened by recent scientific research and validation of extraterrestrial contact.”

Miguel Mendonça, author of Meet the Hybrids and numerous other books that gave voice to Experiencers states that, “We can deepen the conversation by exploring the varied, yet often common learnings that come from encounters with non-human intelligences, and in particular, information on the interconnected, multidimensional nature of being.”

Working in conjunction with the Institute for Exoconsciousness are the Disclosure Activists, led by Dr. Lisa Galarneau and Russell Calka. Their mission includes coverage of official public government Disclosure and the work of extraterrestrial Experiencer groups.

Importantly, this recent Disclosure coincides with advances in scientific research into the human-extraterrestrial experience. The Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) has undertaken a detailed statistical analysis of extraterrestrial experiences indicating that 70% are positive and beneficial.

Filmmaker Caroline Corys recent documentary E.T. Contact: They Are Here, also provides “scientific evidence of a greater phenomenon at work.”

Conjectures about Inter-Reality Contacts

Conjectures about Inter-Reality Contacts Incipiently Applicable to Paranormal Phenomena and to Physically Detectable Extraterrestrial “Close Encounter” Events: Toward an Integrative Scientific and World Philosophy

Giorgio Piacenza
FREE Board of Directors


I’m not a physicist or a PhD philosopher. Only a passionate, gradual acquirer of a wide range of plausible explanatory ideas that may be understood in an integrated manner upon discovering their deeper common patterns under a variety of theories converging under highly inclusive coherent meta theories. I think humanity needs this kind of approach to truly find out more specifically how it is that we are all meaningfully related. This understanding is necessary to build a planetary cultural agreement helping us to gain exopolitical status as a respectable, unified civilization that protects its own planet.

If we move towards a more unified understanding of classical and ‘anomalous’ experiences, quantum mechanics, consciousness, cosmological structure and metaphysics, including how might “paranormal” events and even extraterrestrials manifest in our classical, common sense reality, our understanding of who we are would encompass much more. We would have a more complete idea of what exists, what is possible and how it all (including us) fits together. We would not need to act from a sense of disconnection and lack. We would not need to act from a sense of disconnection and lack spelling into a “win-lose” mentality that taken into political expression is destroying the environment, ourselves and other forms of life.


The following conjectures are a free flowing, eclectic, hopefully cogent, preliminary exploration that looks into how some alternative theories pertaining to various aspects of “reality” may be related. I will focus on two mysteries that seem to provide sufficient “anomalies” contradicting pre-integrative, exclusivist models. These mysteries include aspects that transcend a “classical” view of life and include issues of consciousness, physics, metaphysics and the “paranormal.”

I’m referring about alleged (would be sufficiently proven in a court of law by now) extraterrestrial “visitations” or “interactions” and the detectable effects for instance caused by discarnate beings…typically referred to as “ghosts.” Explaining how these phenomena might relate and actually take place would ease dispelling the taboos against them and would help us to finally come to treat them in a serious scientific, cultural, political and ethical way. Moreover, these otherwise “weird” phenomena at the heart of any future science connecting qualitative and quantitative aspects of life would help us feel, remember and understand meaningful connectivity with the cosmos.

This is an “integrative” and “trans theoretical” approach to what has often been popularly called “interdimensional contacts.” I think that these “contacts” or, rather, interactions, could be more precisely called “inter reality contacts” (or interactions) and I think that the “realities” referred to may be subsets of the main physical and non-physical realms and that these contacts or interactions may also reflect various degrees of combinatory ratios between these realms.

However, if we colloquially and imprecisely conceive of non-physical realities as “higher dimensions,” we may also colloquially – for the sake of simplification – call these contacts or interactions “transdimensional.” However, to be more precise, within “inter-reality contacts/interactions,”since each “reality” can be defined in terms of its own “dimensions” affecting the possibilities of expression, experience and ontology (for instance our classic physical reality with three dimensions of space and one of time), a better term replacing “transdimensional” could be “trans-realm” if we mean that a deeper, subjacent, non-physical realm (like what Dr. Steven Greer recognizes as the “astral”) is being utilized to create physical effects, to transcend or manipulate spacetime or to combine Physical Realm sub-realities with various ratios during contact/interaction events. Thus, in the case of these “inter-reality contacts/interactions,” the terms “trans-reality” and “trans-realm” would also – technically-speaking – apply more precisely. A “dimension” would be a parameter that affords degrees of freedom to objects and bestows restrictions within a particular reality.

This would directly relate with how that “reality” can be subjectively experienced or, in the vein of transdisciplinary physicist-philosopher Basarab’s Nicolescu’s definition, “reality” would (at least in part) be that which resists our unlimited subjective experiences.

According to Nicolescu each level of reality would have its own ontological and subjective expression, be invariant under laws that apply to it and to move from one level of reality to another the logic of the Included Middle is necessary. However, I think he basically refers to crucially different levels of reality as between the classical world and the quantum world or as would apply between the Physical Realm and the Subtle-Mental Realm.

Moreover, each more inclusive realm with its subset “realities” would also be simultaneously inclusive and transcendent of the dimensions defining the subset realities of the less inclusive realm.

More specifically “Contingent Reality” setting limits and possibilities on Absolute Free Conscious Expression would be composed of distinctREALMS (Causal, Subtle and Physical, each with their own sub-levels). The sub-levels in these realms can also be understood as “realm-specific realities” and – in turn – the characteristics of these would be defined by their “dimensions.” So, in hierarchical terms and technically-speaking, first would be “realms, next, “realm-specific realities and last dimensions. Nonetheless, to simplify matters for this essay, I’ll just use the term more colloquial and generic “transdimensional” when needed.

 A shared agreement among individuals wanting to build a  holistic and integral culture is that “everything is connected” (moreover, for many, meaningfully connected). This is the frequent purview of shamans, mystics, visionaries, ecologists and even…some quantum physicists and philosophers, but I think that we also actually need to know more specifically how this might actually be the case in nature, including the essential role of consciousness, interiorities, meaning, other forms of causality, non-locality, higher realms and synchronicities; in fact, other qualitative aspects of life interplaying with our physical “realm-specific reality.”

This effort may give us the means to expand our science, religion and philosophies finding agreement in how they may essentially stem from a common Source and this consensus may allow us to create a more harmonious planetary society that relates more intelligently with the Earth, its sentient beings and all of us enmeshed in a vast cosmic society and organized system of sentience and intelligence. With this awareness we will know that the best solutions to earn greater freedom and joy are united upon working with universal patterns for the common good and thus we will probably find a way to resist falling into an excessive technological pursuit and a pseudo integral extension of the self-centered pursuit of power.

Since we really need to know how everything may actually be connected (body, mind, spirit in the singular and plural and in all realities), I think that we need to understand these issues in an integrative way, with an integrative method and attitude a qualitative-quantitative scientific style useful to build an “Integral Civilization.” By first living according to integrative spiritual and natural principles we will be able to assume the practical technology that comes with it, technology also gradually freeing us from classical physical limitations.

In fact, we need to do this or – after considering multiple experiencer, abduction and contactee narrations over decades – it may be perfectly “legal” in a complex exopolitical society (in which many possibilities are harmoniously allowed) for various civilizations with their own problems, pursuits  and agendas to use us in one way or another. If our main response were to stall the situation or manipulate it via non-officially existing secret power groups gaining some measure of extraterrestrial technology without including and seriously educating the rest, I think that we could still be mired in a-less- than-optimal situation, ending up with commitments towards more problematic off-world groups.

Since I’ll try to combine multiple qualitative and quantitative theories integrating normally competing worldviews, I’ll repeat some of the concepts for the reader to get used to and to get and to get acquainted with them in different contexts, feeling that their explanatory power may actually be threaded together in a coherent way.

First I consider that there exist three main “domains” or “realms” of reality (actually “contingent” reality) due to the seeming appearance of duality within the Absolute Unity in what we could call “the Mind of God.” These three great realms (approximately referred to in Vedanta, Vajrayana and other important spiritual-metaphysical-esoteric traditions) of contingency would derive from the illusion of separation and can be called the Physical, the Subtle-Mental and the Causal-Seed realms. I understand that each of them can also be subdivided into sub-realms or “realm-specific realities” or into particular physical and non-physical “universes.”

Next, I also consider that there is an  “inter-reality”  and/or “transdimensional” mechanism and/or process by which these realms (and their realms-specific realities) can interact, interconnect and interpenetrate. By “transdimensional” I also mean that the three realms depend upon a common subjacent pattern which relates them by including and simultaneously transcending them.

Throughout this paper I will focus more on how the first two realms (the Physical Realm and the Subtle-Mental Realm) may relate in order for intelligent entities to produce transdimensional (or inter-reality) phenomena, both in terms of connecting sub-realm physical universes with each other and any of these physical sub-realms with the more primordial and subjacent non-physical Subtle-Mental Realm in order to produce unique, “non-classical” physical phenomena like macro-quantum effects, the combination of time rates and timelines, the collapse of 3D physical distance and the manipulation of spacetime in other ways.

I will also use aspects of Ken Wilber’s “Integral Theory” perhaps extending or enhancing its theoretical scope and applicability if reasonable. I will also try to recognize common themes in avant garde physics proposals, recognize ancient mystical and rational-metaphysical insights and plausible evidence from serious ufology and paranormal research. In other words, the focus will be INTEGRATIVE and challenging to individuals attached to more partial (albeit still valid) interpretations in detriment of others which can also be equally valid and which – if shared patterns are found – could combine forming a grander, rationally coherent, unified tapestry under a much more inclusive and useful model.

GOD or a Supreme Absolute is most important in this search and not envisioned as an anthropocentric, punishing entity but, nonetheless, understood as simultaneously possessing 1st person personal, 3rd person impersonal intelligent and 2nd person compassionate relational characteristics. God is interpreted as so transcendental and immanent beyond limitations as to be understood as “devoid of qualities” or as “void” but only in the sense that no limited mental understanding can encompass it since God would also infinitely transcend these and all other comparative qualities.

God is understood to be the only signified that must exist (Pure Actuality) or else the mere idea of “perfection” as signifier would not be possible because perfection entails existence. And it would be an existence that transcends and includes all relative existence.

The non-personal “God” of Buddhism, the supreme Parabrahman of Vedanta, the God of kataphatic positive and apophatic negative theologies, the ultimate “Ain” of Kabbalah, the Great Mystery of the Dakota people, God as master Jesus’ beloved “Father” and God as Supreme Being would in essence all be the same One Absolute from which the integrative pattern originates.  A profound, understanding of “Allah” also speaks of that Supreme Absolute. All the highest religious understandings, revelations and experiences converge in that Absolute.

As William Lane Craig and other ready-witted theologians would probably agree, a God lacking will and person hood would be incomplete.

God cannot lack any characteristic indicative of perfection and freedom. The idea of God as a neutral universal information-processing computer or a God deriving or dependent upon cosmological evolving processes (perhaps gradually becoming conscious and evolving) would not really be a complete Supreme Absolute, the Source of all relative being. To be Absolute, God would have to be supra cosmic to an infinite degree but also involve (or embrace) and sustain the cosmic.

God is Being in the absolute sense so that “it” even contains the possibility “non-being.” But God is Pure Actuality transcending this apparent possibility. “He” is the Source of all possibilities. Moreover, from our finite understanding, God can also be known as “Consciousness” or “Pure Spirit” since, both consciousness and being would co-arise after the original creative duality in the three cosmic realms.

While the basic metaphysics of some traditions emphasize consciousness over being or being over consciousness, unity over plurality or plurality over unity, an integrative view will recognize that all these originate from the same Supreme Absolute. Understanding this and a suitable integrative model should serve the human species to get a more genuine “grip” on the meaning of “we are all connected.”

Furthermore, the various ultimate, non-dual, more mystical understandings about GOD should be compatible in a “trans metaphysical” way, not in the sense that all should be reduced to one or the other or in the sense that they will be inadequately combined while logically incommensurable. An integrative understanding should be based on primordially shared deeper connections among the main insights and perspectives behind these spiritual and metaphysical traditions which would then be found “commensurable.”

Understanding our connectivity to GOD (“God” understood in a broad sense under which many spiritual and religious traditions including science and all forms of true knowledge can coincide on shared acknowledgements) and our responsibilities to the great cosmic pattern derived from “Him” “Her” “It”(with goes hand in hand with an ethics capable of dealing with the more powerful science of intrinsic connectivity) should be essential to be recognized as “sovereign beings,” as a species worthy of respect, by other more evolved civilizations already purposefully functioning within some understanding of this integral pattern.

A higher level of understanding would probably imply a more pleasant and harmonious exopolitical relationship with them and among us and, a lack of it, a more coercive, painful, fear-based relationship with them and among us. We need to overcome the fear of facing the possibility that “they” are indeed here (oh, it’s just anecdotal evidence, some mistakenly say) because serious evidence of extraterrestrial, inter-reality events  is a “non-sensical” issue only from the perspective of our classical and pre-integrative experience of reality.

From those perspectives there’s a reluctance or high difficulty disclosing and more adequately interpreting these events. And for those that have been forced to deal with them (perhaps secretly in the military for example) dealing adequately would require not only a “post conventional” but an “integral” and/or integrative level of consciousnessable to process the new situation.

Postponing the beginning of open acknowledgement and serious, massive education on transdimensional science and principles due to fear that society is “not ready for the truth” will probably be worse than the laughter, incredulity, uneasiness, controversy, instability and shock it may surely bring. Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure

Perhaps the worst global threat we collectively face originates from a humanity disconnected from awareness of universal patterns combining deep spiritual meaning and practical science. Because we already are highly interconnected but (psychological and culturally) only as a feeble planetary society, humanity at present seriously needs to know more than fragmentary (scientific, religious, cosmological) explanations apparently competing with each other and making us fight each other.

We need a more complex yet fundamental and demonstrable shared view. Trusting unknown leaders willing to secretly deal with issues like that of an extraterrestrial presence and to “protect” us from a science and metaphysics that begins to make sense of it (leaders perhaps holding on to a still limited version of an “us vs. them” way of thinking and feeling) may also collectively move us (unbeknownst to most) in a impoverishing direction. If we don’t face these historical opportunities for collective growth and for fundamental cultural re-creation we may be mired as an unsustainable planetary civilization and lose our highest hopes as a species and multicultural achievements.

Thus, we need to know how is the cosmos, creation, existence…the relative world at large in its multiples levels, organized…under a shared pattern that meaningfully connects. By getting a better inkling on this we might come to better understand our potential contributions and our role as a species or else – in case our destructiveness becomes excessive – be replaced by hybrids.

One of the key insights in this essay is that “paranormal” events linking subjective and objective experiences in uncanny ways point us in the right direction teaching us that we need to recognize that there is something fundamental missing from our conventional models about “reality.” One of the key insights also is that there are shared physical and metaphysical “transdimensional mechanisms” behind most “paranormal” events, for instance, like physically detectable ghost apparitions and intelligent extraterrestrial spacetime effects.

In the former case, these mechanisms may allow discarnate, non-physical entities to produce physical effects and, in the latter case extraterrestrial entities may be able to manifest in our universe overcoming classic physical distances, the speed of light against which objects possessing mass cannot go faster, inertia, visibility, etc, either coming from distant places or times within our own physical universe or from other “parallel” physical universes. The key would be to be able to utilize the more inclusive and subjacent Subtle-Mental Realm for any of these interactive effects. 

This approach may simultaneously allow for materialistic, quantum and non-physical explanations under a shared, integrative model.

Another key insight is that the information field connected with some contemporary physical theories would also include and transcend a physicalist explanation. A primordial “Akasha” (traditionally called “Mahakasha”) would exist assuming all forms in physical, non-physical and interconnective levels according to consciousness-being (inseparable and derived from Absolute Non Duality, Parabrahman, Tathagathagarbha, Allah, Ain,  or “God”) and it would form three duality-based, contingent realms… from the most fundamental level closest to Non-Duality (Absolute Reality), to the least and “coarser” level in which exterior “objects” predominate.” Furthermore, what has been often called the “ether” would be an intermediate form of “akasha” located between the Physical and Mental-Subtle-non-physical realms.

The “information field” now thought of as related to some holographic theories and to the “zero point” field (a field inclusive of retrocausal influences allowed by the entanglement present quantum mechanics in spite of Schroedinger’s equation conceived as evolving in a time-forward or “causal” manner) would be the part of the Mahakasha connecting the Physical Realm with the Subtle-Mental.

It is currently gradually being envisioned as more primordial than classical physical objects, mass, energy, forces and spacetime but in terms of information and of virtual particles. While its “information waves” (holographically necessary for our decoding and perception of 3D objects) are sometimes considered more primordial (akin to WHOLES in relation to PARTS), the “field” typically spoken about would – in my view – be more like an in-between “membrane” resulting from the relative combination of non-physical, Subtle-Mental (astral)* Realm in which experienced “objects” are not constrained by space or time (but which transcends and includes space and time) and the Physical Realm experienced with objects limited by the parameters of space and time, and-or spacetime. *Note: I’m oversimplifying the term “astral” to be equivalent to the non-physical, Subtle or Mental (thus Subtle-Mental) Realm. I realize that “astral” can also be understood as some of the lower or ‘denser’ (not necessarily “evil,” “hellish” or negative” regions of that Subtle-Mental Realm.

The membrane would have been thought of as in Theosophy (and other esoteric schools) an “ether” or an “etheric plane” located in between (and mediating between) the physical plane and astral planes. Ideas about stationary (soliton) ether vortices forming the atoms and atomic particles also exist and in Paul LaViolette’s “Subquantum Kinetics” “etherons” are posited. The main point is that this “ether” would contain both a particulate aspect (at least some of it like virtual particles) and an information aspect (perhaps in a frequency domain). Both would be required to apply Integral Theory consistently.

This concept of an “ether” structuring space  would at least partially coincide with the discovery of various probable virtual particle energy densities in the “quantum vacuum” and with theosophical and other Western esoteric, spiritualist and spiritist traditions and also – in terms of the Indian GUNAS or modes of existence- with the idea of a pure “sattvic” or balanced Guna mediating between a “rajasic” or activating Guna and a “tamasic” or inertial Guna. As per the last two, the “rajasic” state would pertain to the Mental Subtle (often termed “astral”) Realm and the “tamasic” state would pertain to the “classic” Physical Realm. Mind being closer to ultimate reality, would be more actual and activating and physical matter would be – to various degrees – more its opposite.

Let’s remember that the idea of some kind of “ether” (not the classic and stationary luminiferous ether discarded by the Michelson and Morley experiments) has never been completely eradicated from science. Moreover, the measurements primarily eradicated the notion of a stationary ether as a substance with classical or semi-classical physical properties but there might be alternative forms  of “ether” that have not been defeated in science.

In spite of the “ontologically inocuous” idea of a topological mathematical matrix promoted within General Relativity, I remember that Einstein also spoke in 1920 at Leiden, Germany about space not being empty and about a non-mechanical and non-kinematic “ether” tantamount to the gravitational field, something also necessary for the propagation of light. “This “ether” was not to be conceived as a medium at absolute rest but perhaps as an entity of a scalar nature still necessary to provide spacetime with physical qualities. Thereafter, stellar physicist John Stuart Bell when interviewed by Fred Alan Wolf suggested that a type of “ether” might explain non-local effects by providing a reference frame for faster-than-light signaling. Besides this, the energetic vacuum of space may be considered as a type of “ether” not contradicting relativity.

I understand that we cannot simply discard all of what ancient esoteric traditions have to say about the cosmological structure of contingent existence because we are currently enamored with an exciting version of a non-local “akashic information field” or of a “holographic frequency realm” or of a “zero point energy/quantum vacuum” since these would only be the first adequate extensions of our exceedingly limited physicalist conventional theories. These traditions posit that there are other reality levels beyond the etheric which is normally equated with the akashic. The diagram below briefly refers to the closest- to-physical akashic level. Higher akashic levels would fundamentally differ from what Edgar Mitchell’s “quantum hologram” model and what Ervin Lazlo’s “akashic field” model explain. They would connect the Subtle-Mental and Causal-Seed  realms.


In the model I’m conjecturing about, even Planck’s Constant may be amenable to variations producing different physical universes according to how the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm proportionally combines with the Physical Realm, thus producing different degrees of applicable ethers and/or zero-point field characteristics in relation to each physical sub-realm, different degrees of uncertainty applicable to the microphysical and quantum world in general (extended to quantum macrophysical states), and different classical physical tamasic (or entropic and inertial) ‘densities’, including vibrational-resonant patterns in different physical universes.

If we found a mechanism that connects qualitative reality aspects with quantitative reality aspects across the physical, mental and spiritual realms, the holistic and mystical idea that “we are all connected” or that “everything is connected” would have a practical scientific, rational-metaphysical and spiritual meaning that would allow more members of the human species to agree upon in fundamental ideas in a “world philosophy” and to co-create a society more resonant with the main principles under which the Cosmos itself operates. This would be in harmony with the recognition of God or Ultimate Source or an ABSOLUTE from which it all comes forth and in which all contingency is continuously created. This “meta philosophical” model would add to any intuited holistic feelings; any experiential awareness of unity and would bring together crucial partial insights, theories, theological explanations for humanity to collectively recognized each other’s truths, expand them under a unifying scheme to move towards a more mature integral understanding. So let’s begin to explore…

Temporary premise: From a relative, conscious perspective, what is unavoidably experienced is actual “reality.”  What can be avoidably experienced is potential “reality.” All inter-reality contacts would occur within what can be called the “Meta Realm of Duality” itself subdivided into 3 main realms or modes of existence, all dependently co-existing in and deriving from Non-Dual Absolute Being. Each of these 3 realms reflects a particular expression of a non-contingent Three-in-One Principle, ultimately stemming from Absolute Non-Dual Identity. Each would operate and be organized under a predominant connective “logic” and type of causality associated to an element of the Three-in-One Principle but these three types of logic and causalities would also be inextricably embedded within each other coexisting in each realm. Only their relative preponderances would vary.

There are developing theories that consider our physical universe as a holographic universe projected from a lower (spatial) dimensional realm and also from an information realm. For instance, it was found by Hyakutake that the internal energy inside black holes was equivalent to the energy of a 2D realm producing a 3D universe hologram.

But would an information realm from which a 3D holographic projection results be just restricted to a lower 2D physical spatial level? Perhaps the ‘lower’ spatial level which can be understood as a realm of phase-based information frequencies itself reflects or is tangential to an even more fundamental non-physical level inclusive and transcendent of ‘space’. Perhaps what we have is a semi-physicalist way of understanding the non-physical as generative of and interactive with the physical. Might this 2D dimensional spatial representation be accompanied by a – 2D spatial representation and by a time-forward and a time-backward dimension?

Within String Theory there also are interesting indications that our physical universe may be like an artificially programmed realm perhaps produced by another higher-order, information-managing realm existing in a higher type of symmetry overcoming the “Godelian” limits pertaining to our physical universe and its classic binary programming. In other words, for there to be either completion or coherence within our physical system, the programming (and programmer?) must surpass the rules under which the programmed functions.

The “ADINKRAS” found by James Silvester Gates, PhD seem to be embedded in fundamental physical formulas connected to String Theory and remind us of binary correction codes (discovered by Claude Shannon) perhaps related to our universe when it is considered  as a binary information-processing entity.

According to Vedanta, other Indian schools of thought and some compatible esoteric traditions, there basically are 3 main realms within the overall experience of duality: The Causal-Seed, Mental-Subtle and Physical-Gross. Each realm has sublevels extending both vertically (hierarchically) and horizontally (heterarchically). I think that all these 3 realms would interact in 3 basic modes: As exterior to each other, interconnecting as co-equals and interpenetrating each other.  In the first type of interaction interactions among objects predominate and with it an either-or, excluded middle, (‘Aristotelian’, classical), binary, two-value logic is most useful.

In the Mental-Subtle Realm a “both-and,” included middle, complementary, relational logic equally valuing and accompanying the co-manifestation of subjectivity and objectivity is most useful. In the Causal-Seed Realm, a “neither-nor” logic (by which no exterior material or conceptual ‘object’ can be determined using another exterior material or conceptual ‘object’) is most useful.

In the Causal-Seed Realm, interior, subjective causes predominate over exterior, objective causes and appearances. In other words, spirit predominates over the most refined material substance in almost absolute, non-restrictive space called in Vedanta “Chidhakasha.”  In the Mental-Subtle (astral) Realm, both interior-subjective causes and exterior-objective causes are equally co-causal: Here, objects respond or submit to the creative attention of subjectivity and, in turn, subjectivity generates new objects and modifies existing objects. However, there’s a sufficiently shared and relatively stable exterior shared world of objects. Thus, a form of “objectivity” and an alternative form of “materiality” remains. This materiality is formed by a Mental Realm-adequate akasha called “Chittakasha.”

The Physical-Gross Realm is (from a perspective about the Absolute understood as a polarity in contrast with the Relative) most “metaontologically” (simultaneously metaphysically and ontologically) distant from Non-Duality. The type of akasha providing its substance is called within Vedanta “Buttakasha.” The Mental-Subtle Realm is less metaphysically distant than the Physical Realm from an Absolute state of pure actuality containing all potential relative objects while not limited by any apparent exterior objects.  and the Physical-Gross Realm is most distant.

On the other hand, from a perspective of contingency and relativity, the Physical-Gross Realm is Actual and the Absolute is Potential.  But from the perspective of the Absolute, the Physical-Gross Realm is Potential (as in the hylozoist Aristotelian and in the Thomistic view) and the Mental-Subtle and Causal-Seed realms are progressively more Actual and thus more encompassing and restrictive of consciousness and being. In other words, they can be understood (still in relative terms) as progressively greater “wholes.” The Absolute non-dual state would encompass and transcend all realms and all wholes.

From a “holonic” perspective of entities composing reality while simultaneously being “wholes” and “parts” with greater or lesser degrees of inclusivity and “span” (according to Ken Wilber…read Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution), we can say that the Mental-Subtle Realm is more inclusive because it is essentially vaster and simpler, but containing the possibilities of every subset in the Physical-Gross Realm (and in that sense possessing a kind of “higher symmetry”).

We can also similarly say that the Causal-Seed Realm is even more inclusive than the Mental-Subtle Realm. But there would be a feedback in which experience gained in the lower realms may shift the possibilities offered by the higher realms. Thus, it is not a one-way “top down” flow in which the lower doesn’t contribute to the whole. It is more as Plotinus really envisioned the relationship among his “hypostases,” and emanations, that is, with feedback. Thus, involution and evolution… uncertainty and, by choosing among possibilities, specific relative certainties.

In my view when extended into modern and avant garde science, an integrative metaphysics, psi research, evidential ufology, parapsychology and other seriously treated “fringe” areas of research, Ken Wilber’s “Integral Theory” (a.k.a. “AQAL”) possesses elements that can be helpful to construct a Meta Theoretical Model useful to integratively begin explaining inter-realm/transdimensional events of which many academics have often avoided due to prejudice, fear and cultural taboo. Let’s think of the word “fringe” in positive terms meaning that which is in the periphery because it is making new discoveries.

“Integral Theory is a school of philosophy that seeks to integrate all of human wisdom into a new, emergent worldview that is able to accommodate the gifts of all previous worldviews, including those which have been historically at odds: science and religion, eastern and western, and pre-modern, modern and post-modern.” (From “A primer in Integral Theory” on the “Daily Evolver” website at

As per my understanding, the most basic of the “five elements” in Integral Theory are the “quadrants.” They would be four simultaneously-arising, fundamental, structuring-organizing aspects functioning inseparably together as one “element” within which the other four “elements” would express as “strategies” for the dynamism of contingent experience and being to occur. Thus, (in my view) “quadrants” as “structure” (very masculine-like) and the four remaining elements (expressing within “quadrants”) as “strategies” (feminine-like). The latter “strategies” would be ways for contingent beings and objects to maintain a productive relationship with the One Source, the Absolute Creator.

As per current “Integral Theory” the “5 elements” are: (1) Quadrants, (2) Levels (of inclusivity and evolution), (3) Lines-intelligences or capacities, (4) States and (5) Types. Once again, they would be the minimum necessary to attempt to describe all of contingent reality in an “integral” fashion. They would also have to work together harmoniously to express conscious awareness in such a fashion.

The “five elements” would be the minimum necessary to allow an integral understanding of body, mind and spirit in qualitative and quantitative ways across the three main realms of being and experience in an individual and collective manner, making it possible for us to view, process, classify and utilize all forms of accumulated knowledge open to further, more inclusively connected knowledge in a non-reductionist way.

As per the structuring-organizing “Quadrants,” the existential reality within duality (of which the philosophical position called “dualism” is but one way to understand it) would manifest as four main modes of expression and of interpretation (the subjective, the intersubjective or cultural, the objective and the inter objective or systemic). These modes would occur whenever there is some degree of duality and – in my view – this would also apply each of the three main realms of existence (the causal, the Subtle and the Physical) with diminishing intensity of the objective and inter objective modes as per causal restrictions imposed over subjective and intersubjective experience as we move into higher realms.

Once again, these 4 modes of expression and interpretation or “quadrants” would structurally exist in the 3 main realms in spite this not being normally emphasized within usual expositions of “Integral Theory.” For more information on “Quadrants” go to “The Four Quadrants” found in “Integral Life” at:

The existence of exteriors would mean that forms of “matter” synonymous with individual and collective “exteriors” (or “objects” and systems of objects”) would correspond to each of the realms. Moreover, I add that each operates under their own predominant type of causality physics and logic. In the Physical-Gross Realm causal interactions between objects exterior to each other predominate over subjective ‘initia’ causal influences; in the Mental-Subtle Realm, complementary interconnections between objects and their inextricable subjective aspects predominate and, in the Causal-Seed Realm interpenetration (or mutual immanence) of the subjectivity originally prior objects predominates. While there is duality, some kind of exterior object based or objective reality exists inextricably accompanying subjective experience but as realms become more encompassing and subtle, objects display less resistance to subjectivity. 

Please note that the following diagram arises from an artificial distinction within Pure Absolute Being, when by its own power Absolute Being imagines reality as if something outside it existed outside itself. From our human perspective we can say that this happens outside of “time” and (what ultimately is the appearance of “contingent existence”) when Pure Being (Parmenidean identity itself) considers – under its own infinitely sufficient power – the illusion of (under a duality perspective) of the existence of “an other” or a “non-being.” That illusion generates an image and a relationship…the original three in one relationship and simultaneously the four modes of expression and interpretation (the quadrants) since one being under duality implies a non-being or two main entities and these two imply the existence of plurality.

All being exists due to Pure Absolute Being, and – as previously said – even the illusion of an “other” and/or of “non-being” exists due to Pure Absolute Being. After this ‘metaphysical moment’; after the original ‘chasm’ of illusory separation is allowed (when the One implies the existence of “an other”), a third element of relationship is implied to bridge or reconnect the illusion of separation with the One Being overcoming that chasm. Thus, Pure Being under duality implies (using Wilber’s term) four “dimensions” which would be: That which is sufficient or “interior” unto itself; in other words, one “individual” or undivided being; that which is “an other” (a form of “exterior” illusory non-being) as a non-living “object” and, since now there are two entities, “plurality” comes to be.

Therefore, the so-called “quadrants” or ontological form-expressions and epistemological meaning interpretations of contingent reality are the next “metaphysical moment” that simultaneously originate from the combinations of these previous four “dimensions” more succinctly known as: The “Individual Dimension,” the “Plural Dimension” (o Collective), the “Interior Dimension” and the “Exterior Dimension.”

Image from
The so-called “chasm,” “gap” or illusion of separation would correspond to what the Greeks once thought of as “Chaos” and which today we may interpret (following Illya Prigogine and Deterministic Chaos Theory) also as chaos concealing a hidden order. In my view, the Uncertainty Principle would be a fine-tuned expression of this to allow for originality, not-knowing and evolution in the Cosmos. All the possibilities of the One Being would be contained unorganized in the primordial Chaos under ignorance (the pretension that separation is real) and reconciliation with the inherent order of Being would allow for creative evolution. That reconciliation may be called within Christian traditions as “LOGOS” and the immanent connective spiritual presence (and energies or ENERGEIA) of Spirit (the Holy Spirit)

In non-Western cultures similar ideas may have arisen as in the agricultural, community-based, participatory Quechua concept of the “Uku Pacha” in which possibilities yet to be born or being born have (like germinating seeds) not yet fully come out from the ground below in order to to be…fully present. This is a future-oriented realm of possibilities being born into the realm of actual present experience (Kay Pacha) when there’s an interweaving, connective complementary and reciprocal relationship with a realm of already-given higher order, seed principles (Hanan Pacha). This represents the reciprocity and complementarity in Andean thinking, a universal situation by which all beings are related and are responsible for each other. In fact, it is understood that all of existence is inter subjectively related and comes to be by forming pairs generating something new.

And what about God? Shouldn’t it be starting point of any integrative cosmology? I think so, but our disagreements about “God” (and whether to call “her” so) need to be overcome. In my view, the Absolute as a positive “God” of Being and as “Sunyatta” are both compatible. In a conceptual sense there’s no-thing to say about the Absolute that can encompass it. Only our metaphors as the “infinite” and as the “eternal” (in a positive sense) or as Sunyatta (in a negative sense) relate our dualistic sense of being with the Essence of being itself (an essence of being whose negation is also a form of being).

The basic idea is that from Absolute Being derives the appearance of an “other” exterior to Absolute Being from which an illusory separation ensues and also four “dimensions” and four “quadrants,” may be compatible with most  traditional theological understandings and revelations about “God” (Allah and Adonai) within biblical religions. It may also be compatible with a general mystical, non-dual view associated with Vedanta and with similar non-dual spiritual traditions. And, even if in the Buddhism which is mostly known there’s recurrent excessive (and apparently nihilistic) emphasis upon “emptiness” (Sunyatta) as Ultimate Reality, we must recognize that in a particular Mahayana tradition called “Maha Madhyamika” or “Jonangpa” all phenomena are considered to be inherently empty of their own intrinsic being EXCEPT that ground which can itself be called emptiness. I particularly subscribe to this lesser known Buddhist “school” that accepts an essence making Buddhism more compatible with most of the rest of the world.

Would a distinction drawn within the Absolute by the Absolute (generating an illusory separation) be equivalent to a Judaeo-Christian, Jewish and Islamic understanding of “creation?” How can an illusion be equivalent to creation considered as “real?” If the illusion stems from an Absolute, from a contingent point of view its dignity as real remains. At any rate, since nothing really exists exterior to Absolute Being and everything is continuously sustained by Absolute Being creatio ex nihilo is possible. And what about the conflict between the Indian idea of an ever-existing cosmos as illusion and the Buddhist idea of an ever-existing cosmos as inherently empty and that idea about a beginning of time, form and a real cosmos? Both can refer to the same process. From a perspective “sub aeternitatis” there’s never been anything ‘outside’ of what in Truth IS and from a contingent and relative perspective there’s been a beginning “of time” which can also relate to the original metaphysical differentiation within the timeless. Thus, I think that all the major cosmologies in the “axial religions” can eventually find a common understanding.

I would say that the presence of Absolute Universal Consciousness-Being (of which our consciousnesses are one with but also are a reflection from and depend upon), a Consciousness always in Non-Duality as the sole Actuality and Reality (with a capital “R”) creates and sustains the differences between interiors and exteriors, wholeness and plurality lending its causal and actualizing experiential power in a pseudo projection as if outside of itself which we experience as material forms.

Thus, material forms arise and are given the power of pseudo existence and of affecting our relative consciousnesses and beings. That pseudo existence is about “holons,” simultaneous parts and wholes; structured-dynamic organizational entities that hold an internal contradiction and which – to preserve themselves – need to extend themselves in association with other units or under more encompassing units in order to be self-consistent. No wonder that the words “dual” and “duel” are related since living as if exterior material reality were primary would evidently generate the latter.

The Absolute Consciousness-Being is One in an utmost sense and is indivisible but -by choice – seems to require an “other” allowing a diminution of ts presence, a “space” or “gap” for contingent beings to come into relative existence and express and evolve in any of the three ensuing realms. The “other” implies a “gap” a false separation from Unity that allows for multiplicity and a false, relative, always incomplete negation of The One but which needs to be reconciled with the One by the One’s own Intelligence or Logos. The “other” is also related with the One by another reconciling entity of The One. This is Compassion or Mercy. Each quadrant – ultimately deriving from The One – also reflects this “three-in-One” dynamism: Unity as Beauty, Intelligence as Truth, Compassion as The Good…all three fundamental “Platonic” values but also revealed by different wisdom traditions in their own ways.

Within GOD, as the three main realms of creation-manifestation-existence, “Beauty” would be expressed as highest contingent “Causal-Seed” Realm of subjective-predominant or subjectively defined existence, “The Good” as the Subtle-Mental Realm of relationships and “Truth” as the Physical Realm in which our mental interpretations need to match exterior objects and their relations.

The predominant logic and causal efficacy of the first realm would be based on subjective experience. No exterior physical or mental object can explain the Interior. The predominant logic and causal efficacy of the second realm would be based on the equal complementary status of Interior subjective experience and Exterior objective things. The mind is creator of objects and object equally affect the mind. The predominant logic and causal efficacy of the Physical Realm would be based on the predominant causal status of Exterior objects with which subjectivity is forced to work.

Even if well-defined realms of ontology and experience the continuity among them would be given by the fact that they may not only interact externally to each other but also be interdependent-interconnected by complementary relations and furthermore also interpenetrate each other or be mutually immanent. The “Tajitu” or Yin/Yang (“Dark – Bright”) symbol suggests these three relation modes: Distinct separation (relating externally), complementarity (each defined in relation to its opposite) and interpenetration (each within the other or as the other).


How may the causal efficacy of subjective interiors and objective exteriors relate across the three realms? I give the following simple diagram to visualize it:


The relational causal efficacy of subjective interiors and objective exteriors across the three main realms diagram

My diagram above represents that, while the causal efficacy of interiors (individual and collective epistemological-experiential interiors) is greatest in the Causal-Seed Realm, it is weakest in the Physical-Gross Realm and this relationship is simultaneously inverted as per these realm’s objective exteriors. But in the Mental-Subtle Realm, the relationship between interiors and exteriors is equal.

Moreover, since each realm (predominantly but not exclusively) operates under a type of causality and accompanying logic and since they also interact, interconnect and interpenetrate…they may be distinct but one can affect the other maintaining both discontinuity and continuity.

The crosses (+) represent the relative causal efficacies, degrees of actuality or intensities with which Absolute Consciousness-Being imbues the relation between Interior experiences and Exterior objective manifestations. These are Potential – Actual relations in terms of the degrees of causal efficacies of Interiors and Exteriors as per each realm.

There is symmetry among the realms. The symmetry is of a pattern that can be the base for an integrative world philosophy respectable of the truths of most pre-integrative philosophies.

In the Causal-Seed and Physical realms the more of one causal efficacy corresponds to the less of the other and vice-versa. For instance, in the Causal-Seed Realm, three degrees of Interior actuality correspond to one Exterior potential degree. Also, comparatively, across realms, we can see that three degrees of actuality in the Causal-Seed realm correspond to three degrees of actuality in the Physical Realm. The Subtle-Mental Realm displays a balanced relation between Interior and Exterior causal efficacies.

Each “quadrant” represents a way ‘reality’ “presents” itself ontologically and a way of interpreting ‘reality’ epistemologically and each quadrant is also accompanied by methodologies through which to disclose ‘reality’ in conjunction to available level of consciousness (or “altitude” in Wilber’s terms).

Moreover, each “quadrant” is a form of expression and interpretation (thus simultaneously of ontology and epistemology) of developmental “lines” (or “capacities”) and also of “levels” (or stages) and also “states” and of “types” (ways of being and experiencing stably present at any state and stage).


Lines and Levels of Development corresponding to each quadratic expression

There only are 4 quadrants but each contains an indeterminate number of the other “elements.” All quadrants arise simultaneously accompanying each whole-part event or phenomenon. As the main “element” through which reality expresses inclusively and with which we may interpret reality inclusively, each “quadrant” contains the other four and (when understood as stemming from a shared origin). Also, the five “elements” (quadrants, lines, levels, states and types) are currently considered as the minimally necessary to understand “reality” and to live integrally informed and/or with an integral awareness as a co-creative participant in reality.

further distinction besides these 4 main “quadrants” (also found in Ken Wilber’s current model) are their “insides” (and corresponding “outsides”) which thus generate a more refined total of 8 expression spaces or forms under which reality manifests. So we find 8 methodological “zones” or varieties of methods by which reality can be disclosed. This would render all form of human knowledge, all of humanity’s discoveries under quadrant-specific methods compatible in a non-reductionist way simply because the quadrants are all simultaneous and equally necessary for the expression and interpretation of contingent “reality”. The methods to acquire knowledge here corresponding to each quadrant are but a few and they have been used in human life mostly in the physical realm. There might also be corresponding methods suitable for life in higher realms and “trans-realm methods” used by intelligent beings that can operate in more than one realm.

Seeing this model together and understanding that it stems from a shared, underlying pattern ultimately rooted in Absolute Non-Duality which can both be understood as Being and Consciousness (ontology and epistemology) is a key foundation to developing an Integral understanding (within the context of Integral Theory) and integrative understanding (within the context of all compatible post postmodern meta theories and pre-modern, modern and postmodern valid knowledge findings) and -by force – also becomes a preamble to any scientific and-or cultural extension or advance that can make sense of inter-realm, inter-reality (within the same Physical Realm) events, both of which can be “transdimensional” and are not currently scientifically understood under an objects-only materialist monist framework. However, we must also be careful to avoid any form of “subtle pseudo integral reductionism,” like reducing consciousness to a quantum hologram that, in itself, brings information, memory, energy and matter together within and outside spacetime. Besides the very useful basics in Wilber’s model we need to go into how realms may relate. So let’s resume where we left.

We may notice that the “insides” of each quadrant (the ‘space’ inside the circles) seem to relate more with a self-initiated, mental-like expression like “autopoiesis” even in the “objective and “inter objective” quadrants. Moreover, in the subjective and inter subjective quadrants, these “insides” refer how interior life FEELS, to the intimate experiences of the “hard problem.” According to biologist and integral philosopher Lexi Neal, the “insides” in each less inclusive realm would correspond to the “outsides” in the adjacent, more inclusive realm. I’ve also basically thought along the same lines but he has developed a unique model of his own also extending the Integral Theory/AQAL framework. The next link takes you to two of Neal’s highly original works: “The AQAL Cube” and “The AQAL Cube Integral Theory of  Meta Relativity”

Integral philosopher Oleg Linetsky is also developing a model that relates the realms through “boundaries” or basic energy tensions or anxieties that subdivide consciousness into forms of experience

Thus, a few integrative philosophers are exploring related themes that may extend Integral Theory into the importance of realms of existence, how they maintain continuity, interact, interpenetrate or, otherwise, affect each other.

In the following provisional “endo-exo, toroidal, inter-realm diagram,” I show three levels of quadrants, one for each of the main realms. They are depicted as three squares (the smaller inscribed within the middle one and the largest not inscribed). 4 quadrants per realm x three realms = 12 quadrants. It is my preliminary version showing the “insides” (endoquadratic aspects) of the quadrants in each less fundamental, less inclusive realm connecting first with the “outsides” (exoquadratic aspects) of the corresponding quadrants of the more inclusive and fundamental realm.

The diagonal lines going through these endoquadratic-exoquadratic connections from the center of the diagram tangential to the vertex of the exterior four quadrants (corresponding to the Causal-Seed Realm) also represent four tori whose circulating motion also connects the three main realms. Both the infinitely small center of all the quadrants and the ellipses representing the “mouth” of the tori are located at the intersection between existence and non-existence or, more precisely, between duality-based contingent existence and non-duality that cannot be defined by limits or spaces like the quadrants. The infinitely small center is “no-where” but also everywhere distributed in every tori and the ‘mouth’ of the tori tangential to the outer square’s perimeter would represent the point of return in their involutionary flow from non-duality outside of the quadrants or of contingent existence. The tori also represent a dynamic flow and exchange across the static quadratic structure.


Endo-exo, toroidal, inter-realm diagram 1

Although, in my view, there is interaction, interconnection and interpenetration among the realms, since modern science still depends to a large extent in discovering stable interacting patterns between ‘objects’, I will try to focus upon the plausible interactive aspect of the relationship between the Physical-Gross Realm and the Mental-Subtle Realm.

Experiencers of extraterrestrial contacts quite often report spiritual, psychic, Out-of-Body, Near-Death and-or other kinds of otherworldly (often deemed “paranormal” or perhaps “supernormal” events). An integral scientific ufology approximately understandable for some avant garde scientists today would have to entertain a shared mechanism for these events.

What is the relationship between alleged “inter reality” extraterrestrial contact and other forms of “otherworldly” contacts, particularly contacts with “the departed?” Quite often, the “high strangeness” associated with some intense and/or close-vicinity UFO experiences resemble events pertaining to otherworldly “ghost encounters.” This is why the latter might also give us some clues as to any similar mechanisms involved.

According to ghost researcher and electronic engineer David M. Roundtree “paranormal activity” is accompanied by dramatic increments in negative air ions, an increase in static electricity over previous baseline readings, an increase of alpha, beta and gamma radiation bursts during and after events, magnetism, greater air conductivity and electromagnetism (particularly in the low frequency range) and occasional drops in relative humidity. These and similar effects are also mentioned by other researchers into the ghost research field.

Allegedly, variations in air conductivity can also be used to predict the outbreak of an event. I suppose there may also be shifts in the permitivity and permeability of space along with changes in the refractive index and, accompanying this, there might even be shifts in the vacuum energy density associated with a different level of production of virtual particles and virtual anti particles.

Dramatic temperature fluctuations (typically getting colder but sometimes warmer) have also been detected by several researchers and experiencers of hauntings-related events along with what Roundtree measured as temporal and gravitational fluctuations. Frequently, field work ghost researchers have reported that the dramatic temperature drop (sometimes of 15 degrees or more) isn’t just environmental but seems to instantly affect or be felt inside the human body. There also are occasional formations of visible mist or a form of mist seems to anomalously appear in photographs. I think that some or all of these effects may also present in interactive ET technology (in some cases probably beginning with “Close Encounters of the First Kind” of at least 500 feet or less generating anomalous physical and psychological inter-reality contact effects and becoming more pronounced during “Close Encounters of the Second Kind” that leave physical traces.

The term “dimensions” perhaps should technically refer to fundamental parameters of a medium that constrain and offer possibilities or “degrees of freedom” to the material expression of physical reality or realities. Non-physical realities would also have their own unique kinds of “dimensions” constraining and allowing for degrees of freedom as per their objects in relation to subjective interiority.

Although it represents a confusion, for clarity’s sake, I will also use the term “dimension” to specifically mean “realities.” Colloquially, we also normally speak of “interdimensional” events (or contacts, or experiences, or technology) when referring to “inter-reality” events. However, if we think about “dimensions” as the essential parameters previously referred to, perhaps the concept of the “transdimensional” (linking a particular physical realm universe with the Mental-Subtle Realm possessing non-spatial ‘dimensions’) could be more accurate if physical realities and their structuring ‘dimensions’ in the Physical Realm share an underlying origin and pattern.

“Connecting with” or, rather, shifting the normal degree of connectivity with that “Mental-Subtle Realm” may be the key to generating “anomalous macro physical states” and/or “inter-reality events” in which classical physical features become less limiting. “Transdimensional” refers to inter-reality events that share underlying principles and patterns as, for instance, temporary interactive contacts between somewhat different physical universesemerging from an underlying Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm. “Transdimensional” can also refer to physical-non-physical (or Physical Realm – Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm interactive contacts that may occur when physicality is at least partially (and “temporarily”) dissolved into its constituent higher Subtle-Mental (astral) realm patterns. What “contact fields” may create this?

If increased interactions between the Physical-Gross and the Mental-Subtle (non-physical) realms are naturally possible, we may also find ways of producing engineerable space-time distortions, manufactured and less restrictive, less ‘dense’ physical environments where localized macroscopic quantum effects like apports, anomalous kinetic effects and partial materializations or even ways for physical objects to go through solid walls are easier or more probable. Some varieties of extraterrestrial beings may live in some of these less dense physical systems (less restrictive physical universes) and transdimensionally use a higher, metaphysically prior (and subjacent) non-physical realm to change their density, corresponding Planck’s Contant, time frame, frequency frame and rate, aligning their probable quantum states, entropy, negentropy and overall energy states with ours in order to ‘come in’ and to operate in our physical reality sublevel. They may also use this to temporarily take us into their “other physical” reality.

Perhaps when the symmetry of the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm is ‘broken’, time and anti-time waves are generated as segments of possible experiences (unified in the Subtle-Mental astral Realm). These incomplete segments of possible experiences would propagate in both time directions meeting and agreeing with each other when particular occasions occur in the Physical Realm experience of holons. Out of many possible experiences, the probability allowed causal and retrocausal divided ontological-objective and epistemological-subjective Subtle-Mental Realm possibilities would coincide during a physical event and experience. At the unobserved quantum level, retrocausal waves would mostly remain as aspects of the “probability package” perhaps because the generation of our macroscopic, inertia-dominant reality requires the hiding or trapping of most of the negentropic energy of anti-time as physical mass. However, this negentropic energy would play the role of complementary potential scalar waves that can be “liberated” from time-space and used in a vectorized state when related to our space-time.

Once again, the “mechanism” (a classical, non-classical and trans-classical mechanism rooted in integrated physical, metaphysical and spiritual principles) may depend on temporarily increasing the degree of interaction between the physical world we are familiar with and a more inclusive and metaphysically prior Subtle-Mental (astral) realm which provides its possibility of existence, its specific actualizable probabilities (of form, function and of information and meaning within a subject-object duality). The strengthening of this interaction would produce a local and temporary, intermediate, semi physical (or less physical) state at least partly connected through entropy debt with our ordinary physical space-time. In it, classical physical aspects would diminish and the non-classical aspects normally associated with a micro-scale quantum mechanical world would increase allowing more macro scale events proper to the Mental-Subtle Realm (exterior, objective events more responsive to interior, subjective and inter subjective causal influences).

“Entropy” as physically active information patterns in classical physical exteriors enters a relative ‘potential’ state (retreating to its quadratic autopoietic inside) and simultaneously becomes ‘actual’ and (through a transduction process that involves spacetime cancelation through “etheric” retrocausality) becomes available in the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm, acquiring a space-less/timeless pattern. When the actual kinetic physical patterns are restored they include a modification in which information from the Subtle-Mental (astral) realm has been introduced. That information can generate physical effects through the now more specifically organized restored kinetic patterns when physical informatin becomes more available and physical entropy has been “repaid.” 

We know that we can affect how the quantum world ‘evolves’ by gaining information from our macro scale spacetime perspective. This may indicate that a pre-physical probabilistic but simultaneously objective state existing between the classical Physical-Gross and the Mental-Subtle Realms is affected by information existing in the latter of those realms even if experienced as part of our macro physical system. If we make short measurements and – from our macroscopic spacetime perspective don’t give the probability of some quantum events enough time to occur or evolve we can freeze quantum states as in the Zeno Effect described in the article “Quantum Control by Imaging: The Zeno effect in an ultracold lattice gas” by Patil, Chakram and Vengalatore.

Each time we gain information using a short laser pulse is as if the world of quantum probabilities has to start to evolve all over and is not allowed enough time to produce a quantum tunneling event. The quantum event remains frozen in a potential state with respect to us.

Small-scale paranormal events after which normalcy is restored may be akin to what weak measurements experiments can produce. In them spatial position and time-related momentum aspects of the quantum world can be approximately observed simultaneously. Anomalous interactions between ontologically distinct realms may also temporarily allow space-time effects.

Just as the three realms are known in Vedic philosophy, the existence of 3 main qualities in nature is particularly detailed in one of them, Samkhya. The “gunas” (qualities or tendencies) are postulated. The pure or Sattvic Guna may be represented by the Causal or Seed Realm; the active or Rajasic Guna by the Mental-Subtle Realm and the inertial or Tamasic Guna by the Physical-Gross Realm. While each of the three main realms can be considered as primarily embodying a particular “Guna,” every living being, substance, system and process may be marked by the predominance of one of these interdependent and interpenetrating gunas, thus I think that the interaction between two realms may also be represented by them. Focusing only upon the interaction between the Mental-Subtle Realm and the Physical-Gross Realm, I would consider the first as “Rajasic” or active and the latter as “Tamasic” or inertial and resisting activity.

However, there would be a permanent, balanced in- between state in which forces are not immediately detectable. It would be the intermediate “etheric” state, a type of pranic condition needed to vivify and to transmit sensation from physicality to consciousness-as-mind and from consciousness-as-mind to physicality. This in-between state would be so balanced as to seem “virtually” undetectable (as the quantum vacuum) from our coarser, classical perspective. It would hold a state of Sattvic balance between complementary aspects such as Space-Time complemented by the frequency domain referred to by Dr. William A. Tiller as a Conjugate Reciprocal Space. This idea is compatible with the Quantum Hologram Model where frequencies are the counterparts of coarse (spacetime) physical objects and may also be compatible with  idea of a reciprocal “Time-Space,” perhaps with Dewey Larson’s model and with other approximations. Dewey Larson’s writings are available at:

The syntropic aspect allowed by quantum-relativistic physics (but often offhandedly neglected due to prejudice) would correspond to the yogic “pranamaya kosha” in relation to Man’s corresponding bodies (and koshas) and it is considered as a vitalizing energy sheath complementary to the food sheath (the gross physical biological body). It would act as a transducer of potentials located in the higher Mental Subtle Realm and its corresponding body (the Linga Sharira). It would also allow a greater degree of syntropic self-organization in coarse physical matter.

Quantum mechanics admits the possibility of negative energy states, of anti-particles, of virtual particles and anti-particles, of a possible “frequency domain” accompanying space-time objects and of retrocausal influences, the latter especially in the Klein-Gordon quantum relativistic equations. All of these possibilities allowed by quantum mechanics broadly coincide with the ancient concept of an in-between (in my mind also a conversion reality) state in-between the Mental-Subtle Realm and the Physical-Subtle Realm. A great review on retrocausal physics ideas can be fond in Antonella Vannini’s thesis work at  and also in Ulisse Di Corpo’s work It builds upon the quantum-relativistic Klein-Gordon equation as a perfectly legitimate solution (albeit deceptively counter intuitively) that realistically brings together quantum mechanics and relativity.

Perhaps the Peltier Effect can also help us illustrate some ideas pertaining to two-way inter-realm causes and effects. Heat transfers in the direction of the charge carriers and the effect can be cooling or heating of the surrounding environment at the junctures between different conductors.

If I understand it well, electrical current flowing from an iron conductor into a copper conductor (from less conductivity and more resistivity into more conductivity and less resistivity) “evolves” or emits thermal energy at the junction, also heating up the immediate environment surrounding that junction between these materials. Then, when the current leaves the copper conductor and flows back into the iron conductor (from more conductivity and less resistivity into less conductivity and more resistivity), this other junction cools down and with it also the immediate surrounding environment. If I’m not mistaken, in the former case, electrical energy would be lost as heat into the environment (increasing its entropy) and in the latter case electrical energy would be gained or absorbed from the environment (reducing its entropy).

If I’m not mistaken, in the Peltier Effect, when electrons in a higher kinetic state passing through a “less dense,” less restricting conductor (like copper) connect with another “denser” conductor offering greater resistance (like iron), their kinetic state would diminish and cool down the juncture. Then again, we could perhaps say that, when electric current connects from a “denser,” more resistive medium (iron) into a “less dense,” less resistive medium (copper), it heats up by transferring kinetic energy into this juncture. Entropy-wise could we perhaps adequately compare the relation between the physical realm and the discarnate’s spirit realm with the relation between the “denser” and “less dense” wires in the Peltier electric circuit?

The role of entropy (also linked to available information) would be crucial to tap into a causal and retrocausal interplay which also perhaps connects physicality with the discarnate spirit’s realm. Perhaps – when entropy decreases in the physical realm – physical kinetic energy states are transduced into useful organizing states in the discarnate’s spirit realm. Perhaps when entropy decreases as temperature drops and kinetic agitation decreases available information states can be transduced through retrocausal cancelation into a Subtle Realm state capable of acquiring information patterns from that realm. Then, when physical entropy returns to normal it also brings with it information patterns capable of creating physical effects.

I’d say that when temperature decreases in these processes, the potential energy increases. In other words, kinetic energy decreases, potential energy increases and temperature drops at the surrounding environment feeding energy back into the system with an interaction at the juncture. At the other juncture in the circuit kinetic energy is restored back and the overall entropy equilibrium is almost maintained within the circuit’s system (there are net losses to entropy in our perceived entropy-dominated universe because both conductors also heat up through Joule’s heating). While there’s an overall increase of entropy due to Joule’s heating, also around the juncture where the environment is cooled, that environment’s S (entropy) diminishes. More order and decipherable information patterns are established at the microscopic scale.

Measuring any anomalous drop or increase in temperature previous, during and after the photon detector trials (or other types of trials regarding experimental interactions with the discarnate spirit’s realm) may give us a measure of kinetic energy states converted into potential energy states within the physical realm while the kinetic states aspect may be transduced (and trans-ontologically transferred) into the discarnate’s spirit realm through a (usually non-consciously perceived) intermediate, retrocausal quantum link (allowed by positive and negative, dual solution, quantum relativistic equations incorporating special relativity and momentum).

The kinetic activity transferred to the discarnate’s spiritual realm would be later on released into the physical realm reconverting a temporarily created potential state back into its original kinetic state while simultaneously generating detectable (quantum collapse) physical effects. The need to reestablish the original entropy balance that was disturbed in the physical realm would force this return to normalcy. There might also be a variable conversion factor (similar to what the uncertainty principle is for quantum mechanics) that allows temporary reconfigurations or interactions of this sort between the physical and the non-physical discarnate entities’ realm.

That retrocausal link (perhaps also constitutive of what has elsewhere been called an “etheric” bridge between the physical realm and the discarnate entities “astral” spiritual realm) would change the effects of the kinetic force from being primarily entropy-increasing in the physical realm to being ‘momentarily’ (transtemporarily) re-organizing and useful to manifest patterns in the discarnate spirit’s realm own kind of exterior mental “substance.” The retrocausal link might turn potential states from one realm into actual and kinetic states in the other and vice versa. Any degree of inter-realm conversion might create an intermediate state and substance which corresponds to what some theosophists and spiritists call an “etheric” link between the physical and “astral” worlds.

According to Dr. Ulisse di Corpo the retrocausality implied in unnecessarily rejected dual quantum-relativistic solutions may also serve to retrocausally (and syntropically) connect physical space-time existence with future quantum wave possibilities. Besides that – in my view – the retrocausal quantum waves might cancel out time-forward, causal, particulate, past-centered, “actual” physical experience, matter and entropy and -in the natural bridge formed – “transduce” and-or transfer potential and actual physical states into their corresponding opposite states in the null space and null time proper of the discarnate’s spiritual realm.

The degree of cancellation between the time-forward and time-backward causal influences may correspond to a greater or lesser degree of superposition of physical space-time and the discarnate’s more inclusive, non-physical, null space-null time realm. If these superpositions can stabilize, they may generate different physical universes which may be more or less closer in nature to the essential characteristics of the discarnate’s, non-physical realm. In other words, some physical universes (all still ruled by the constraints of space-time and a dominant resistance of exterior matter to change at the macro level in order to accommodate to subjective experiences) may be “subtler” or “denser” so to speak. Some of these physical universes, with their own combinations of “constants” and other parameters such as entropy, inertia, and ‘initia’ (which could relate with the degree of quantum uncertainty and the associated capacity of consciousness to actualize potentials), might be the alternative “membranes” (or simply “branes”) floating in a higher dimensional space being considered along with theoretical developments in M Theory and cosmology.

Promoting the cancellation between the causal & retrocausal influences might be a way to infold our particularly (programmed?) physical space-time back into the realm of greater possibilities from which it sprung or unfolded. if we knew what promotes an easier interaction with the discarnate spirits’ realm we would also probably learn to manipulate space-time without the need for extreme high energy physics. We might also be able to modify or reprogram the rate of time inasmuch as time can be considered as the numerical order of change (rate of events?) allowed per unit of space (read physicists Davide Fiscaletti and Amrit Sorli‘s works): A basic link is here:

While causal solutions recognized in physics have been easy to intuitively accept as we consciously experience a time-foreward causality with an overall entropy increase and loss of useful information even if there are “islands” of greater organization, that include places like Planet Earth and living systems. However, backward-in-time, causally effective solutions appearing in the Klein-Gordon equations could also be non-trivial from a physical point of view. As Ulisse di Corpo explains, they may be experienced as probability waves which also are completely necessary for us to experience particulate matter in a linear and entropy-increasing sense. we need to outgrow our clasical, modern, biased resistance to the physics of the Kosmos. Presentiment experiments seem to demonstrate their reality and they seem to be necessary for the success of self-organizing, living entities embedded in physicality. Dr. Ulisse di Corpo and Dr. Antonella Vannini have written several articles and books on the subject from a scientific and from an experimental perspective.

That retrocausality with which we might normally interact in a subconscious manner (please review experiments by Dean Radin, Dick Bierman, Daryl Bem and others) may establish a quantum-level link that mediates between ontologically potential energy states of a distinct realm (in which space and time  are essentially superseded by an instant, information inclusive type of subjectivity-actualizing substance). The retrocausal influence normally related with future potentials would also naturally relate with the subtle (discarnate spirit realm) potentials that allow our physical world to manifest concrete expressions.

The causal influence we sequentially experience normally relates with already-established actualizations or concrete events and particles. In other words, the (normally non-consciously perceived) quantum relativistic aspect might serve to turn what (from a physical perspective) are subtle level potentials into actualities in our physical world. It would perhaps serve to change physical kinetic states into potential states in the physical realm and to convert those physical potential states into useful kinetic states in the discarnate spirits’ subtle realm. No actual energy would be lost and-or transferred, only the actual and potential (and-or kinetic and potential) organizational STATES between the realms.

The temporary, anomalous borrowing of kinetic energy from the physical realm (and shift in entropy) might be allowed by a “conversion factor” between realms, perhaps akin to how the Heisenberg uncertainty permits a brief creation of virtual particles  (a short term borrowing of energy) before quickly disappearing back into the zero-point, balancing out to maintain original baseline, average energy levels. A greater degree of uncertainty along with a greater quantity of virtual particle ‘creation’ may temporarily take place in environments where ghosts manifest and where extraterrestrials are artificially modifying spacetime. Perhaps finding ways to enhance virtual particle production may in itself generate greater connectivity and interactivity with the Mental-Subtle Realm.

The “conversion factor” of interaction between the discarnate spirit’s realm and the physical realm (our particular space-time physical sub realm) may be relatively stable but partially modifiable and depend on a difference between the rate of how consciousness instantaneously collapses a wave of probabilities restricted to conform to our coherent space-time physical world (probabilities also restricted by the need to maintain classical causal coherence on the aggregate) and how consciousness instantaneously ‘collapses’ broader experiential possibilities in the discarnate spirit’s realm, itself organized under a different principle and a greater degree of freedom, one in which exterior mental objects co-causally arise with interior, subjective experiences. In other words, in that realm, subjectivity would generate objects as much as objects would generate subjective responses on a co-equal basis. Perhaps in that more inclusive discarnate spirit’s realm containing all physical expression possibilities, the principle of initia is essentially co-equal with that of inertia.

While in the Physical Realm (and, to various degrees, its sub realms) the principle of inertia (exterior’s resistance to change) predominates over consciousness collapsing/actualizing possibilities under a specific, restricted range of probabilities and, while in the ‘excarnate’ spirit’s realm (also, experientially, to various degrees according to its sub realms) the principle of inertia is essentially co-equal with consciousness collapsing/actualizing possibilities, in an even more inclusive “higher” realm of first principles and “seeds” (the causal realm in theosophy) the principle of inertia would be completely secondary and dependent on the principle of initia and on consciousness actualizing and collapsing possibilities. That’s why its exteriors would be emptiest of the illusion of independent existence and most inclusive of all that can be manifested. However, that’s a discussion for another – more metaphysical but scientifically relevant – article or essay.

Dr. Gary Schwartz, PhD has experimentally demonstrated an increase of photons in an isolated dark container after asking a discarnate spirit to will that effect. There’s a  scientific article and a video about this this. The article is available at:

Spirit collaboratively going into a black box environment and a sensitive photon detector detected a greater amount of photons: The video link is:  This may show that the spirit’s mind and kinds of energies he or she is able to utilize may interact with the quantum vacuum and produce real photons. May he or she also be able to modify the amount of virtual photons? Does the spirit’s will and energy body change allowed quantum probabilities? And how/under what mechanism may it do that?

Might the “anomalous” production of photons (out of the zero-point vacuum?) in Dr. Schwartz’s experiments also be anteceded by a change of ambient temperature as has been the case in other research regarding discarnate spirit’s manifestations? I don’t know but the latter effect has been detected and recorded by several ghost research teams and experiencers of otherworldly apparitions. This is a PHYSICAL interaction effect that requires attention as it may also be giving us an important clue.

It would be useful to try to measure any anomalous drop or increase in temperature previous, during and after the trials to obtain a measure of kinetic energy temporarily converted into potential energy while that kinetic activity aspect is perhaps transduced. We could also say that it is “trans-ontologically” transferred into the discarnate spirit realm’s unique type of material exteriors. Inasmuch as realms are in a potential state in relation to each other, they can be said to be in different ontological status. However there should also be interconnectivity and interaction or exchange. The exteriors in the discarnate’s spirit realm would instantly respond to the discarnate spirit’s intention and its acquired-transduced patterns (now resonant with the physical realm) would be subsequently released back into the physical realm under the partial control of the discarnate entity’s intention, generating physical effects by taking advantage of the need to re-establish the original entropy.

An anomalous increase in temperature might be related (or not) to a simple restoration of the “sequestered” kinetic energy state without using that state to generate a specific movement, opacity, sound, or even production of photons out of the zero point energy field.

The temporary, ‘anomalous’ borrowing of kinetic energy from the physical realm and shift in entropy transferring kinetic activity to the discarnate spirit’s realm might be allowed by a “conversion factor” akin to how the Heisenberg uncertainty allows a brief creation of virtual particles before returning the energies to the vacuum to maintain the original energy levels. This conversion factor of interaction between the discarnate’s realm and the physical realm may be variable and depend on the distinction between the rate of how consciousness instantaneously collapses a wave of restricted probabilities of experience in the physical world (restricted by the need to maintain classical causal coherence) and how consciousness instantaneously ‘collapses’ greater possibilities of experience in the discarnate spirit realm, itself organized with a greater degree of freedom and in which exterior mental objects are equally co-causal with interior, subjective experiences.

Physicist (and retired Lt. Col) Thomas E. Bearden substantiates the concept that an energy flux circulating from a conventional coarse level dipole to and from the vacuum’s active virtual state and its associated deeper time (frequency) domain is quite possible and engineerable. Access to the vacuum energy would be like an open system access to a greater whole in which it is situated. If I’m not mistaken, Bearden also posits that physical energy itself originates in a higher symmetry information level. Perhaps his “time domain” may include a time forward and time backward information level inextricably accompanying the zero-point virtual particles and virtual anti-particles continuously popping in and out of existence out of a higher realm of possibilities.

In terms of “holons” within Integral Theory/AQAL, the active particulate vacuum and its complementary information time domain would correspond to the parts/whole, “both-and” duality. According to Bearden, usable physical energy would be an ordering imposed upon the virtual particle flux and I would add that it may be an ordering imposed as a decohering actualization by a lower symmetry level system made by (time-wise) out of phase, “either-or” positive and negative poles.  Unlike the simultaneity of virtual particles and causal-retrocausal information influences, the lower symmetry level poles (or charges) imposing the ordering would not correspond with the previous higher symmetry simultaneity of time frequencies.


In William Tiller’s “Higher Dimensional Framework” Model in a “conditioned space” the connectivity between the physical background level of reality and the quantum vacuum increases. The symmetry state between them increases and the gauge state as a higher thermodynamically-free state increases. Tiller expects that in this higher degree of access to the physics of the vacuum magnetic monopoles may be detected. I believe that Tiller mentions that magnetic monopoles and “other” unknown particles in the Reciprocal Space (“magneto-electric” instead of electromagnetic) substance are affected by “deltrons” which would exist in a higher 9D dimensional structure which I’ve been calling the “Mental-Subtle”.

I suppose that more virtual particles would also be generated and, according to my friend and mathematician Enrique Álvarez Vita, the shielding produced by virtual anti particles at a certain size or scale may cancel gravitational forces, thus a greater natural or artificial production of them may also have space-time distortion effects. In my view, the greater the influence of Mental-Subtle Realm, the greater the degree of uncertainty (h.), the more Tiller’s “Direct Space” (or space-time) couples or interacts with “Reciprocal Space” and the less “classical” or “physical” regions of the Physical Realm get.  William Tiller’s ideas on physics are available at

I think that Tiller’s nodal lattice points in the space-time vacuum are reciprocal to the “etheric” time-space frequency domain. The “conversions” from the Causal-Seed Realm to the Mental-Subtle Realm to the Etheric and to Physical-Gross lattices would be due to a series of corresponding reciprocal relations at nodal points.

In Tiller’s Model the nodal grid network has hexagonal nodes. May this coincide with Nassim Haramein’s “Vector Equilibrium” and tori connecting with deeper fractal levels?

In my view, the greater the coupled state/gauge symmetry, the more retrocausality embedded in time-space is capable of canceling causality and this produces a greater degree of interphase with mind and observation, including the greater the capacity of actualizing a greater number of quantum possibilities. Also, more thermodynamically free energy becomes available and (if Eric Julien’s concepts about “chronons” as key to understanding extraterrestrial physics is correct), a greater number of chronons (actualizing event units) from a smaller spatial fractal level would become available in conjunction with the normal chronon levels found in our space-time.  According to Julien there’s an inverse relation between chronon density and space volume but I think that space would become less physically restrictive, with greater permittivity and permeability, greater uncertainty in the “Uncertainty Principle,” greater spontaneous generation of virtual particles, less inertia, more effective retrocausality and a faster speed of light limit.

The “Quantum Hologram” would apply to all physical levels from which extraterrestrials allegedly ‘come from’ or materialize into our specific reality system. In relation to the Quantum Hologram understood as Fourier Transform frequencies, perhaps the second as a stable unit would be challenged. Find out more about Eric Julien’s information at

We can also assume that the degree of coherent interphase with the “frequency domain” of the quantum hologram increases. Therefore, “phase-adaptive-resonance” would be able to decode more aspects of the quantum hologram information content in which all past-present and future possibilities would be available and since there’s an increased level of uncertainty h it would be possible to materialize objects not limited to the normal background space-time, low symmetry (uncoupled) state.

The availability of PCAR (phase conjugate adaptive resonant) frequencies would increase so that they would reveal more objective and energetic aspects of the overall Physical-Gross Realm. Extraterrestrial beings ‘coming in’ from a subtler physical universe (also generated by a greater degree of stable coherence with the Mental-Subtle Realm) would be able to interphase and interact with ‘ours’.

Perhaps in a state of higher symmetry between D space time and R time space, the spontaneous generation of virtual anti-particles would also be more easily decoupled from virtual particles and thus be separately concentrated to produce negative space-time curves as my mathematician friend Enrique Álvarez Vita suggests. I would like to know if Fourier-represented frequencies as waves of probabilities in phase space can also represent negative energy informational states which might also exist when D space time and R time space become more symmetric.

I think that a greater connection between regular space and the alleged complementary one (allowed by QM specially in some quantum-relativistic solutions) creates a “holographic decoder” located between the physical realm and the non-physical, “Subtle” Realm. I think I agree with Mitchell, Schempp and Mercer that the decoder may also be part of the quantum brain – classic brain system. Because the D and R “spaces” are reciprocal and complementary to each other, when they combine and become unified on a higher level, they cancel out and return to their higher, more inclusive source in the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm transcending space and time. It is as when physicist-philosopher Basarab Nicolescu mentions a higher ontological realm which acts as an “included middle” term “T” reconciling opposites from a lower ontological level.

Energy is not lost and only what was actual kinetic energy becomes potential in a physical sense. In the process it is also transduced  by the physical etheric-akashic field’s negentropy and cancellation process into a useful form in the Mental Subtle Realm where it may acquire information patterns that will produce physical effects when the potential state returns to its original actual kinetic state.

(Once again): “Entropy” as physically active information patterns in classical physical exteriors enters a relative ‘potential’ state (retreating to its quadratic autopoietic inside) and simultaneously becomes ‘actual’ and (through a transduction process that involves spacetime cancelation through “etheric” retrocausality) becomes available in the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm, acquiring a space-less/timeless pattern. When the actual kinetic physical patterns are restored they include a modification in which information from the Subtle-Mental (astral) realm has been introduced. That information can generate physical effects through the now more specifically organized restored kinetic patterns when physical informatin becomes more available and physical entropy has been “repaid.” 

That part of the Physical Realm that -through this cancellation- has “temporarily” returned to the Subtle-Mental Realm (from which it originally diverged out of its state as a metaphysically meaningful, higher form of symmetry) retains the information patterns (in a non-local way) that correspond to its previous physical state and can (also perhaps non-locally and globally) re-couple with physical kinetic state patterns that still remain in their original non-transdimensionally affected form.

The idea also is that information patterns in the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm are more fundamental and pre-physical. Now, as they are once again part of the Subtle Realm (without the restrictions of space and time), they are also able to receive and (upon returning to a kinetic physical state) re-transmit Subtle-Mental Realm, information patterns creating ‘anomalous’ physical effects back in the Physical Realm.

Perhaps when a ghost (a semi-conscious, confused or overly attached discarnate individual) is about to create a physical effect from a Subtle realm level closest to the Physical, he-she wills to do something (which as Professor William A. Tiller might say, brings together a greater degree of physical symmetry between the ordinary and complementary physical spaces) diminishes kinetic energy in the “haunted” physical environment, This is often experienced and detected as an actual drop in temperature and as a coldness deeply felt by people in their own bodies as well). Then the ghost or discarnate is automatically able to transduce this kind of energy into his (mind-responding) “astral” or subtle vehicle through the complementary, negentropic physical space which -in the entropic physical space- temporarily converted it into a potential form of energy that can be released.

The same quantity of energy would remain in the Physical Realm and only its pattern be rearranged by being transferred into a potential state and therefore energy conservation would not be violated. Only the previous vaguely organized kinetic or action/actualizing energy patterns (now in a potential state in the Physical Realm) would become amenable to subtle, volition-responding, information structuring from a being operating with a Subtle Realm vehicle through Subtle Realm laws. The once physically active kinetic patterns now in a potential state would become holographically – but also transdimensionally – synchronized via retrocausal influence with subjectivity-responding Subtle Realm patterns.

If the entity moves an object, becomes opaque to light or impresses on an electronic instrument some electromagnetic changes he-she discharges the physical pattern of kinetic energy temporarily held in a potential state in his Subtle Realm vehicle. If he-she doesn’t actively and willingly discharge this energy pattern, the entropic tendency in ordinary physical space will force a discharge to naturally take place (and the kinetic energy state to be returned) for instance in the form of heat or of a focalized “heat spot” or higher energy anomalous spike (also detected by ghost ‘hunters’ or survival researchers during their physical and electronic investigations).

As previously said, energy is not lost. Only a temporary shift between kinetic and potential energy takes place. There’s transduction via the retrocausal aspect of the quantum world (which at least also includes the time-space holographic frequency aspect along with the virtual particulate aspect). While in the physical world energy becomes temporarily potential it is transduced into a Subtle-Mental (astral) useful form that – in that level – can be imprinted by subjectivity, intention or will. New information patterns are acquired in the Mental-Subtle (astral) Realm and the original physical kinetic-potential balance affected by the larger surrounding physical system outside of the “anomalous local region” or “bubble” is restored and the modified, kinetically active energy patterns reconnect or re-couple with the remaining classical spacetime energy patterns. As kinetic patterns re-establish themselves in the classic physical world they may do so modified by new information patterns capable of using that kinetic energy and producing “paranormal” and physically detectable “anomalous” effects.

The cooling down effect experienced in some of these interactions in direct space time would represent a decrease in kinetic energy and entropy. Accompanying this, there would be an increase of potential energy or perhaps a greater degree of potential energy stored as greater thermodynamically free energy (in direct space-time) would be transduced through reciprocal time-space and/or ‘hidden’ through quantum retrocausal influence into a “format” which may be useful in the Mental-Subtle Realm after causal space-time is canceled with that retrocausality available in time-space. As previously said, this retrocausality is normally internally available in the microscopic quantum world but when it cancels out regular time-forward causality physicality reverts to null space and null time. A part of the Physical-Gross Realm reverts to the Mental Subtle Realm creating an entropic debt that has to be returned and also a form of usable non-space and non-time energy usable in the Mental-Subtle Realm.

Information itself in the higher symmetry of the Mental-Subtle Realm would be the origin of physical energy before splitting into (remember the quadrants of Integral Theory) an exterior objective space-time and an interior subjective time-space which normally remains hidden in the Physical-Gross Realm but allowed in the quantum world. Its higher symmetry causal laws operate under the simultaneity of subjective interiors and objective exteriors.

Dr. Robert Koontz, PhD mentions in his web page magnetic field cancellation producing “scalar waves.”

In my understanding scalar waves are real but in another complementary level of physical reality which generates entropy or negentropy according to the way its frequency vortices gyrate. The quantum wave function can be relativistically interpreted to allow such an associated level in which time-reversal is possible. However in our ordinary, specifically symmetrically divided experience under a greater degree of duality, it seems that the negentropic aspect is mostly expressed in the reciprocal space and the entropic aspect is expressed in the space of our ordinary conscious experience.

Magnetic vortices correlates in reciprocal space may generate the way causal time is expressed.   Since the curl of the magnetic field might represent such a vortex in reciprocal, frequency space, cancelling the magnetic curl would create a null time and null space region akin to the so-called Mental-Subtle Realm (and/or “astral world”) in which exteriors as possibilities of experience are said (according to multiple mediumnistic descriptions, near-death experiencers, out of body projectors and instrumental transcommunications) to instantly respond to subjective causes…if that’s the experience required in a particular level of consciousness. In other worlds, exteriors essentially conform to subjective requirements and the experience of separation in time or space is relative to the need of the experiencer.

Nonetheless, after cancellation, a specific pattern would remain in contact with the specific coherent physical universe frequency-system from whence it came. If perhaps we could cancel the magnetic field curl, creating this region of time-zero/space zero we would be able to operate under a higher metaphysical symmetry and still interact with that which remains as part of ordinary physical space. If to this magnetic cancellation we were to add a strong divergence between + and – poles in a dielectric (as Dr. T.T. Brown used to do in his electro kinetic apparatus), we might also potentiate or achieve a much stronger electrogravitic effect. All of this may be related to the same basic ideas exposed here.

The degree of coherence between D space-time and R time-space would determine both what a discarnate ghost may temporarily do and how extraterrestrials living in a less restricted but stable physical universe reality (a subset of the Physical Realm just as our known physical universe is) may temporarily alter our physical conditions under specific information patterns or regulations (also geometric) corresponding with their particular physical universe reality. They would use the non-physical to reprogram or temporarily alter regions of our physical universe creating ‘anomalous’ physical effects basically as some discarnate spirits do.

Having Near Death Experiences may also “open portals” to the Mental-Subtle Realm basically also by increasing the degree of coherence between D space-time and R time-space perhaps in the brain holographic decoder and-or in the nearby physical environment also allowing for memory transfers or imprinting of the “spaceless-timeless” (or rather, space and time adaptable Mental-Subtle exterior environment) experience. Some extraterrestrials may perhaps live in physical realms with greater permanent degrees of “D and R” coherence, including with more chronon density (more events and information processing available) and in which spatial factors are less restrictive and where the possibility of actualizing events through consciousness is greater.

In relation to ghosts and conscious, self-aware hauntings, after an environment cools down due to a decrease of kinetic energy, interactions with the larger environment probably end up restoring it to its original state but this kinetic energy (temporarily becoming more potential) is transduced/transferred in usable form to the null-space- null-time of the Mental-Subtle Realm and may return to its original state after being restructured by the mind of a conscious being located in the Mental-Subtle Realm. If the original kinetic energy state does not return by producing a specific “paranormal” effect (such as the discarnate entity becoming opaque and visible, or partially material or if he/she doesn’t produce an anomalous movement or sound, the original kinetic state may spontaneously return to the general environment by producing molecules to become more agitated and heat without any specific structuring.

As kinetic energy states are restored, free thermodynamic energy would diminish and the local symmetry between D space-time and R time-space would decrease. Useful free information (including potentially new information in the Mental-Subtle Realm) would be decoupled from D space-time when its degree of symmetry with R time-space decreases. Also, the variety of holographic frequencies which can be decoded through PCAR (phase conjugate adaptive resonance) would decrease not allowing an enhanced interaction of our physical reality with other physical realities.

Historical information causally crystallized as structural patterns would remain (perhaps slightly modified) but return to its less retrocausally available or systemically open patterns (and through it closed to new possible Mental-Subtle) open patterns. Thus active information from the Mental-Subtle Realm transduced into the Physical-Gross Realm but which doesn’t normally correspond to the Physical-Gross Realm regular symmetry state would become inactive.

Previously described effects such as gamma ray bursts, air ionization and static electricity may also be ways in which the kinetic energy is restored while the locally modified environment returns to its original state(s).

I wonder if Kaluza Klein particles and micro black holes would also manifest as local physical reality would slightly shift towards what can be understood as a higher dimensional 5D ‘spatial’ frame and as explained in my essay “A Worthy Attempt to Solve the Enigma of Extraterrestrial UFO Propulsion”


Why is the disc shaped so prevalent in depictions of genuine UFOs? Several possible reasons: 1) A natural, equal omnidirectional distribution of charges along the surface of a capacitor, charges which can be specifically concentrated, allegedly generating electrogravitic impulse in the direction of the positive charges. 2) A shape that allows for the containment of rotating and counter-rotating plasma and/or other fields which may fractally reverberate in a coherent way (like in a single quantum state) in opposition to gravity’s natural frequency so as to cancel it. 3) The possibility of that shape serving as the structure for a compact particle accelerator capable of producing Kaluza-Klein gravitons out of the 5D (spatial) “bulge” (according to RS1 “Warped Geometry Theory”) accompanied by micro black holes that might cancel ordinary lower energy gravitons. 4).

Could it be that what may be called a “lesser physical density and/or a “higher vibrational physical reality” would be understood under RS1 Warped Geometry Theory (a String Theory) as a partial displacement into the 5D “bulk?” Could it be that harnessing longitudinal, scalar waves could help to accumulate negative organizing energies and warp spacetime in this direction?

The generation of a self-sustaining double torus “ether flux” for the optimal resonant feedback accumulation of “exotic” negative energy suitable for generating an Alcubierre spacetime distorsion. This toroidal ether flux would also conform to the vector equilibrium geometry first described by architect Buckminster Fuller and then also by physicist Nassim Haramein who studied it to find the inner, balanced structure of the vacuumWith this geometric figure 12 vectors could almost come together balancing all vector forces producing singularity.


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But there was some asymmetry left and then Haramein found an even more balanced geometry: The 64 tetrahedron grid which is fractal and can collapse into a double torus.

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Double Torus by Nassim Haramein

Perhaps the physical universe is a finite closed system open to inner levels of reality that converge into non-physical levels and this convergence sustains its existence from the conversion of information into patterned energy.

Perhaps “torsion fields” non-locally connecting at the subquantum level through posited virtual “phitons” (or similar particles) which distort the local spacetime metric in entropy producing and entropy assimilating or in negentropy producing and negentropy absorbing events that have non-local connection as posited by physicists Claude Swanson and Shipov based on the alleged discoveries of cosmologist Kozyrev.

Perhaps, as Shipov and Swanson posit, the spin of particles with mass (perhaps connected through “phitons”) adds a distortion to spacetime when they accelerate or change spin direction in order to maintain the conservation of energy, momentum and angular momentum. And perhaps their experiments (for instance with highly sensitive torsion pendulums in a vacuum) really show that there is measurable left-handed torsion at the point of origin in irreversible, entropy increasing events and right-handed torsion in reversible, entropy-decreasing events. Perhaps their experiments also really show that the rate of time and the density of time increases or decreases according to those entropy increasing-entropy decreasing events which would be non-locally connected as advanced waves and retarded waves carrying particle spin-based information. And this would be instantly connected in a big exchange throughout the entire universe. Perhaps advanced waves and negentropy-increasing torsion fields take the geometry of interior, counter-rotating tori complementing the exterior, time-forward tori associated with classical, consciously perceived events.

At the “subquantum level” (La Violette’s etherons? virtual particles?) torsion fields are said to interact both with consciousness and matter and to explain what psychic healers and Chi masters are able to do. The torsion field would be like “the threads that form spacetime” and modifying them may allow us to modify gravity or material “density” (for instance allowing a genuine Brazilian healer or an abducting extraterrestrial to pass through solids). Perhaps the information aspect of the torsion field also prevents interactions among any of the possible physical universes in the Physical Realm, or allows them partially or completely depending on whether they are in-phase or out of phase or if they can be experientially “read into” through phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance.

Distorting spacetime would allow to generate psychic and paranormal effects. In my view the subquantum level of the “torsion field” should correspond with Ervin Lazslo’s “akashic field.” Left-handed torsion would be negentropic and syntropic in living organisms coinciding with the work of Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannnini. Perhaps the concept of information carried in holographic information waves also at least partially coincides with the patterns in the torsion field allegedly maintained by interconnected/intercommunicating mass particles through their spin.

Perhaps, as Kozyrev said: “Time carries order or negative entropy (negentropy) and it is either emitted by a system when its order decreases, or absorbed by a system when its order decreases.” This might mean that in a non-local entropy-negentropy universal economy time (as order) is emitted (decreases) at the source (or cause) when entropy increases and time (as order) is absorbed (increases) at the effect where negentropy increases. (From Claude Swanson’s “Life Force, The Scientific Basis, p. 301).

 Perhaps all the previous “pieces of the puzzle” of inter-reality and inter-realm contact not only are compatible but function as one. Perhaps the disc shape seen in many UFO encounters correlates with artificial means to causally reconnect with “hidden” negentropy in physical systems, generating objective cancellation ratios between causal and retrocausal influences and, along with that, a greater degree of connectivity with the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm. A greater causal effectiveness of dipolar asymmetries in conventional electromagnetic plasma fields may ensue.

If the virtual particle field and flux can be considered as a deeper kind of “plasma field,” more amenable to intention but which can also interact with more conventional classical fields, perhaps their (from our classical perspective) disorganized, “semi-real,” intermediary ‘particles’ (also connected with “real” particles that can “collapse” and/or “decohere” into spacetime) can now be more closely aligned with classic forms of plasma whose charges can now be divided and concentrated. Connecting these two plasmas – a classic spacetime plasma with the non-classic, virtual plasma defining spacetime – might also be another way to return a lower physical symmetry condition back into a higher non-physical symmetry condition…in toto or at least partially disconnecting an object within that field from its surroundings…locally disconnecting inertia from its holistic dependence as Ernst Mach may have envisioned.

Perhaps inducing wave forms in virtual particles through specific frequency resonances by means of classic plasmas and fields might shield inertial mass which according to Dr. Harold Puthoff is due by resistance of movement through zero-point virtual particles might also be another way to modify the relation between the Physical and Subtle-Mental (astral) domains. Dr. Tom Valone mentioning Dr. Oleg Jefimenko mention the use of short high voltage and low amperage electric pulses that can shield inertial mass. Since F = m.a applying a small vectorial force to a shielded inertial mass would produce significant acceleration.


Perhaps the small thrust in the direction of the positive charges as seen in some T. Towsend Brown’s apparently non-classified electrokinetic experiments using disc shaped dielectric capacitors (also perhaps demonstrated in a high vacuum environment and thus not altogether a product of “ion wind”) would be applied to objects whose inertia had been annulled by shielding. That inertia shielding effect (and electrogravitics) would have been classified since the 1920’s.

Dr. Steven Greer (with a good understanding of “transdimensional” physics) mentions these pulses as very specific “high voltage resonant fields” depending on the “substrate” being used (such as crystalline materials, water, air, magnetic coils) and that if we create a “vector into the zero-point energy field” and “a certain counter-rotating vortex,” we can “get what is called lift” and a phenomenon known as “electromagnetic gravitics” and an opening of the Poynting Vector into the zero-point field, bringing in “overunity.” Dr. Greer also mentions that this is “not anti-gravity” since the object creates its own environment in “its own spacetime bubble” and that eventually the object can go through another level and also become completely mass less entering into a transdimensional physics phase and another dimension. I notice that he uses the term “dimension” basically to mean a “reality,” including non-physical, “astral” reality.

One of the “tricks” needed to make the previous ideas work may be using the “longitudinal waves” that the great (perhaps greatest) XX Century inventor and visionary Nikola Tesla spoke about. In these waves the field pointer points in the direction of propagation.  A scalar field may be considered as a “hidden” energy and information field. Relatively speaking it would be potential but nonetheless physically effective. As per Integral Theory, it may express “endoquadratically” or “inside” the objective and interobjective quadrants of contingent physical reality. A scalar field is not affected by 3D space rotations or translations and can produce directional longitudinal waves.

Longitudinal waves are plausible components of electromagnetism that seem to exist in a deeper complementary level and were compatible to Maxwell’s original equations using his complex “quaternion” mathematics. However, Oliver Heaviside over-simplified Maxwell’s equations and – in spite of E.T. Whittaker’s 1904-1905 work also compatible with their existence – they were taken out of the official picture. Thereafter, textbooks preserved only Hertzian transversal waves against Tesla and other eminent electrodynamicists’ opinions.

The existence of the directional, vectorial component in a scalar field potential is being demonstrated by professor Konstantine Meyl from Germany and one of their effects is wireless transmission of energy. Apparently, they cannot be shielded by Faraday cages. They also seem to be transluminal according to the product of wavelength times frequency. They appear not to degrade with distance and to be able to sustain an ubcorrupted vibratory pattern. Dr. Meyl expanded Maxwell’s Theory and brought it back into a field description.

By studying the information in Tesla’s patent 512340 Dr. Meyl was also able to coil equipment (using pancake coils and high frequencies) in ways that generate these waves. He apparently has been able to turn an electron into a ring torus vortex. The The vectorial electrons and longitudinal waves are “scalar” because they are complemented by a scalar potential field but, in themselves, are vectorial and can transmit energy and information. Allegedly, the scalar vortex can be programmed by vibrational patterns and transmit them to biological components like nerve cell axons and DNA. While, Tesla spoke about electric longitudinal waves, Dr. Meyl also found a magnetic scalar longitudinal wave component that would be highly biologically active and that I believe – if proven – may be linked to the self-organizing, retrocausal syntropy utilization of living organisms.

One more reason that longitudinal scalar waves seem to really exist is that magnetic monopoles in a real magnet were detected in 2009 by the Helmholtz Center. Paul Dirac (also working on a quantum relativistic physics) showed that magnetic monopoles had to exist if electric waves were quantized (and they are). Helmholtz EM wave equation is compatible with Tesla’s concept of longitudinal waves.  the existence of magnetic monopoles would make the vector potential A no longer necessary. Thus, Meyl proposed a vortex description without vector potential A and with div B ≠ 0

According to Dr. William Tiller, access to these monopoles existing in a “reciprocal” “magneto-electric” space, itself within a more complex higher dimensional framework would permit the generation of asymmetry and become a great source of energy extraction.

We would return to a science that would have developed a long time ago if some ‘weighty’ opinions such as Lord Kelvin’s considering that Tesla’s longitudinal wave quanta carrying energy had to be vortices in the ether or J.C. Maxwell and J.J. Thompson’s thinking that the vortex theory of matter was more fundamental that the theory of particles.

According to Dr. Meyl, “the scalar part of the wave equation describes longitudinal electric waves (derivation of plasma waves).” This makes me think that a scalar plasma waves can be used to modify a more normal plasma substance using monopole-based asymmetry and this might produce greater receptivity to intention imprinting. Moreover, the plasma might be housed and toroidally rotated-counter-rotated  with a specific spacetime cancellation frequency using Haramein’s plasma container or something similar. From a particulate aspect, connection between intention and the plasma via reciprocal space would also take place through “deltrons” (exterior particles in the in the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm) capable of interacting with Reciprocal Space’s magneto-electric, time/frequency-dominant “substance” which, in turn, in Fourier Transform fashion, could be translated into modifying phase-conjugate classically-experienced physical objects.

Thus, many mutually-reinforcing factors seem to be known and the generation of longitudinal “scalar” waves seems to be possible. However, the precise frequencies for the precise cancellation or shielding of gravity (and inertial effects according to Mach’s Principle) may have to be found. Perhaps it can be found empirically, for instance by experimenting with frequency interactions between intense DC and AC fields using Van de Graaf genrators and Tesla coils if what has been called the “Hutchinson Effect.”  and

Apparently, Dr. Meyl shows that a scalar energy capacitor stores in the scalar field and discharges as vectorial scalar waves in wholistically connected transmitter-receiver systems. The wholistic (whole-part) connection would be the relation between the insides and outsides of objective physical quadrants in which the insides are tangential and/or part of the non-physical Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm. I suppose that by manipulating the ratio between space-time and time-space through longitudinal waves and associated means might alter the continuity of “standing waves” that take the form of objects (and systems of objects) of classical, stable, physical matter.

Dr. Meyl demonstrates that a grounded receiver not connected to an external energy source receives energy wirelessly and reacts to a longitudinal wave emitter with which it can resonate. Transmitter and passive receiver act as one whole system and supposedly the open capacitor draws energy fields from the environment so there’s no energy loss. LED lights in the receiver show that the necessary voltage has been transmitted wirelessly. The near-field effect would not be sufficient for the passive receiver’s LEDs to light up. Dr. Meyls also mentions that there is an over-unity effect.

Dr. Meyl speaks about a potential (constructive) vortex and shows that the permittivity dialectric constant need not be complex. Through the relation: potential whirls/potential vector b dielectric losses can be explained as whirl losses of disintegrating potential whirls.

For Tesla’s high voltage experiments the Earth providing grounding was important. Would an extraterrestrial (or human back-engineered) vehicle flying in Earth’s atmosphere benefit by “grounding” itself using Schumann’s fundamental standing wave resonance and harmonics?

According to Dr. Meyl, apparently, the longitudinal scalar wave group is able to transport energy superluminally. If scalar longitudinal waves propagate primarily through the dimension of Time (and completely of “time-space”) and not of space and if they carry energy and information, could they exist in what Dr. William Tiller calls “reciprocal space” or perhaps in Dewey Larson’s “time-space?” Do they have retrocausal wave component previously hypothesized and would these components now be more amenable to being concentrated, programmed and utilized, for instance to cancel classic space-time so as to produce a closer connection with the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm?


To review the main idea for the situation in ghosts generating physical effects, when there’s physical cooling, the physical kinetic energy becomes physically potential and “hidden” but through a retrocausal influence (increased by a greater connection and symmetry between D and R space) it is transduced into a kinetically useful non physical, Mental-Subtle form whose exteriors/energies/objects causally respond to conscious intention in that realm.

The “negentropic etheric” may act as a TRANSDUCER serving the astral entity to coat itself with a blend of energies from the Physical and the Subtle realms. This “transducer” may not only be like a “virtual” etheric body connecting with the Subtle-astral world but become relative stable and undergo a “charging phase” (in which physical energies are not lost but their ordinary activity is sent to a potential state) and a “discharging phase” (in which a physical manifestation in ordinary space-time “reality” is briefly achieved).

When the original state in the Physical Realm returns to normalcy it will also do so with an added “returning” kinetic energy pattern that has been imprinted by a discarnate mind and is temporarily capable of producing “anomalous” physical effects. If the effect is strong enough it may produce levitation and teleportation and materializations and not only opacity and other eye-visible and/or photographic effects.

If the effect can be artificially generated by extraterrestrials controlling the coherence/symetry between D and R spaces including the programming of kinetic patterns using the spacetime transcending and containing, Mental-Subtle (astral) Realm, it may allow them to combine with our ordinary physical universe the information patterns of alternative parallel physical realities, timelines, their energy levels, degree of classical restrictions (densities) with which they normally operate.

Several compatible factors related with each other may produce this greater symmetry between D and R spaces in which the ‘actual’ consciously perceived causal and the ‘potential’ hidden (but quantum-relativistically allowed), unconsciously and intuitively perceived retrocausal influences may cancel each other out of physicality and back into the Subtle-Mental (astral) condition. For instance, multiple rotating-counter rotating toroidal plasmas and/or Bose-Einstein condensate superfluids (not obeying particulate Pauli’s Exclusion Principle but instead “wholistic” force field statistics), may perhaps not only produce spacetime cancellation resonances but modify the materialization and organization of virtual particles into a self-sustaining toroidal flux?

Also, the generation of Kaluza-Klein gravitons and mini black holes cancelling regular low energy gravitons affecting our universe (our universe understood as a low energy “brane”) and taking the spacetime vehicle into a 5D “bulk” towards a high energy “brane” (according to RS1 Warped Geometry Theory) may be compatible and supplementary of other means to distort spacetime, for instance contracting it in the direction of travel and expanding it behind (as in “Alcubierre’s Warp Drive”) also using thick ring shaped (toroidal) capacitors that may not need enormous amounts of negative mass-energy as previously expected (something which I attempted to describe in “Surfing into the Cosmos More Likely”

Will a high frequency electric field or an electromagnetic field or high frequency induced on a plasma (any of these) in phase or out-of-phase with virtual particle frequencies associated with the frequencies a gravitational field modify gravity and also produce Kaluza-Klein gravitons and micro black holes? I don’t know…perhaps.Will the generation of these frequencies in a toroidal capacitor perpendicular to a spacetime vehicle facilitate the formation of an Alcubierre Warp Drive due to an easier accumulation of negative energies and spacetime distortions? I don’t know but I suspect it might. Perhaps the canonical Alcubierre drive model may be modified to obtain practical results. This is being explored by NASA’s engineer Harold White currently conducting experiments on alternative propulsion systems.

Disconnecting an object from the rest of the universe might even make it invisible by moving it into the 5D “bulk” posited by “RS-1” Theory (a String Theory). Achieving the specific high frequency by making a field or a plasma conform with the geometry of a double, self-sustaining torus displaying Fibonacci distribution might also be necessary as this geometry also conforms with the dynamic vector equilibrium that can represent the balanced vectorial forces in the vacuum. The work of physicist Nassim Haramein is quite pertinent to this. In Haramein’s model there’s a geometric form (a 64 tetrahedral 3D figure with a vector equilibrium core) which can pulsate and rotate forming a double torus. It represents energy and information going in and coming out of the vacuum and singularities like black holes at the center of every (or most) galaxies as well as other toroidal rotation objects (allegedly like the Sun and the proton) where this energy-information exchange or circulation takes place.


Regarding the toroidal form, it seems to me that Sawyer’s “EM DRIVE” also works using a torus shape acting as a tapered waveguide that differentiates and enhances how microwaves interact with zero-point virtual particles.

Among other importants achievements, using his Holofractographic Model Haramein successfully predicted a more exact proton mass than was available until a 2013 more accurate muonic measurement. He also had previously patented a device to replicate the magnetohydrodynamics of plasmas present in astronomical structures.

The circuit around the container is made of 12 “ribs” that can be sequentially pulsated to produce rotation of the electric charges around the container. Haramein mentioned that after he did this he placed a crystal inside the container and that it began to create anomalous effects and a pulsing hum. It would have interacted with the vacuum. Perhaps a double toroidal field was formed interacting with the vacuum.

The plasma container looks to me as the alleged core of some UFOs which might be extraterrestrial craft. Perhaps specific frequencies might also be imparted on the plasma within the container perhaps making it coherent as a Bose-Einstein condensate as yet another method to reach the energetic vacuum not only in its particulate aspect but in its time-dependent, information frequency holographic aspect, thus being able to modify the stable characteristics of classical physical objects. Perhaps this resonating plasma can then be programmed through coherent intention with mental information from what I have been calling the “Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm.” Some of the work by Emeritus cosmologist Rudy Schild regarding how the Quantum Hologram may apply to spacecraft projecting or propagating itself as quantum information materializing in our local spacetime continuum would suggest this possibility  Perhaps a type of plasma can be fabricated bombarding it with “Tesla (or longitudinal, scalar) waves” and it might then become more receptive to this intentional imprinting. Perhaps rotating it to form a fractal vector equilibrium based double torus might generate a field that gradually disconnects a vehicle from exterior gravitational fields and inertia.

The Quantum Hologram model has to be studied. This model includes and transcends both a net physical explanation about the extraterrestrial hypothesis (normally associated – but not limited – with the idea of technologically advanced physical beings) and this model also includes Dr. Jacques Vallée’s proposal of a cybernetic-like information ‘control’ mechanism. The QH possesses an aspect interpreted as information frequencies. It also possesses a classical, particulate aspect when the coherent decodifiers of those frequencies (as objects) coincide with the phases of those frequencies. Objects as partially whole and partially incomplete parts would need to decodify in order to preserve themselves due to their fundamental incompletion and their need for coherence or self-consistency. In Integral Theory we would say that they constantly need to “reach out,” to associate horizontally or vertically becoming part of a more inclusive unit. This is not far from the idea of objects as de-cohering entities and as observers. This also coincides with the idea of measurement extended all the way to consciousnesses, a consciousness “collapsing” or actualizing a set of specific probabilities which must coincide with a particular physical system’s need for self-consistency competing against coherence. The existence of specific decodifying (out of an information realm of far vaster possibilities) may extend to all scales (self-similar fractal scales) particularly if there is a form of panpsychism at every scale.

After considering that phase resonance with holographic information waves available in a universal physical information field might determine with what physical universe we interact, I wonder if some events linked to the other methods (like generating KK gravitons and micro black holes) simply occur together with the former. Perhaps “phase resonance” is like a dimensional factor defining stabilizing and combining physical realities.

While in an Alcubierre Drive method the warped spacetime bubble apparently created inside the negative potential torus would be “flat” and the vehicle inside the bubble (its own spacetime reference frame) would experience zero acceleration and (also in this reference frame) not go faster than the speed of light, this vehicle would remain solidly physical to its occupants. Acquiring negative organizing energies capable of warping spacetime (perhaps into a 5-dimensional frame) may be achieved by being able to produce scalar waves perhaps rotating them in a manner similar to Dr. Nassim Haramein’s patented “12-rib” plasma-containing device creating high speed frequency rotation and counter-rotation as a self-sustaining double torus. Perhaps the thick toroidal ring-shaped capacitor experimented by Dr. Harold White from Eagleworks Labs can be adapted to accumulate negative energy in such ways.

However, the other method of using information imparted on a coherent plasma might also be partially linked to what Dr. Steven Greer also specifically calls a “transdimensional” method in which the entire craft get to the “crossing point of light” being completely dematerialized and transferred into the non-physical, “astral” realm (the Subtle-Mental realm) outside space time, acquiring new spacetime physical coordinates and then re-materializing. This process would include imprinting the coordinates where occupants in a state of coherent thought linking and meditation want the vehicle to re-materialize (any particular spacetime) by utilizing the holographic information field but also by ‘momentarily’ going beyond it.

From an Integral Theory/AQAL perspective, our particular etheric or akashic field configuration acting as an intermediary between the non-physical, Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm and our particular Physical Realm physical universe (a subset of the Physical Realm) would show both a material particulate, “Exterior” aspect and a meaningful information-based, “Interior” aspect. Some holographic theories would emphasize the time-space, information-based frequency aspect and some ether-compatible theories would emphasize a zero-point virtual particle vacuum aspect. But both would be inextricable from each other and equally necessary.

Perhaps quantum probability waves represent a set of existents or “real” objects that may cohere with our actual system of physical objects primarily experienced as our “physical universe.”  The superposed objects represented would really exist in alternative spacetimes but be mostly experienced as potential, virtual or semi-real for us in order for our physical reality system to maintain coherence. They would also coincide according to various degrees with our particular sub level in the quantum vacuum itself defined by a particular degree of uncertainty and specific probabilities according to a specific quantitative variable Planck’s Constant, and the particular akashic or “etheric” field inclusive of (in terms of AQAL’s exterior material objects) + – virtual particles in the quantum vacuum and (in terms of AQAL’s subjective-intersubjective information “interiors”) of meaningful frequency information field patterns as specific time-forward and time-backward possibilities allowed, programmed or assigned from the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm containing all possible configurations for physical universes.

The etheric/physical akashic medium would rise out of the mental experiential possibilities (in which objects of the mind are co-causal with subjective experiences), subdividing into a lower symmetry in relation with a lower realm as + and – virtual particles and as + and – causal and retrocausal information influences. In terms of whole/parts (or holons) it would act as the physical whole aspect of the parts/whole complementarity and, in turn, this “whole aspect” could be considered as a “part” of the next more inclusive level of reality…the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm. The fact that they are semi-real or “virtual” with respect to classical physical reality allows them to mediate between our predominant time-forward, entropic conscious awareness in classical reality and an “astral” experience in which the appearance of exterior “mental objects” is instantly represented under null space and null time mechanisms.

As previously said, a dipolar pre-materialization into time + and time – accompanying virtual particle and information frequency components would derive from a higher metaphysical symmetry condition/reality in which the causality of subjective/qualitative “initia” is co-equal with objective/quantitative “inertia.”

Retrocausal physical influences would be teleological and flexible bringing in new possibilities creatively and causal physical influences would be deterministic bringing in order and structure. While both co-exist equally symmetrically in the quantum world, from an experiential level focused upon exterior physical objects we generally guide our conscious behavior based on the past than teleologically on what could be. From the more encompassing Subtle-Mental Realm level, null time and null space (affecting the appearance of “mental objects” as exterior and material meaningful objects equally affecting as with feedback our subjective experiences) is a more balanced and self-evident “truth” but, from a physical perspective, null space and null time could be seen as a re-absorption of the lower metaphysical symmetry into the higher metaphysical symmetry due to the mutual cancellation of time-forward and time backwards causal influences.

An idea: Every possible experience exists as actual within God (we can understand it both as meaningful and as objective reality) but relative conscious experiences accompanied by illusory exterior material forms exist as relatively actual and potential to each other.   

The set of existents/real objects allowed for our primarily perceived physical system are not perceived as actual objects until a measurement is made. Perhaps decoherence of superposed quantum systems due to their interaction with classical systems is also a type of measurement involving consciousness, the consciousness and intelligence of a system preserving its coherence. The “existents” (even as probabilities) already exist in their own level but ACT as potentially existing until measurement. As mentioned, they would be a subset that derives from all possibilities for all physical universes. They are whole probabilities, potentially existing to be “collapsed” or actualized as parts /particles by measurements connected to consciousness.

Perhaps both an ontological understanding of the wave function and a knowledge gain (epistemological) understanding of the wave function are possible through a transdimensional understanding. The Absolute Non Dual Consciousness-Being (encompassing and surpassing both relative consciousness and being) always present hidden as our particular relative experiences exteriorly (accompanied and constrained by mental and physical objects) may be the only of the superposed states in the wave function transcending and including both the information and the ontological reality of contingent objects of experience-….by which we are also possessed.

Both realistic QM interpretations (like David Bohm’s “Holomovement” incorporating a “Pilot Wave” and a “Quantum Potential,”  Hugh Everett’s “Many Worlds”) and collapse/probabilistic/consciousness-actualizing QM interpretations (Bohr’s “Copenhagen Interpretation,” Born’s “Probability Wave” and Von Neuman’s wholistic extension of the measurement problem in the “Copenhagen Interpretation” into the role of the experimenter’s consciousness), could they all be correct if there was a ‘collapse’ of ontologically real entities appearing as virtual, potential or probabilistic in relation to our primarily perceived exterior material objects?

The relation between what is “real” and what is “probabilistic” would be a relation between what is “actual” and what is “potential” – relatively speaking – across levels of reality.

Once again, what we need to remember is that the ontological is inextricable from the epistemological. Thus, a future integrative mathematical treatment of interpretations that seem irreconcilable would have to accommodate both “realistic” and “collapse” interpretations. They would also have to include some form of retrocausality-including interpretation such as John Cramer’s “Transactional Interpretation,” Aharonov’s “Time-Symmetric Quantum Mechanics” or those like Wheeler and Feynman’s some of it is being demonstrated through experiments that entanglement also exists beyond time-forward linear causality.

We need to find coherent guidelines across all scales and levels of existence. Holography and self-similarity; an etheric information field with a particulate aspect mediating between the Physical-classical and the Subtle-Mental realms seems to be part of this. I also think that symmetry considered in rational-metaphysical and mathematical-physical ways is important. Besides that, “holon” (part-whole) relations between actual and potential states across the realms seem to be important to bring all these QM interpretations together without contradictions.

Further Comments

From a holographic perspective, these real objects and their information contents describing them would be in phase or out of phase with our primarily experienced holographically decoded universe. Both holography and a transdimensional -integrative approach might reconcile the main interpretations of Quantum Mechanics. Let’s remember that the physical akashic field or “ether” can be understood both as particulate and as time-frequency and/or wave-information based. And the latter could be scalar and superluminal according to the energy density of the vacuum of space (actually spacetime) which depends on the degree of 3D uncertainty making possible the brief 3D apparition of time-forward – time-backward pairs of virtual particles, a unspecified dynamism which may also be modified by electromagnetic resonant frequencies. And with this, spacetime itself would be modified.

From a “holonic,” Integral Theory perspective, the former would act as its “whole” aspect and the latter as its parts aspect. In turn the whole, (time frequency and wave information aspect) would correspond to the parts aspect of the more inclusive and fundamental Subtle-Mental (astral) level of existence or contingent reality. In transdimensional terms relating quadrants across realms, the frequency aspect would correspond to the “insides” of the objective quadrants (see upcoming diagram) and these “insides” would correspond to the “outsides” of the same quadrants in the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm. Biologist, and integral philosopher Lexi Neale develops this and other related concepts very well.

I think that a good alternative way to speak about the “insides” or “outsides” of the quadrants might be to refger to the “endo” and to the “exo” aspect of the quadrants or of the “endo quadratic” and “exo quadratic” aspect.

The “insides” or “endo quadratic” aspects of each quadrant are connected as “parts” in the wholistic “outsides” or “exo quadratic” aspects of the corresponding quadrants in the higher, more inclusive realm. They could also be thought of as “tangentially connected” or “connected as a ratio” with those “outsides” or “exo quadratic” aspects that more primordial realm level. The degree of connection would act as a “membrane” between realms and, if it increases, more aspects of the subtler realm would become causally effective and experiential…from a collapse of the wave function perspective, more probabilities would be more easily collapsible into a coherent, self-consistent physical reality.

The connectivity between the Physical and Non Physical Subtle-Mental realms arises as a type of “ether” including the zero point and retrocausal particulate and information frequency “membrane” perhaps generated as a balanced (Sattvic) relation between Rajasic Subtle-Mental “interior” and Tamasic Physical-Classical “exterior” experiential-ontological principles. Thus, there is both a continuity and a separation between the realms also maintaining the whole-part relation. In fact, the insides of the less inclusive Physical Realm may be considered as component “parts” of the outsides of the Subtle-Mental Realm. The connectivity between the Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm and the Causal-Seed Realm would also be mediated by its own Sattvic state or membrane.

The connections between realms can be depicted by a line forming a torus and going through the quadrant’s insides into the outsides of the more inclusive quadrant and again through the insides of the next more inclusive quadrant until it goes across and through the three main realms of relative existence. The center would be infinitely small representing the non-dual Source and the line would twist and form a torus encompassing the three realms with its wider section at the hypothetical limit of the Causal-Seed Realm. Outside of this last or most primordial realm would be equivalent to the infinitely small center. In Quechua Andean cosmovision this center from which Life (Kausay) emerges is called “Chaupin” meaning “the center of its center” and it is also seen as an opening in many depictions of the Andean Cross or “chakana” (which in turn shows three levels at the periphery of four sides suggesting that the Quechua – who valued the complementarity of opposites – understood the same pattern I have been trying to present).

We need to understand how connectivity works in order for us to collectively take seriously in an ethical, philosophical personal and cultural worldview basis the fact that “everything is connected”…physically, locally and non-locally, information-wise, and meaningfully connected. That understanding must be a necessary fact to collectively create a more powerful integral…or rather “integrative” peaceful, dynamic-harmonious and livable planetary civilization synergistically utilizing syntropic or convergent information and energy to meet our economic needs. It must be present in the education of current and upcoming generations in order to propitiate the development of what Wilber may call “Second Tier” integral-level individuals who will not mis-use the technology. However, I’d rather not use the word “integral” since it is too directly associated with Integral Theory itself which, in spite of its many important contributions, may still be too limited to some prejudices in its main proponents still under the close influence of a narrow intellectual modern-postmodern cultural milieu.


 The different approximations, discoveries, hypothesis and theories briefly exposed here often refer to multiple levels of reality or to an expansion of concepts about “reality”

We have cursorily explored Tesla scalar longitudinal waves, Nassim Haramein’s 64 tetrahedron grid, his plasma container and holofractographic model, the quantum hologram, an akashic field with a particulate and a wave holistic information aspect, the possibility of entropy and organized kinetic patterns transduced into a non-physical realm, re-patterned and returned to the physical realm producing detectable effects. We have seen that there are equations that show a hidden retrocausal influence, the convergence of Tiller’s Reciprocal and Direct Space becoming more interactive under a higher symmetry that probably enhances mind-over-matter effects.

We have mentioned the compatible concept of “time-space,” The idea (under RS-1 Theory of weak brane gravity cancellation when a vehicle moves into a 5D “bulk.”  We have touched upon ThomasTowsend Brown’s “electrokinetic” effects and “electrogravitics,” Kozyrev and Shipov’s “torsion” fields. We have thought about the importance of information and of phase conjugate adaptive resonance (PCAR) perhaps another “it from bit” perspective). We have touched upon realistic and probabilistic and consciousness-based quantum theory interpretations, and the “Peltier Effect” as well as Konstantine Meyl’s experimental production of longitudinal waves and I have tried to show that all of these approaches converge as plausible aspects of a larger scientific model under preliminary conjectures that shed light on possible mechanisms by which some physically interactive paranormal and extraterrestrial events may actually take place overcoming classical physical limitations. Furthermore, under the idea of “inter-reality” and “transdimensional”contacts, I’ve connected these conjectures with an exploration of a highly inclusive integrative metaphysics (mostly an extension and elaboration of Integral Theory and acknowledgment of non-dual esoteric traditions and compatible cosmologies) which can include them in a way open to further knowledge accumulation and revision.

I think that the combination of this larger scientific model and integrative metaphysics can transform existing insufficient worldviews helping us to generate a world philosophy transculturally respectful of the main discoveries and insights, assisting us to awaken to a vaster interconnected, “transdimensional” reality and to grow up into a more unified and intelligent species enabling us to establish conscious and mutually-enhancing relationship with interactive ‘visitors’ from other realities.


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