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Just to offer a perspective of the guy behind the curtain or on the videos… a smattering of publications  🙂 If you get the chance and feel like leaving a comment, please do it on YouTube where possible. Thanks in advance! If you’d like to chat, please schedule some time and Zoom with Zen.

If there is a concern of my sanity for any reason, my LinkedIn profile and professional history ought to assuage all assaults.

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Paranormal Axetivities (2021)

Radio Wasteland (2021)

We asked simple questions of a man who is far from simple and he DELIVERED! We hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we did.. Sit back, relax and get ready to go higher! Zen brought a new insight to our show. Each week we cover some pretty “out there” topics and
Zen’s perspective was able to ground some ideas that can be difficult to wrap one’s head around. It’s a rare guest who can collect spirituality, UFO encounters, and cosmic intelligence into a cohesive and comprehensible argument, but Zen made it happen.

Broadcast Team Alpha (2020)

Zen Benefiel on his strange ET experiences and advancement of society

The New World Order – New Thinking Allowed (2018)

From Jeff: Bruce “Zen” Benefiel shares some personal experiences that led him to become an active participant in the UFOlogy community. He describes in detail the vision, shared widely in the UFO community and elsewhere, that humankind is entering into a new era involving a planetary consciousness and the alignment of individuals with a larger, cosmic purpose. He acknowledges that this vision is feared by a segment of the population and discusses how to address fear.

On Hearing Voices – New Thinking Allowed (2018)

From Jeff: Bruce “Zen” Benefiel describes his life history, as an individual who has heard voices since childhood. Looking back over the decades, he concludes that this has largely been a positive experience — and has enabled him to explore many interior realms. However, at one time he was warned by a friendly psychiatrist that he should be very careful regarding those with whom he shares these inner experiences.

Sociology of Ufology – New Thinking Allowed (2018)

From Jeff: Bruce “Zen” Benefiel speaks as a participant-observer sharing his reflections on the current community of interest centering on UFO phenomena. He describes his disillusionment with a nexus of individuals focusing on the notions of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. He describes various fears associated with the very idea of alien life forms. However, he suggests that we presently have no actual evidence that there is a reason to be fearful of UFO activity.

Spiritual Evolution – Lords of Consciousness with Clint Culbertson (2018)

Bigger Questions with Ron James(2015)

Law of Attraction & Transformational Life Coaching (2015)

Book & Experiencer – Topic UFO w/ Rick Scouler (2013)

Food for Thought – Adam Abraham (2013)

Radio & Podcast Interviews

Galactic & Earthly Consciousness – Exploring Possibilities with Sheryl Sitts (2018)

Intergalactic Alien Agenda Pt. 1 – Epic Voyages Radio – Dr. Joseph Burkes (2016)

Intergalactic Alien Agenda Pt. 2 – Epic Voyages Radio – Dr. Joseph Burkes (2016)

Zendor the Barbarian – Meria Heller Show (2013)

Tangential Realities w/ Randy Maugans and Chris Holly (2013)

3-25-21 Journey Through the Unexplained with Russ Old and Joe Downs

And now for something completely different….

I’ve been playing drums for, well… a long time. This is a recording of Outcasts and Social Misfits with me on drums, having a blast as usual.