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Would you like to turn your passion for Ufology into profit?

If you would like to capitalize on our proprietary format and geo-locating advertising for your city or even as a representative for your region, state or country NOW IS THE TIME to get involved. Contact us for more information.

We have a new business model for you that serves the public without sacrificing the intent and purpose of sharing important information. Our content spans the gamut of Ufology, providing a one-stop resource that brings hundreds of people, places and things into one location.

Our business model is perfect for bookstore owners, blog talk radio hosts and/or local promoters. We’ll continue to provide excellent content and you can take advantage of it with providing local advertising for your clients, events, products and services. Our geo-locating advertising means that your client’s advertisement will show to their specific target market and at minimal costs.

For as little as $200/mo you can have the opportunity to offer inexpensive advertising to folks who normally might not be able to afford it… and to the niche market that you serve best. You can choose to cover a specific metropolitan area or advance your opportunity to cover an entire state if you’d like. Give us a call to find out more. Call Us Now

Cooperative Advertising

We’ve proven that we get traffic. It continues to grow. Our view time is over 4X the market average, so we know things are working. Now it is you turn to benefit from our work, too. We have over 100 RSS feeds that provide constantly updated information regarding Ufology and closely related subject material. We are the only service on the Web to do so in a format that is consistent and convenient.

Our work demonstrates the commitment to serving the Ufology community with a spirit of collaboration and cooperation to make sure you get the most current information on a moment-to-moment basis. Now we are opening the door to another phase of this work…. Cooperative Advertising. It means you can work with your clients and their budget, serving them where they are and making it a win/win/win. It’s a new business model that works!

Advertising and Marketing a New Way

UfologyPRSS is designed to provide regional advertising opportunities to PRSS Corps members. We utilize geo-specific advertising so you can target your local market. What that means is that through our sales program we offer the ability to purchase specific territories and earn income from advertising sales. We charge a monthly fee only and you keep the rest.

We provide you with the sales form. You can engage local businesses, events, practitioners, promoters, suppliers and more. Our geo-locating feature means you can offer affordable pricing to those who find traditional advertising too expensive. The niche marketing means you’ll be able to help your clients get directly to their target market.

Isn’t it time to work with folks who treat you as an equal partner? We have the opportunity to benefit a lot of people. Let’s do this together!

Contact us to get started soon. Email: sales@ufologyprss.com or call Zen at 480-633-7179.

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