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Abductee, Contactee, Near-Death & Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Spiritually transformative experiences begin with synchronicity in most cases and yet need a good experiencer counsel. That is the first clue if one is paying attention. It is the desire to connect that fuels the machinery of manifestation. If you listened to the audio intro, please be aware I like to play around even in the seriousness of the topic.

The areas of concern here include abductee, contactee, near-death experiences (NDEs), spiritually transformative experiences and others that have been on the leading edge of conscious evolution, yet have found too much skepticism from traditional professionals that a huge area of service delivery remains open and unaddressed, let alone serviced. An example of integrative processes is the Multi-Plane Awareness technique, which you can participate here.

I’ve had my own abductee, contactee, near-death experiences and spiritually transformative experiences. The latter includes numerous encounters with those who’ve transitioned from this world. Some call that necromancy. Experiencer counsel was severely lacking back then. I spoke at the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) annual conference in 2010 about my introduction to the Light and beyond.

I’m not ashamed or reluctant to say I’ve been a  contactee since childhood. In sharing I’ve suffered the normal incredulous comments, gazes and rejection of folks across the gamut of personal and professional realms. I’m actually quite outspoken because my experience is solid, including garnering the wisdom beyond the experiences. I can help you do the same. You can reach me by clicking here.

Experiencer Counsel

I’ve managed to have some fairly demanding jobs as well as earn two master’s degrees in business, which is not common among experiencers. I am a certified hypnotherapist and went on to earn certification as a transformational life coach as well. I’ve got the tools and I know how to use them to garner the best results for you.

I am a prolific writer and have taught journalism to high school students. One of the best things I can offer to those on the quest for discovery of self is a workbook I created called “Cosmic Conundrum: Who am I?” which is available by clicking on the image.

Over 40 years of contemplation and personal tools are included, along with journal prompts (gets you to examine your view) and some powerful exercises that help to move the mind beyond chaos. It is a great companion volume to Stubbing My T.O.E. on Purpose which you will find below.

As a conscious professional who bridges worlds often, such as facilitating multi-million dollar road and bridge  construction partnering workshops (google ‘partnering facilitator’), teaching business plan writing to healing arts practitioners, producing and hosting television shows or running the operations for huge public events, I’ve proven an ‘experiencer’ can indeed find balance and productivity in the real world… even success. If I can, so can you. You might begin by reading ‘Creating Serendipity’ – click on the image to the right to download it now.

Now the terms abductee and contactee are used mainly in the ‘Ufology’ community while the near-death and spiritually transformative are used in more clinical environments, sometimes associated with the study of consciousness. Necromancy, mediumship or psychic readings fall into yet another category. They are all connected. Each has its inherent challenges with the ‘experiencer’ and expertise to help one find balance of any kind simply cannot come from anyone outside the direct experience of such events.

Some help may be offered by traditional means, however the insights and intuition of a fellow ‘experiencer’ are priceless in the process. If you are open and willing, I can be a great asset. I’m available for groups, individuals by phone, Skype and in person. If you live in the US and have a small group of folks that need help, my rates are very affordable and not much above travel expenses. I’m a great facilitator for bridging worlds.

If you are here now, then you have a sense of being led to where you need to go and to whom you need to connect in order to advance in your own growth and understanding. Asking the question, “Are UFOs real?”  or “Am I a contactee?” seems superfluous now doesn’t it?

Very few people have the courage to stand up and admit they’ve had experiences with extraterrestrials, let alone mention the Ashtar Command or Galactic Federation, for fear of absolute rejection or scrutiny beyond considerate measure. Many are challenged to be authentic and honest. It is a risk to expose one’s experience, especially when it borders incredulity.

Why? It challenges the paradigms of everyone, including the experiencer. What if you had contact and only felt a vibration instead of any names or titles? What would you do? How would you feel? Would you remain aloof from others or seek help from qualified or recommended

So why are you here right now? Can you see the breadcrumbs along the trail that guided you here? Just notice them for a moment and reflect on your awareness of the process. This is better than the Rabbit Hole and offers the opportunity to really Be Here Now.

The book Be Here Now was my first real ‘connection’ to another that made sense – click on the image to the right. The answer to the larger question (why am I here?) I can help with through transformational life coaching and personal gifts beyond the ‘normal’ coaching modalities.

I’ve worked with hundreds of folks over the years privately by ‘divine guidance’ (those who’ve just shown up and need help) and referrals from those who know my capability and concern for those who’ve opened up a can of worms they weren’t intending to open. Words won’t instill the trust one needs to share such intimate experiences, but at least they open the door to the possibilities that it could happen.

This clip was from a conference in Sedona in 1992, so you can see I’ve been at this discovery process for a while. You can rely on some experience and history within the realms of investigative reporting with an open mind and heart. Always question, though.

People need to have the opportunity to grow and understanding their own nature without feeling like they are an outcast or social misfit because their experience is so different than most of the general public. I’ve been down these roads already, an ongoing contactee since childhood, and have the trials and tribulations to prove it. You’ll find working with me provides a safety net you might not know exists yet.

Garnering the understanding of a larger perspective of life on planet earth is overwhelming to some, especially when they are among critics and skeptics that challenge one’s experiences. Responses to contact are as varied as the types of contact, but one thing remains consistent – we are controlled by our fears.

The journey we are on entails the exposure of confabulation and obfuscation which an experiencer counsel can help discover. The universe within us and around us has no secrets… no demand of our allegiance… yet it demands our allegiance if we intend to be the change and example harmony among people and planet in our lifetimes.

Edited and re-titled in 2017 for better distribution & marketing.

This is our edict for now… love your neighbor as yourself. Stubbing My T.O.E. on Purpose is about my life’s journey to date, full of interesting spins that you will no doubt relate to as you read. It’s a kind of road map with breadcrumbs everywhere.

Being authentic, caring and observant is a challenge in every moment, every thought and action. We often engage the circuitous defensive nature of the little self in our quest to be bigger, not realizing the Self (cosmically-attuned) is within reach and takes us to a much bigger playing field we were designed to engage.

When one shows up as an example of an attempt to epitomize a ‘belief system’ they are often stiff-armed in an attempt to remain comfortable in personal deception or ignorance. We learn who to trust over time. Those that resonate tend to experience ‘chance’ meetings or ‘coincidental’ moments that help alleviate the confusion. Still, an experiencer counsel is often rewarding.

Many experiencers find this kind of behavior [denial and rejection] far too often and need
help dealing with the skepticism and the travails of living with the knowledge of a separate reality, or so many would have them believe. It’s sad to think that such behavior still happens in
today’s world, but it does. I’m here to offer safety and solace. You can be who you are without feeling like you are under the microscope.

I think it is safe to say that there is an awareness of cosmic consciousness condensed into form.. us. Each one of us has the opportunity to recognize our Origin – and to acknowledge that place of Origin in each other. My signature has reflected this place for several decades… ‘Namaste’ means (updated) “the light in me recognizes the light in you and we are one in it.” I produced and hosted a television show in the early 90s that reflected on how people from all walks of life overcome inner and outer fears.

If you’ve made it this far and are curious to chat, please reach out here. Just let me know you arrived from UfologyPress in the notes, please.