It was 20 years ago today…. well, almost. compels us to implement what we’ve learned from lifetimes of contact and interactions with extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials and ultraterrestrials. Quantum entanglement is a way of life for many of us now.

Billy Shears is alive and well, he just ‘experienced’ a New Time. I began The Work my freshman year in college, within a week of Travis Walton’s experience; we are friends today as our lives were drawn together. There appears to be a mobius operandi at play here, extending morphogenic fields and quantum realities beyond measure. We truly have entered a new era, a New Time where the conduit of calamity is closing.

We started producing a television show over 20 years ago, called One World. A year later, I began to tell my story in a rather unusual way. Another year later, we produced a promo for “Who?” a community show (amateurs that we were); then were semi-silent for a couple of decades. Now that we’ve had time to relax and recoup, we’re debuting our answer to, “What Would Google Do?”

There are some folks we have to thank for the opportunity of writing this as evidence, your hearts are HUGE! First of all we want to thank Sam, our UK connection that led to a onederful relation ship on the ocean of emotion. Mega hats-off to Neal and special thanks to Jasmine for being the consummate professionals and excitable children that led to this website. Thanks to Adam for his perfect timing and proximity, talents and vision. And a special thanks to Robin and Sherrie for supporting The Work and their dedication to harmony among people and planet. offers us a way to reach out to the curious, investigator and researcher, offering a plethora of possibilities for your discernment and understanding. When we ‘turn the switch on,’ the User will be able to customize their own curated UFOlogyPRSS page; selecting the resources that matter to You.

We’ll be in touch soon.

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