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Jack BrewerBlogging credible info on incredible topics, Jack Brewer explores a variety of influences in Ufology. Jack’s interest in the paranormal and subsequent navigation of the UFO community led him to become convinced healthy skepticism was often sorely lacking. His research and writing integrate objectivity and relevant facts into assessments of the all too prevalent fantastic UFO dogma.

Jack’s interests include such topics as alleged alien abduction and the intelligence community, which have been explored on his blog, ‘The UFO Trail’. Brewer also maintains ‘Orlando Paranormal Examiner’, where he covers people and circumstances of interest in ufology and the paranormal community.

Jack is quoted, “At the very least, we should give serious consideration to the extent the intelligence community manipulated public perception while authoring UFO and abduction lore. Intelligence interests have been well documented and demonstrated in circumstances such as the Maury Island fiasco and the supposed contactees of the 1950’s.” Jack has quoted another Ufologist, Regan Lee,  “At the same time, all this covert government activity surrounding aliens and human contact doesn’t negate the reality of literal aliens. Or, what we call aliens.”

“Thanks to Jack Brewer of The UFO Trail for providing me with notice of an excellent two-part piece he wrote on the current state of UFO research, its leaders, its critics and what happens now. If you are at all interested in UFOlogy or how a field of study evolves due to personalities and agendas, have a look.” – Sharon Hill, Doubtful News “In another excellent piece on The UFO Trail blog, Jack Brewer takes the issue of the use of hypnosis in alien abduction research head-on. The post is another example of why, if you care about thinking clearly about matters ufological, you should be reading his blog.” – Dr. Michael S. Heiser, UFO Religions

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3 thoughts on “Jack Brewer – The UFO Trail

  1. Joe LaValley

    Would it matter if we could prove NOW, that admiral Byrd’s expedition got it’s ass handed to them by ufo’s in the Antarctic? Well, yes since the Military and gov.t would be acknowledging that flying saucers and some sort of intelligent life are behind them. It’s the same with The Great Gathering. Yes it happened 12 years ago but, it totally matters NOW since it DOES prove intelligent non-human life at work upon the Sun. THEY arrived so to speak, 12 years ago and we missed it and so, to find out about it now, YES that would be a very big deal because … with this, we can force disclosure. Find out how.
    BTW, I’m not selling anything here. I’m sharing a landmark discovery.

    Yesterday it was “Life on Mars!”, Today, it’s “Life on Stars!”
    Have you heard about the “Great Gathering of 2012”?
    If not then let me tell you. My name is Joe LaValley and I discovered a set of events and phenomena on and around the sun, mostly in mid March of 2012 that is nothing short of historic in nature. Events that have been previously either unseen or unrecognized for what they truly are.

    Signs of intelligent life in action upon our Star.

    Many people who aren’t science fiction writers just can’t wrap their head around the proposition that alien races could have technologies and knowledge for that matter that is beyond our superficial comprehension. Technologies that enable them to build large planet sized space ships, or siphon energy directly off a star, or use geometry to build inter-dimensional objects out of plasma within or upon the sun.

    These events and more phenomena of which I speak, the public knowledge of them should be used to force Disclosure. When it’s common knowledge among the people that aliens are here and communicating openly with us, then the government has to acquiesce and admit and take a new stance that respects our interests not necessarily it’s own after all, it’s our government, here in America, not the other way around.
    Now I know this knowledge will blow, many a scientific brain away but I’m ok with that. They need to be blown open so that new more true information can come in. After all, much has been kept from us and it’s time we reclaim that knowledge.

    Please take the time to consider the research I’ve spent the better part of a year putting together. My evidence is all derived from space agency and organizations publicly available data. A novel thing about my evidence is that much of it will be undeniable to both astronomers as well as the UFO and alien believers. Very possibly, this information could finally bring the two disparate groups together as one.

    I’ve done the best I could in this first go round of developing and bringing forth this information. I DO plan on making a much 2.0 version with professional film makers at some point. In the meanwhile I am preparing to transpose the video’s information into print and presentation formats. I personally used my reasoning mind, imagination, broad knowledge base and my intuition in the creation of this historic video document.
    ‘The Great Gathering’ of 2012
    VIEWING Options:
    http://valiantcitizen.org/great-gathering The Advantage of using this link is that you get a simple yet gorgeous page to view the video on with none of that youtube clutter and distraction. Plus, you can watch the video in ‘chaptered’ increments.

    ON THE CLOUD: The Advantage of using this link is that it has a music ‘soundtrack’!! because it’s my personal copy. Along the lines of the movie ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ with Robin Williams. You can also download the video here.
    Option one: To get your curiosity piqued, towards viewing the whole of my video document I made a short, 14 minute ‘Visual Highlights’ video. It’s not the intellectual highlights. That is in option two, the full video. Currently you can only find my Highlights video here, on The Cloud.

    ON YOUTUBE: The Advantage of using this link is that you can view the video in Chaptered increments or download it. On the other hand there is no music soundtrack.
    VIDEO #1: https://youtu.be/oLWnNeQOcOg Introduction to the main objects
    VIDEO #2: https://youtu.be/wmGFxgUhcvg The RelationShip
    VIDEO #3: https://youtu.be/GEwAXrvfhoM When a Sphere isn’t
    VIDEO #4: https://youtu.be/DY2UVOCVwzo Newly discovered Sun phenomena
    VIDEO #5: https://youtu.be/Ft1_6FjZ9-M As to SIZE
    VIDEO #6: https://youtu.be/RapmNpKQ-vw The Venus Transit
    VIDEO #7: https://youtu.be/RLAmK-S7NnI As to the SHAPE
    VIDEO #8: https://youtu.be/TW0DtNas5D0 Misc. Events
    VIDEO #9: https://youtu.be/YD7sbtypPr4 Our Questionable Physics
    I have another Epic video. This one on Artificial Ascension should the subject interest you: http://valiantcitizen.org/ankh-revelations

    1. Zen Benefiel Post author

      Joe, thanks so much for your input. A lot of great information. Funny, the blockage of the solar wind was highlighted in a recent movie that demonstrated how idiotic our Earthly responses are to ‘visitors’ we cannot comprehend. I don’t recall the name of the movie.
      You might be well suited as a contributing author for UfologyPress. Would you be interested?

  2. Joe LaValley

    Yes Zen. Thanks for the invite.
    I would like to talk about that possibility.
    I do a good bit of writing and…I am familiar with a great many subjects, like yourself.
    I am currently writing my book about the Great Gathering. Some articles can come from that also.
    This week I sent off 3 NASA FOIA requests. Should prove interesting.
    Here is my recent interview on ‘Midnight in the Desert’ – Aug. 23, 2019


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