Linga – Manifestation from Nothingness

Ellipsoid ,the energy form from nothingness. In certain traditions this geometry is termed as LINGA.

Today our modern science has proved beyond doubt that the whole of existence is coming from nothing and going back to nothingness. When the unmanifest begins to move towards the manifest ,the first form the energy takes is the form of an ellipsoid. A perfect ellipsoid is what is referred to as LINGA. Cosmologist have taken pictures of various galaxies and they say the core of every galaxy is an ellipsoid.

IF we become meditative to a point where we become loose with our body then we will notice that for a moment our energies become an ellipsoid, that means before dissolution the final form that we take is also an ellipsoid .so the first form is an ellipsoid and the final form is an ellipsoid. So LINGA is seen as a doorway, either way, either this way or that way it is a doorway to the beyond.

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