When I first described this type of UFO experiencer in May of 2014, I was surprised to see a controversy result. My description of the so-called “prime contactees” was labeled by some as “elitist.” I was accused of trying to create a popularity contest in which ordinary contactees’ role would be seen as insignificant next to the “supreme status” of the so-called “primes.” Fellow senior contact activists angrily informed me that I was being “divisive.”

Well I certainly didn’t intend to trigger such a controversy. Responding to those offended I wrote a second article with the title “Prime Contactees Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg.” The original controversial blog in an edited form is presented as Part 1 below.

As part of this introduction I should point out that the term “contactee” is in many ways outdated. The “ee” ending suggests a passive role in English, as in “employee” or “payee.” The “er” or “or” endings suggest a more active role as in “worker, soldier, mentor.”

For those who have joined a contact team, or have carried out contact protocols on their own, reaching out to the intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon can involve much mental, physical and most importantly spiritual work. Thus in my view the designation “contact worker” is superior to “contactee.”

In addition contactees historically have focused on the bizarre and often mystifying nature of their contact experiences. In a sense their personal encounters have been the message. This was a fairly constant feature of the UFO clubs during the 1950s that had thousands of members and celebrated the alleged encounters of contactee subculture celebrities like George Adamski and others.

“Contact workers” I imagine in contrast to “contactees” envision their ongoing encounters as part of a worldwide transformation of consciousness that links the flying saucer phenomenon with necessary solutions to the seemingly insurmountable problems that humanity is facing. I am referring to the scourges of war, hunger, racism, and global climate change. So for those of us who are part of what I like to call “The Contact Underground” let’s drop the term “contactee.” Since we are doing a lot of work on this issue, another alternative could be “contact workers.” If this sounds to “old left” the alternative “contact activists” will do just fine as well.


And the potential for creating a new kind of social movement.
Joseph Burkes MD 2015

As the UFO truth movement grows and increasing numbers of young people are excited about the possibilities of encountering intelligent life in the cosmos, the special role of a very select group of UFO experiencers should be examined. In the early 1990s I became an organizer for a number of contact groups. Since then I have observed a small number of remarkable individuals who more or less match the criteria for being what I have termed “prime contactees.”

A “prime contactee” is a UFO experiencer that has some of the following characteristics,

1. Apparent contact with UFO intelligence from childhood or as a young adult that involves special training in consciousness-based communication and the concomitant development of other advanced psychic abilities. This often involves meditation practice as a youth and is typically initiated without any apparent parental or other adult supervision.

2. Repeated sightings of UFOs when other people are present to verify that the “primes” can share their ongoing contact experiences with others.

3. A sense of “mission” involving informing the public of the importance of contact, or playing a supporting role for other contactees who are educating society on this topic. Forming new contact groups or joining existing networks is another manifestation of activities derived from a sense of having a personal mission.

4. In the most advanced “primes,” perhaps people like Dr Steven Greer or the man that I call “Misha” in my reports, they are likely having ongoing mental communication with UFO intelligence. This might even include direct telepathic communication (voice in the head) with the intelligence responsible for flying saucers.

5.This last feature is particularly risky for primes. If the larger society learns of such capabilities, those individuals will be mistakenly labeled as a “kooks” and be subjected to intense ridicule. Their sanity will almost certainly be questioned and forced psychiatric evaluations could also result.

6.More importantly if the primes’ special link to an extraterrestrial intelligence becomes known by the control groups, (those powerful clandestine forces attempting to keep a lid on the UFO situation), in my opinion at a minimum the primes will be subjected to intense surveillance.


In my opinion there is a high probability that private contractors working for the control groups are being recruited from government intelligence services to monitor and even harass high-level contactees. Thus these servants of the status quo probably see the primes as “enemy agents of influence” working for what I like to call “a higher intelligence agency.”

In some very unpleasant instances prime contactees have even been attacked by what might be called “psychotronic” technology. I personally learned of the effects of such attacks on contact activists when I was closely associated with Dr Greer’s Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence during the years 1992 to 1998.

Under certain circumstances the control groups in a less confrontational mode might even attempt to co-op primes with offers of money and access to privileged information available only to “insiders.” This kind of co-opting effort reportedly happened to Dr Greer while attending a UFO conference in the spring of 1992. He shared this information with the CE-5 Initiative Working Group Coordinators, including me, Shari Adamiak and Wayne Peterson. Alas these last two prominent contact workers are now deceased.

Indeed the passing of many of the first generation of North American contact activists is one of the reasons why I am initiating this “The Contact Network History Project.” My hope is to share these narratives with the current and future generations of contact workers. Jeff Becker’s anthology “Paths to Contact” of which I am one of many co-authors has a similar goal. I recommend it to all members of the network.


To be a prime contactee I imagine is a heavy cross to bear. If the special relationship with non-human intelligence is made public, critics will likely deem primes “insane.” On the other hand once their extraordinary ability to attract UFOs is established within the flying saucer subculture, the primes are often turned into celebrities. They are treated as if they are special (which they are in many ways) but unfortunately some may start believing that they are better than everyone else (which they are not!)

So the contact network may need to protect prime contactees, not only from a doubting larger society in which mainstream media will make fun of them, and from the control groups that may try to “neutralize” them, but strangely enough contact activists may need to protect the primes from themselves as well, from an egoism which is reinforced by people’s tendency to engage in hero worship.


This last point is apropos to what I believe happened to the Peruvian based Rama contact group back in the 1990s. Rumors of plagiarism and the use of donations to fund what was characterized as affluent life styles, appears to have played a major role in causing that once vibrant group to implode. According my sources within ranks of this very important organization their numbers were decimated. In fighting among the leadership resulted in much disappointment that turned into bitterness.

Uncontrolled adulation in susceptible individuals might “turn” prime contactees from the altruistic path of serving a nascent “contact movement” to the more selfish position of insisting that their supporters should service them! I am referring to the tendency of contact groups to take on aspects of cults.

“Servicing” the primes might involve giving them large amounts of money, often under questionable circumstances, the granting of sexual favors and in general satisfying their personal needs to feel important and to be the center of attention.

From decades of social cause activism during the 1960s through 80s, I learned that in order for radical reform campaigns to succeed they need to fire up the enthusiasm of the grass roots and not focus on the many strengths while ignoring the weakness of those leading them.


This analysis is offered within the hopeful framework that a benevolent and technologically advanced ET civilization is at this moment interacting with humanity. My hope is that their presence will inspire us to create an Earth civilization based on peace, cooperation and social/economic justice. I believe this is true because such ethical advancements, including the forever banning all war, is in my judgment a precondition for any alien culture to travel across the sea of stars.

In the absence of such radical cultural advancements in an ET civilization, the powerful energy systems required for interplanetary and/or inter-dimensional travel would be applied to create weapons so powerful that their evitable use would destroy the very civilization that created them, thus preventing them from getting very far out into space beyond their star system of origin.


Currently there is much speculation about the possibility that if the advanced propulsion systems that allow flying saucers to operate were downloaded into our technological culture, then tremendous benefits would accrue. If advanced technologies were used for peaceful purposes, then global warming, environmental pollution and even world poverty and hunger might be eliminated.

In the short term our achieving this kind of sweeping political and economic transformation is a big “if.” For such dramatic events to happen, the control groups’ campaign labeled the “UFO truth embargo” in my judgment would have to be self-curtailed or overcome by a stronger force. Such a force I imagine could very well be a skillfully organized and adequately funded future “contact movement.” This would by necessity involve not hundreds of activists worldwide, (my estimate of our current strength) but rather require millions of dedicated participants.

In addition negotiations with the so-called “ETs” to obtain their technology would likely only occur under conditions of world peace. This would be necessary to ensure that advanced technologies would not be used militarily against the alleged “aliens” as well as these technologies being used against ourselves.


This long-term plan to create a contact movement will require the participation of countless activists. As the ranks of contact workers increase, as it appears to be happening now, then I imagine that the importance of those that I call prime contactees will likely decrease.

Creating a new kind of social movement linking UFOs to solutions for the major problems confronting mankind is indeed a very ambitious project. Critics will likely say, “It’s an impossible dream.” My reply is that we will either evolve as a race of intelligent beings or we will destroy our civilization by war and man made environmental catastrophes.

If creating a bright peaceful future both here on Earth and in the cosmos is called “impossible” by the so-called “authorities,” then I have but one thing to say to contact activists, “Be realists: demand the impossible!”

About the author: Dr Burkes volunteered as a Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative from 1992 till 1998. He has continued to study the flying saucer phenomenon working with MUFON and the Peruvian contact network now called Rahma. Dr Burkes retired from the Southern California Pemanente Group after thirty years service in 2008. He is a board certified internal medicine physician and is licensed to practice in California.


  1. Tony Sandy

    Well Joseph, point 1 – some people are also off-worlders born into human bodies or walk-ins, here to advance humanity from the inside-out (it’s not all contactees). When it comes to point 2, this means primes can have other purposes apart from forming groups. Point 5, to avoid getting locked up in loony bins, you keep your own counsel and use telepathy to keep your communication private.

    Enemy agents role (point 6) is true but if you keep your nose clean and don’t buck the system (rebel against it too much ie see this as all real), you can usually work in peace. Talking of primes in superior knowledge/abilities, think of Goldfinger and the scene where James Bond tries to turn off a nuclear device but flesh know how. A prime is the guy who walks in and simply turns off the bomb, because he has the knowledge to instantly avert disaster (an expert in other words).

    Celebrity (ego) is pulling The States apart. In spiritual practice the dangers of attention addiction are already well known and humility and modesty, used to counter it (in ancient Rome, victory parades, where the conquering general returned with the spoils of war, he was accompanied by a servant, reminding him that he was mortal (only human)). The role isn’t important. We shouldn’t be jealous of it any more than we should be of a TV repairman’s skills because he can do things we can’t, has knowledge we haven’t.

    The big picture: yes Joseph, the mind must advance along with the technology or the Forbidden Planet scenario ensues. Promoting the ET presence is as dangerous as promoting individuals because it inflates ego’s and makes races as well as the leader relied upon more than the self. In this way hero worship leads to self-reliance going out the window and people being worshipped as gods as ETs were in the past (superheroes that will save us from our own stupidity and laziness). This abandonment of self responsibility (adulthood) leads to childhood dependency (as with drugs and blame of your predicament on everybody and everything but yourself).

    As David Icke and others have surmised, ETs are the power behind the throne. It has been this way for thousands of years. They have kick started numerous civilizations (the sky gods /the Sumerians fish people) as well as scientific exploration as Grant surmised

  2. Zen Benefiel Post author

    Great points to ponder, Joseph, and I can see how some might have been tweaked by your language. The fact is, there ARE primes or whatever you want to call them. I don’t know how many, but they are indeed functional on levels most humans find incredulous at the mere suggestion of their possible interactions. I get the sense they are much more removed from the scene and the ‘powers that be’ haven’t a clue as to who they actually are and what they do considering the vibrational aspects in the matrix. Certain ones just aren’t able to get close because of the subtle energy body harmonics.

    Tony’s first response I also believe to be true, at least in the sense that we have many bodies connected to this physical plane and perhaps much more. There are a number I know who’ve had direct experience of this phenomena and have an intensity that few can be around for long. They, too, have spent a lifetime of curiosity and not taken a pontificating role like some have done with lesser experience and much bigger egos.

    They [incarnates] have no use for the likes of Greer or Icke and find the human perspectives of contact they [G & I acolytes] speak of to be trivial in perspective to the greater reality they experience. They are often involved with activities of universal importance, actively using psycho-spiritual (for lack of a better) technologies we can’t even fathom, let alone explain. If we were aware of what goes on inside their heads we’d probably want to be committed and cared for by others. Yet, they have lived with this experience their entire lives and it is as normal to them as grabbing a bus to go downtown is for us.

    Contrary to the belief that the ETs are in control somehow, humans are really in charge still. Granted these are humans with extensive financial and material networks developed over time, but, nonetheless human. Sure, there are reports of seeing ‘reptilian’ aspects of certain leaders, but the ancients knew of these ‘tempters’ who hold no power, but offer choice to test the mettle of the personality in the process of its evolution toward higher consciousness. Power still ultimately corrupts, yet there are glimmers of it changing since the turn of the century. Seeing a big picture view is extremely helpful to the incarnate, too.

    We like to ascribe attributes to others for various reasons yet opportunity and purposeful action creates waves of results, sometimes for decades and even centuries. Entire populations have been moved by the actions of a few. That has nothing to do with ETs. It has to do with choice, networks and opportunity. We are an evolving world, only recently aware of a global community and certainly incapable of any planetary administration for sustainable living yet. We have to make our own choices and live with the consequences.

    Now, as Joe mentions, the shift in the ‘contact movement’ is perhaps that next great thing for us. It is obvious that even with technology that can destroy our planet and the flat out ignorance of the warning Ashtar gave to George to ‘not mess with the atom’… we didn’t listen and the ETs still managed to show us (missile silos) that they can keep us alive, at least then. I suspect that the recent (last 30 years) of the secret space program banter is also misleading and purposely supported to keep us divisive; same with Nesara and Nibiru. Again, human and not ET. Truth be known it is classic Art of War scenarios.

    I observe there is much more that just this niche that is in process of shifting (and the nature of consciousness is being questioned on many fronts). This preponderance applies to the massive organizational constructs that are needed for people to rise to their own distinction or ability to act for the greater good. Selfishness is blatantly obvious in our society, even in this group. Selflessness is too. When we stop beating the drum, perhaps we can hear the whisper of the bells. The wise adage still applies – the more we know, the more we know we don’t know. It’s questions, focused and specific, that are necessary to ask of each other. The whole will take care of itself as long as we fall into ONE.


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