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The Sociology of UFOlogy – an inquiry with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

Sociology of UFOlogy

For decades people have been curious and investigated UFOs in myriad ways. What is the sociology of UFOlogy today? In the late 80s Tim Beckley introduced New Age and Alien Agenda gatherings around the country. The International UFO Congress began in Tucson in 1991 with Ret. Col. Wendelle Stevens, Jim Diletosso and Ken Liljegren’s team as support.

I’ll digress for a moment. My first experiences with non-human intelligence was in 1962, advancing to something different in 1965 which was apparently the ‘normal’ type of contact in the Midwest in the 50s and 60s, the orange cigar-shaped cloud. During that same period, UFOs were apparently shutting down ICBM silos around the globe with exquisite showmanship.

Curious and investigative, I continued my quest to know, not just what, how this kinda stuff happens. I love the high strangeness. What makes it tick? I had a lot of questions, numerous events and some experiences I still wonder about today. I had deep conversations with a lot of folks; experts, researchers and experiencers across the gamut.

Making a Few Friends in the Fray

I got to know Jim and Wendelle over the years. Jim and I became friends and later he recommended me as manager for The Prophets Conference (1997). It gave me an opportunity to have conversations that are extremely rare, up close and personal without interruption. Some of the folks who were there: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Steven Greer, Jose Arguelles, David Icke, Linda Molten-Howe, Stanton Friedman, Zacharia Sitchen and 2 dozen more. I got to know many prominent folks in the field of UFOlogy many years ago, with friendships still today.

2010 began by assuming responsibility for a UFO discussion group in the Phoenix valley. We met in a community room of a local fire station. Our guest speakers included Claude Swanson, Travis Walton, Alejandro Rojas and more. We also had meditation experiments using music that produced some varied and amazing personal experiences, all of a contact nature. There were about 35 people in the room. Afterward, one elderly woman reported seeing massive ET machinery surrounding the group and ‘working’ on each person.

From 2010 to 2014 I was a vendor at the IUFOC, having moved to Ft. McDowell in Arizona. In 2013 we debuted UFOlogyPRSS.com at the International UFO Congress, with over 100 blogs from around the world in one place, up-to-the-moment material. It rose the bar for UFOlogy-based websites. It was our virtual model of folks getting along even if they had opposing views. We’ve also got a number of authors featured; podcasts and radio shows, too.

Sociology of Ufology

Meanwhile, UFOlogy in general seems to be challenged. Experiencers are on one side and the nuts and bolts scientists on the other with conspiratorialists scattered about in each camp. Dr. Mishlove and I take a frank and open look at what the Sociology of UFOlogy is today. Although challenges do exist, there seems to be a call for change. What that will be remains to be seen.

Here’s how Dr. Mishlove framed the interview, “Here he [Zen] speaks as a participant-observer sharing his reflections on the current community of interest centering on UFO phenomena. He describes his disillusionment with a nexus of individuals focusing on the notions of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. He describes various fears associated with the very idea of alien life forms. However, he suggests that we presently have no actual evidence that there is a reason to be fearful of UFO activity.”

In the ‘contact’ scenarios, experiencers have to deal with seemingly incredulous events and still continue with some kind of ‘normal’ life. Whether individual or family needs, the daily functional activity still needs doing. There is something else going on, though, as shows like this don’t happen if the conversation isn’t necessary, imho.

Forward Momentum

Our hopes were to address common concerns and explore a little of what else is happening. I was a willing participant in spite of my trepidation. Talking about the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation, however real and true they may be, is not the kind of talk that garners credibility normally. There’s evidence they do exist dating back to 1952 with George Van Tassel.

Although we discussed the potential confusion with deities, there is still more confusion around the topic. George Van Tassel met Robert Short, who took on the ‘Ashtar Command’ label, used it for contrary purposes and wasn’t connected to the ‘source’ like George. I met Bob in the late 1980s and didn’t feel he had a good connection, if any, talking nonsense about conspiracy theories interwoven with an Ashtar Command that would somehow take action against the cabal. The latter was infectious and unfortunately obfuscates the truth still, imho.

Jeffrey made a delicate subject easy to discuss. We had a nice mind flight. Perhaps you’ll consider sharing this article and video.

More importantly share New Thinking Allowed. Thanks in advance.

My wife asked me to include this interview from January of 2013. She said it spoke to her in ways nothing else had. She’s Russian-born and trained pianist as well as a 3HO Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has a compelling argument…

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Formal UFO Disclosure – The Big D coming soon?

Transparency is a buzz word being thrown around without much reality, yet we can speak our feelings and thoughts openly, right? Do we? Usually not, for fear of something. What?

Truth telling begins with an individual effort, an example that invites others to do the same. We haven’t been able to do that, yet. If we do that, then we can create an opening for others to do so. If we aren’t, then we cannot hope for others to do so.

ufo disclosure

What about beginning with the notion that there are no malevolent beings from elsewhere? If there were, we’d be living differently. We have a tremendous amount of freedom, yet there are some humans that are inhumane. Just like the excuses many religious folk use… the devil made me do it. No, it was a choice you made. Evil aliens are influencing our world? No, it is our choice to allow the conditions to exist.

There really does come a time that we must stand for something. Let’s stand for Truth! Now, what does that really mean? Even though we are taught that within the silence is the voice of being, how often to we go there to really listen? Even thought we know that consciousness is replete with harmony, how often do we strive to be examples of it?

Initial attempts at open contact and a willingness to share technology were met with deceit and reverse engineering for military purposes. If someone is going to show you who they are by such activity, believe them. In the game of life, you get one chance. If you have the keys given to you and screw it up, why should you have another?

We really don’t take things seriously here, except to carve out our own little niches and protect our secrets so we can have a nice life. We believe there is an omnipotent all-loving universe yet we act completely the opposite. Giorgio Piacenza is right, it is all about consciousness. What does that mean, though? Can it be studied empirically? Doubtful, yet it is replete with numbers, patterns and symbols.

Authority and conviction can be felt at the deepest levels of our being, in our gut. This is the center of indigenous consciousness, the intuition or connectedness we can feel with everything. Emerson once wrote, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” The question is, “Why lie?”

‘Are we ready for a formal Big D?’ We can’t handle a little ‘d’ yet, imho.

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Engagement on the Ground – Real Lives Matter

What’s Happening on the Ground?

Amidst the efforts to find favor in the hearts and minds of fellow Ufologists, I’d pretty much given up on finding a compatible partner for the remainder of my life. I remained hopeful, yet a little over a year ago I made the conscious choice to be okay being alone. I was enjoying my single life, free of relationships or even wanting one at the time.

I was busy co-producing a small business radio show, called 2 Small Biz Guys, and working on projects on and off the web that made my life functional and gave me the ability to play golf more than just a few times a month. Two things have been steady, somewhat, for the duration of my adult life – playing drums and golf. Both I’m pleased to say I still enjoy and do well at still.

You know how when you finally let go of your desire for something, I mean really let go, it shows up. In this case there was a circuitous path that led to HER. An invitation to an outdoor music festival where I met a five-year old that talked to me like he knew me forever, then his father who told me about this Kundalini Yoga teacher training he was taking and a text a week later inviting me to his graduation. I agreed, even though it was a good distance away.

On the day as I was driving a thought crossed my mind that, of anyplace to meet someone of similar mind/body/spirit harmony this would be a great place. As chance would have it, as soon as I got out of my SUV I heard a familiar woman’s voice yell out, “Zen!” It was a patron of a contactee discussion group I had facilitated. We hugged and chatted for a bit as she was just leaving, but not before telling me she felt there was someone I was supposed to meet and wished me well.

Entering the Twilight Zone

Brent and his son, Ky, showed up just as folks were being invited inside to begin the graduation ceremony. I went in with them and sat in the very back of the room. As I sat down on the floor a young woman walked in front of me, no eye contact but my heart fluttered as she passed. That’s never happened so I knew something was up. I tried to observe her closer without appearing obvious. At first glance, she looked like my daughter’s age, in her late 30s. I felt a little embarrassed; not my style. I had no idea who she was.

As the graduation proceeded, people were called up to the front of the room, given a certificate and a small plaque and then spoke a series of ‘I Am’ statements to the group. ‘Luba Brodsky’ was announced and this woman stood up and walked toward the front. ‘Huh, Russian?’ I thought. She accepted her certificate and plaque and read her statements from a notebook, quite the list they were, and with a noticeable Russian accent. I was more than intrigued and wondered how the heck I could start a conversation.

Several others remained and then the group gathered in the front of the room before the closing of the ceremony. Next thing I knew the back of the room had cleared out and we were standing looking at each other. I introduced myself, told her Brent had invited me and that I found her very interesting and would like to get to know her more if she was open to it. “Are you reading me?” was her response. I don’t blink and have a tendency to peer into people without intending to ‘read’ them.

I apologized, noting my awareness of my gaze and she said she was fine with it. I felt a heart flutter again and she spoke up about sensing hers feeling warm for some reason. I had to ask her astrological sign, hoping she’d offer her birth date. A Pisces, born in 1968… whew! I asked her out for lunch later that week, suggesting I make it and serve her at my home on Thursday. She accepted and said she had just moved from Scottsdale a week earlier and was just a five minute drive away.

Amazed that she accepted the offer, I felt this overwhelming sense of not wanting to let her out of my sight. We hugged briefly and off she went. I wanted to follow her, but thought better about it. A few minutes later she found me again outside and gave me an invitation to an event where she was accompanying a mezzo-soprano as pianist. I later found out she was schooled as a concert pianist in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she had been raised.

Following in the Flow

A phone call that evening and the following evening lasted a couple of hours and by Tuesday she wanted to move the date up to Wednesday. I prepared a sesame ginger salmon with brussel sprouts, mushrooms and onions sautéed in butter and garlic. We began to explore this thing we both felt was much more than either of us imagined. She sent me a link about ‘twin flames’ that had a litany of characteristics and, we had them all and then some.

Now I like to remain a practical mystic if at all possible, but the overwhelming evidence of our ‘reunion’ was to the point of being ‘spooky cool’ as we continued to cross-reference and view our connection more critically. The harder we looked, though, the more we found congruent and we hadn’t even begun to talk about the extraterrestrial factor in my life, which was often what created a separation from others, especially when an event would present an obvious validation. So I wanted to approach it slowly at first.

Over the next few days we spent a lot of time together talking about all kinds of esoteric interests. As we broached the subject of ETs and multidimensional possibilities, she mentioned that she’d felt this presence around her for most of her life. She wasn’t sure exactly who it was but sensed it was a male figure of another race, not from Earth. She shared a few experiences where this one, appearing like a tall Zeta (grey), showed himself briefly but did not directly interact with her.

A Cosmic Surprise Party

I’m able to help folks co-mingle worlds within. I’ve done it for years. I asked her if she’d like to get to know him personally. She was visibly excited for the opportunity. I had her recline, close her eyes and go through some centering activities. Then I asked her to just reach out to ‘them’ and instantly she saw what she described as a group of cherub-looking beings dancing around in delight. I asked her to request their ‘leader’ to step forward and introduce himself. Immediately one stepped forward and announced himself as ‘Nick.’

Without hesitation I asked her to ask him to show her his true form. She chuckled and replied that he was a tall Grey and she knew he’d been with her for most of her life. When I asked, they all transformed into Greys, with Nick still in front. She sat up with a look of disbelief, stating she wasn’t sure she could trust her ‘imagination’ like that. I understood her hesitation, yet it happened. A couple of days later she told me that, while meditating, Nick came to her and told her she could trust me with her life.

By the first week of December I moved Luba, her 83-yr old mother and 12-yr old son in with me. We shared the house with another young woman and her two children for a few months. Of course the practical matters of cohabitation and coalescing our lives took precedence for a few months, with intermittent conversations about the nature of reality and what we’d both learned and perceived about the potentials of consciousness. Tom Campbell’s work had been particularly interesting to her, which brought even more similar perspectives into the discussion regarding consciousness and quantum physics.

Entering the Rabbit Hole

Neither one of us are scientists in particular, but we do have an avid interest in how consciousness, our thoughts, feelings and the relationship with reality evolves and grows with the understanding of our perfected form, fit and function within it. No matter the equations, it comes down to the practical application of this new living awareness on a daily basis. The interaction with other intelligences, in myriad forms and not, have guided us to each other.

Just a few weeks after meeting, I proposed and she accepted. We both felt it to be a sacred act and sought an appropriate place for the ceremony, deciding the the fall equinox would be the perfect timing since we got our license on the spring equinox. We chose Bell Rock, just outside Sedona, for our ceremony. The synchronistic referral of a dear friend led us to a journey of ascending to the top, first. Our ceremony was held at the bottom, making it easier to dress for the occasion.

The weather was perfect, although a little breezy, and we both sensed a union beyond our physical bodies. Peter’s ceremony included the recognition of myriad worlds of wonder and the sacredness of our union as a witness to the spiritual path that brought us together across time and space once again. Words seem so insignificant in the expression of our feelings and the knowledge that the ‘universe’ has conspired on our behalf.

That evening we had a great meal together at Cucina Rustica in the Village of Oak Creek. The atmosphere was quite elegant and the food was fantastic. Later, after returning to our honeymoon suite at The Ridge, we were sitting on the balcony enjoying the starscape when Luba felt something wanting her attention. She was a bit startled and kinda freaked out. I assured her everything was fine and to just let go.

The Cosmic Surprise of a Lifetime

I could see her relax as she took a breath and appeared to just be listening. After a moment I got curious and asked what was going on. She said Nick had been talking to her and she wasn’t sure whether to believe what she was hearing or not. It seemed just too unbelievable at the time. I was really curious after that, knowing how far out things get with those kinds of conversations. I encouraged her not to think too much and just tell me what he’d said.

I’m sure there was more, as she responded that it felt like she was being pulled out of her body somehow. She did say that ‘they’ were pleased with her union with the son of Ashtar. Yes, she knew of my considerable experiences and apparent relation to Ashtar and Athena, representatives of the Galactic Federation and commanders-in-chief of the Ashtar Command. I confessed that I had not expected that kind of communication.


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