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2013 UFO Congress Promo

Introducing our International UFO Congress Debut video for UFOlogyPRSS.com, soon to be a respected and well-known resource for ufology today. We all had a blast producing this piece and few more yet to come. I’m so excited to be working with a group of professionals that ‘get it’ and just DO… because they already ARE… Each just knows how to BE in the flow.

As we get started, this will be kind of a chronicle of sorts, probably with each of us contributing to the blog. You’ll get some shout outs for our contributors, comments about upcoming events and maybe even some special stuff you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.

We look forward to the journey of a lifetime in this New Time, its just too bad that Valum is watching from the other side. He was so fun to play with in the Now Time. In case that sounded obtuse, I was referring to a dear brother, Jose Arguelles. He had a very interesting world view.