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We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

LargeIconTransparentThe Ufology community is a close knit group that shares information readily. It is a far cry from the early years of mimeographed newsletters and poorly printed books that dedicated folks made sure got in the hands of those who wanted to know more about ETs and UFOs. From the early ‘eyes only’ and ‘top secret’ documents that ‘leaked’ out we now have retired CIA and NSA officials who are offering testimony to retired congressional members. We’ve come a long way, baby.

There have been communications, apparently beginning in the middle of last century, that some believe are directly from extraterrestrial sources. These communications were supposedly ‘channeled’ to specific individuals who apparently were selected for such media outlets. Can we determine whether these sources were legitimate or just well-wishing citizens? Do we have the science to determine whether or not this was real? If not, then could it be possible? It is well known that telepathy has been proven to exist beyond reasonable doubt.

Researchers have been preoccupied with the material manifestations that provide solid proof of the existence of extraterrestrials for over half a century now. Recent releases of information hint that there is a non-linear or non-local experience that has or is happening to those who’ve encountered craft, either accidentally or on purpose.If we can believe any of the recent Citizen Hearings, then disclosure is not something we are waiting on, its already happened. We know we are being visited.

We seem to be pushing the boundaries of math and science, attempting to describe circumstances and experiences with a language that is challenged if not incapable of presenting the whole story. Is there something more we are missing? Are we moving toward a new kind of contact?

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Is Ufology Moving Toward Consciousness?

alienanimation19Is Ufology Moving Toward Consciousness?

Among the growing ranks of ufologists are a new genre of folks that are taking a path beyond the phenomena of traditional views. The recent Citizen Hearing event brought the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrials and the need for disclosure to new heights. Mainstream media, traditionally known for their scoffing and undermining of credible information, treated these hearings with less surreptitious behavior.

Some media outlets, including local television news stations across the country, treated these hearings with a sense of curiosity instead of incredulity. Former senators and members of congress were impressed by the credibility and matter-of-factness of the witnesses that came forth to testify on various themes of UFO disclosure. Whether this action will prompt further investigations and/or forthcoming disclosures remains to be seen. However, there is another aspect of this out-of-this-world realm that seems to be gaining popularity with the public, taking matters into their own hands.

Some of the longstanding experiencers and ufologists are turning their attention to a deeper level of contact with these extraterrestrial visitors. There is growing attention being placed on actual communication, moving beyond the linear standards, and a more transcendental approach to garnering information through consciousness and specifically telepathic connections apparently available and ongoing. If indeed these communications are happening, where will they take us?

One such organization, co-founded by Kosta Makreas and using Dr. Greer’s CE-5 communication protocols, seeks to gather people around the world in attempts to communicate openly with these extraterrestrial visitors. Kosta’s background is in computer science and he has been interviewed on numerous internet radio and television shows. We are featuring one such interview with Jon Kelly from UFOPM. Jon’s background includes being a feature producer for CBS.

Further Evidence of Consciousness Beyond Current Awareness

Whitley Strieber addressed the International UFO Congress conference crowd in 2012 with ground-breaking recognition that he has come to realize that the consciousness of our extraterrestrial visitors is something we need to consider. In his own case there was no harm done except to his ego. In Travis Walton’s case, he now recognizes that it is probable the ‘they’ saved his life after being struck by the static charge of the ship. There were no experiments done to him while on board, but the experience was nonetheless unnerving. Kim Carlsberg reports that even though she was abducted, inseminated and embryos harvested, she has come to feel that there is something good beyond what humans are able to comprehend at the present.

There are obviously others who fear the ultimate take-over by some extraterrestrial force, but all indications are such that if that was desired it would have happened long ago. What do you think?

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