World UFO Day – July 2

alienanimation19Ufology is far advanced from its early beginnings back in the 1940s, known by a variety of names and promoted with mixed intention and understanding moving forward. UFOlogyPRSS has helped to promote events around the world since our debut at the International UFO Congress in February of this year.

We’re certain we don’t have all of them represented, but we intend to help promote as many as we know of now. If you know of an event that would attract folks from your region, let us know about it and we’ll help promote it. We want to encourage the collaboration of individuals, groups and organizations in the field of ufology.


Over the last few decades there have been many causes that have developed a ‘day’ to celebrate them around the globe. We aren’t really sure just when the concept for a World UFO Day was presented, but there is a group of folks who’ve taken it on as their mission to engage and inform the public about UFOs through this annual celebration on July 2nd. According to their website, “Our main vision is to take a worldwide celebrated holiday and make people aware of the UFO phenomenon during this day. We see a future in which UFOs aren’t speculations anymore, but part of daily life.”

Whether you are an avid investigator, researcher or zeitgeist for UFOs it only makes sense that a common celebration would make your hard work and sacrifice a bit more enjoyable and rewarding. We all know that this field has been misunderstood and often discredited by our mainstream media and political leadership. Maybe it’s time we all just learned how to have fun with it and lighten up a bit. It doesn’t change the importance of sharing information, but it does make it a bit more exciting and fulfilling to be able to enjoy the camaraderie of your cohorts, friends and peers.

Join in the Celebration! Visit for more ideas and information about how you can participate.

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