Ufology PRSS Defined


Announcing the most content-rich UFOlogy website today, raising the bar since our debut in 2013 at the IUFOC…


Ufology PRSS is multi-device personalized RSS (PRSS) reader. We keep you up to date with all the latest news on Ufology by instantly connecting you to the best UFO news sites, blogs, podcasts, videos and more. These pages contains copyrighted material, the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner, yet we’ve got permission to share.

What’s Here

Ufology PRSS creates a consistent resource for information on UFOs and Extraterrestrials that are of interest to a growing number of people. We provide a resource for those who publish on the subject to be seen by more eyes than ever before. UfologyPRSS.com is a premiere resource for the curious as well as avid researcher – a content rich collection of blogs, news feeds, Vimeo & YouTube videos, tweets and more.

We have tabs with categories:

Within those categories are lists of the resources at the top of the display area, so you can look through each one or see the most recent on the main page of each tab.

Resource features include an author section, internet radio and support groups for exploring and/or getting assistance if you’ve had some sort of contact that is challenging or conflicting.

What Can Be

Ufologypress.com is a contributing blog made up of a variety of authors who do not necessarily have their own blog. With around 2,500 visits a month and still growing, we offer authors, contactees, experiencers, researchers and others the opportunity to post their articles as well. Just reach out to the curator to set up your credentials. In these times we need to grow together and find ways to assist each other and our planet to become all we can be.

How does it work?

We have collected RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from numerous resources, curated them into rough topic areas and make it all deliverable to your desktop (web browser), smart phone or tablet through www.UfologyPRSS.com. Our format is the next form of digital publishing, customizable to the individual user’s preferences.

We have a mobile app that is downloadable from the bottom of the page under “Useful Links” and you can log in using your Facebook ID, Google+ ID, Twitter ID or by creating your own account with us. In time, we’ll turn on the feature that allows individual users to curate their own private UfologyPRSS page so they get only the feeds they like at a glance.

Also under “Useful Links” we have Member and Supporter Badges that you can install on your Blog or Website. The Member Badge is for PRSS Corps; bloggers, podcasters, researchers or videographers that we we feature on UFOlogyPRSS. The Supporter Badge is for those who have websites that just wish to show their support for our efforts in sharing Ufology information.

Make sure to refresh your browser for more selections.

We hope that folks will display our member and support badges on their websites as well. You Badgecan, too! We know there are a growing number of people who are investigating Ufology today and they need somewhere to get relevant information and updates on a regular basis. We’ve got it! We’ve also got a Facebook Page, so please drop by and ‘like’ us, share us and let us know.

We’ve brought together over 100 news feeds and more in an effort to gather the troupes, so to speak, and show some solidarity through promoting events around the world as well. If you know of one we’ve missed, please let us know – curator@ufologyprss.com. Our complementary blog (where you are now) features write-ups about our contributors and occasional insights from the trail offered by our curator.

Who are the authors and producers?

Leaders renowned throughout Ufology. Resources include abductees, authors, bloggers, contactees, experiencers, researchers, videographers and people like YOU! This is possibly the richest one-stop resource of Ufology information on the web today. We also feature Ufology-related shows, authors and vendors.

Not only to we feature all the well-known regulars, we’ve got some not-so-known but highly qualified investigative writers as well. Our far right column contains authors, internet radio and television and features an event scroller at the top. Make sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Google+ and Twitter, too.

What are our goals?

  • Become the top resource for Ufology on the Web
  • Create a triple win for advertisers, contributors and users
  • Offer geo-location advertising for local, national and international advertisers
  • Offer local opportunities to organizations and/or businesses to ‘own’ their territory
  • Assist passionate people to earn a living doing what they love


If you are interested in a partnership, please inquire. We would love that!